Oct 4th

Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm, Strawberry Picking Perth

By Buggybuddys Jennie


One question that we get asked a lot is ‘Where can you pick your own strawberries in Perth?’ Unfortunately although Perth has an abundance of strawberry farms there doesn’t seem to be many, if any at all, that allow you to pick your own fruit. Until last year when Ti Farms in Bullsbrook opened up it's gates to allow the public to pick after they had finished their commerical picking. The great news is they are opening again this year!


Ti Strawberry Farm is located at 263 Old West Road in Bullsbrook, just around the corner from The Maze and Outback Splash.

The farm will be open Saturday and Sunday and every day during the school holidays (26th Sept - 10th Oct) from 9am – 4.30pm. They anticipate that the fruit will be ripe for picking up until November/December.  The plants have a 5 day cycle so once one field has been picked the next field will be ripe for picking.


Pick-your-own costs the bargain price of $10 for a try which fits 4-5kg of fruit. This includes entry for one person. There is a $2 cover charge for each additional adult or child in the group - for this you can each as much strawberries as you like while you pick! Maximum group size is 5. Groups larger than 5 people will need to purchase an additional tray.  Cash only. 


The farm has two varieties of strawberries available for picking, the Camarosa which is very sweet and the Festival which has a more tarter taste. You are welcome to try one of each before you start picking and then select your favourite.


Parking is available on the verge just outside of the farm entrance. It is best not to bring your car into the strawberry field as it’s very sandy and you can easily get stuck! Also wear enclosed shoes or be prepared for very dirty feet! If you are accompanied by a baby then it may be better to take along a carrier rather than your pram. Don't go wearing your best clothes as you will come away with very grubby, strawberry stained children! 

There are no facilities available so make sure you take along plenty of water. They do however have a portaloo but please bear in mind that there are no baby change facilities. There is also no shade so make sure you have got your suncream and hats on.

Once the front fields have been picked out then the further fields are reached by using tractor transport. Great fun for the kids! 


I was intrigued why that would allow picking when they could easily sell their wares to the supermarkets. It turns out that the plants have reached the end of their commercial life. The fruit is too red to be sold to the supermarkets. They only require fruit that is greener and less ripe as it has a longer shelf life. So if you have only been buying your strawberries from the supermarket it means that you have never tasted strawberries when they are at their best! Juicy red and full of sweetness!


If you are not local and are planning on making a visit to the farm why not make a day of it by visiting more of our favourite places! The Maze and Outback Splash is just around the corner and within 20 minutes you’ll also find Pitstop Playground, Chipmunks Wanneroo, Leapfrogs Café and Botanical Golf and the newly opened Eagle Falls Spur which has a kids playroom and kids eat free on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Ti Strawberry Farm is located at 263 Old West Road in Bullsbrook. It is open 9am - 4.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday until early December and 7 days a week during school holidays (26th September - 11th October). 

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Oct 1st

Strawberry Picking Perth

By Buggybuddys Jennie


One question that we get asked a lot is ‘Where can you pick your own strawberries in Perth?’ Unfortunately although Perth has an abundance of strawberry farms there doesn’t seem to be many, if any at all, that allow you to pick your own fruit. So when we heard of a farm near us that permitted you to do just that, we were there like a shot.


T & H Holl & Son Strawberry Farm is located at Lot 11 Badgerup Road in Gnangara. If you are approaching from the freeway, you exit at Ocean Reef Road and head east.

The farm is situated half way up Badgerup Road near the lake. There is a sign outside advertising that you can pick your strawberries. It will be open Sunday 4th & Monday 5th October 9am - 5pm. 


The entry into the farm is a dirt track that is full of potholes but I was fine in my sedan.

There is parking available in-between the shed and the strawberry field. To start picking you just need to go into the shed and buy a box which will set you back $5, and then you are free to pick as many strawberries as you like!

You can even eat strawberries as you pick. The box can hold up to 3kg of strawberries for $5 - an absolute bargain!


A father and son run the farm. The father’s English is limited but the son is super friendly and takes great pleasure in showing you where to find all the best strawberries and how to pick them.

He’ll even offer to take a picture for you!


The best strawberries are located at the rear of the field. The ones closest to the shed were getting past their best according to the farmer. He thinks that the fruit will be good for another week and a half of picking before it becomes over ripe.


We selected our row and made our way along selecting the strawberries that looked the reddest and juiciest.  They definitely didn’t disappoint and were some of the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted! Miss 6 couldn’t stop eating them!


Strawberry picking was such fun and we came away with a satisfying haul. It’s a great cheap, fun, healthy activity – perfect for the school holidays.  Now we just need to work out how to use up 3kg of strawberries! 


Oct 1st

Spooks in the Park, Hyde Park

By Buggybuddys

Spooks in the Park is the first event ever of its kind in WA! You are invited to join in a day full or fun, frolics and fantasies! Ghosts, witches, zombies all await you as you make your way through the interactive adventure course around Hyde Park. Some games will be a test of bravery or brawn while others will test your brains. If you manage the challenge, a free goody bag awaits you!

Arrive 10 minutes before your allocated start time, where you’ll begin in groups of 20 spooky friends or foes. Waves of little ghouls, zombies and goblins will set off every 15 minutes from 11am. Last time wave is 4pm.

It is recommended for the spirit of the event, to dress up as your favourite character! There are many fun prizes up for grabs – including prizes for best-dressed!

Tickets cost just $5.50 per child. Tickets must be bought in advance if you want your goody bag! Click here to buy online

Tickets are limited to so book now before they run out!

ALL children must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 5 are free, but please email us to let us know you are coming along so we can give you a start time. Under 5’s will not receive a goody bag, but will receive an age appropriate toy!

For further information visit our website www.wa.orienteering.asn.au or call Layla, OWA Communications Officer on 0417 919 513

Oct 1st

Gnomesville, Wellington Mill

By Buggybuddys

by Georgia Vergano-van Niekerk

I heard about Gnomesville a few times before and thought it will be worthwhile to make a detour on our way further south and I'm glad we did.

Gnomesville is located at a big roundabout on Wellington Mill and Ferguson Road. It is well signed and cannot be missed.

The collection started after they built the big roundabout in early 90's. A local resident placed the first Gnome on the road side inside a hollow of a large redgum tree. Gnomes then started to appear on the roundabout and were later moved to where they are now as they were frequently vandalised.

Apparently today there are about 7000 gnomes happily living in Gnomesville!

The place is magical and surreal.

The boys (and me!!) were so excited to walk around spotting all the quirky gnomes.

I am sure we missed some because there were so many, but we did spot some really interesting and funny ones....

"E.T Phone Gnome"

"Gnome sweet gnome"

Rude gnomes showing their backside

Sport team Gnomes

Gnomesville Police Station

Pensioner Gnomes (broken)

and even Gnomesville Detention Centre (for the naughty gnomes!)

Family Gnomes and even one family of gnomes having a bbq!

Everyone is welcome to add to the collection and so we did too.

We made a trip to Bunnings the day before our trip and bought four gnomes for $3.90 each. We signed and dated our gnomes and the boys even added some personal touches to theirs, before placing them under an unoccupied tree. We love the idea that our very own gnome family lives in Gnomesville. We will be back to visit them again soon.

It was well worth the visit. I highly recommend a stopover if travelling south.

Notes and Tips:
-Take insect repellent for mosquitos.
-There are no toilets.
-There are two picnic tables available inside Gnomesville.
-If you decide to place a gnome or a family of gnomes it is advisable to keep it away from the river and stream as it has flooded few times in the past.

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Sep 28th

Fox - Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

By Buggybuddys

"This riveting fable will take you on a journey through scorched scrubland and ochre deserts to discover the meaning of loyalty, companionship and betrayal." 

Trust the geniuses at Spare Parts to conjure an exquisite telling of Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks "Fox" with three dancers, a couple of branches, some twine and a sheet! Ingenious simplicity aside, this is a captivating production of theatrical craftsmanship clearly nurtured into a unique amalgam that is dynamic to the senses. It is the lack of busyness that lends itself to the majesty of the dance, the score, the lighting and the sublime timing to lure all focus to the story of these intriguing characters, who are only upstaged by the temperamental landscape and its diva like elements.

Magnetic from go to whoa, for fifty minutes the audience unknowingly became a collective of codfish, mouths agape, eyes darting across the stage completely mesmerised by the non stop sights, sounds and movement. 

If you are unfamiliar with the childrens book "Fox" it is a tale about Magpie who injures her wing in a fire and is no longer able to fly. Dog, a very kind soul with only one eye, saves Magpie and they become the closest of friends. That is of course until Fox makes his vengeful presence known and begins to plant the seeds of temptation and doubt until integrities are tested.

During the performance my son was totally riveted to the performers, their costume props and the lifelike puppets. The marriage of lighting and sound made for very effective special effects and kept him gasping in amazement. He was so drawn in I could see an inner struggle of desperately wanting to like the Fox and hoping she was "a goodie" (as the performer had definitely won his heart), though he admitted she scared him a bit too! "She's the fire! Oh she's the Fox too! But I really like her hair! Oh, she's not good is she Mum. Nup, she's a baddie". The turmoil of an impressionable six year old!

There are so many powerful, life lesson nuggets in this tale that the opportunity for some dialogue regarding the themes were actually instigated by my son on our way home. He even took the book to bed with him and re-visited the topics on the way to school the next morning. This was quite a compelling and positive experience for him and a win win for any parent and lover of the arts.

I think the recommended age of six plus years is fair, the piece is not terrifying, however the performances are that good, they may seem a little too real for very young children. The emotions of sadness, despair and sinister themes could be confronting and a bit heavy for little ones too.

"And at night his smell seems to fill the cave - a smell of rage and envy and loneliness."

If you are familiar with the book, every word and each magnificent illustration is brought to life. My son had not read the book before and was amazed regardless so this would not affect "newbies" to the story, but if you managed to read a copy beforehand I think it would lend to the magic.

It truly is art in motion with performances of strength and heart that really do take you on an epic journey. You can feel the land, in its heat, within the wind, under the rain, the hopeless darkness and the wretched sun that seems to paint the red earth a shade of molten. An absolute credit to all behind the scenes.

The choreography is electrifying and thrust to life with such energetic conviction that could rival the animated counterparts. Imanuel Dado, Jessica Lewis and Rachel Arianne Ogle are multi dimensional ninjas, projecting all and more that is Dog, Magpie and Fox as well as channelling the brutal nature of the environment the trio exist in.

Each scene blends beautifully and vigorously with little opportunity for the mind to drift. I often gage a worthy performance when my son ceases to natter and for once he was lost for words. 

Children will adore Dog, empathise with Magpie and fear Fox. 

Be sure to allow plenty of time to explore the many delightful puppets and props in the foyer. The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is an absolute treasure and a privilege for us to be able to share with our children and with a philosophy like theirs they deserve our support.

"Vision: To transform people’s view of the world and each other through world class puppetry

Mission: Through the art of puppetry we share stories that celebrate what it is to be human; connecting audiences across generations."

I highly recommend "Fox" for all the inquisitive minds craving something deeply entertaining these school holidays.

WHEN: SEPT 26 - OCT 10 2015 10AM & 1PM

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Sep 24th

Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches, Review

By Georgia

Sinchies reusable food pouches help you feed your child additive and preservative free food while on the go, or in their school lunchboxes. You can fill the reusable food pouches with healthy homemade baby food, yoghurt, jelly, purees, custard and much more. They are not only kind on the environment but will also save you money compared to buying packaged products in the shops.

Sinchies pouches have a built-in spout that means you don’t need to have a bowl or spoon for your child to eat messy food out and about. This is particularly useful for baby food. In fact you can even purchase special weaning spoon attachments to make life even easier when feeding your little bub!

Alternatively there are Standard lids, Child Safe larger lids and even No Spill lids that are interchangeable with the spouts.

The reusable pouches come in different sizes to suit your needs – from 80ml capacity up to 1 litre. The larger sizes are useful and safe for freezing and storing foods that you make in bulk. Each pouch has a secure ziploc that provides a tight seal. They are free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC.

I tried out the standard 80ml food pouches to decant my kids’ favorite homemade custard into a lunchbox suitable size. As the product name so aptly suggests, I found Sinchies to be a sinch to use as well as to clean, and the kids loved the novelty of them. The pouches are see-through so you can see exactly what you are eating – which in my 7 year old’s book is vital. And you can also write on the outside window what the contents are.


The side spout allows the kids to suck or squeeze out the contents smoothly with no mess. And their small hands can get a good grip on the pouch. I found that very little of the custard remained behind in the pouch – a good result.

The 1 litre pouch with a spout allows you to decant more carefully into the smaller pouches, but you can also use a funnel to do this. Be careful not to pour more than the maximum that is recommended (there is a line to indicate the max), otherwise the contents can make it difficult to seal the pouch tightly. The double ziploc tops ensure a tight seal when the right amount of food is placed inside. 

When it comes to cleaning, the pouches are dishwasher safe. But I decided to try handwashing them, which to my surprise was very easy. I used a regular dishwashing brush and hot soapy water. The internal part of the pouch has rounded corners so the food bits that get left behind are easy to remove. The brush fits easily inside and after a few jiggles the pouch is clean. I ran hot water through the spout to clean that and voila, I was done. I then upended the pouches in my dishrack to drip dry.  

There are also special brushes and cleaning products available in the Sinchies range online. Note: pouches can easily be sterilized for baby food use.

Whether you are inclined to make your own preservative free food, or if you prefer to buy in bulk and decant to save money and go easy on the environment, either approach makes this product a good investment and addition to your family kitchen.

I also tried out the range of reusable sandwich, snack and wrap bags (new to the collection) and it felt so good not to be adding to the bin waste but instead reusing the Sinchies in my kids' lunchboxes daily. These pouches don’t have spouts – only a ziploc seal along the one side.

Sinchies are all round a great and handy product to have in your lunchbox arsenal and I thoroughly recommend them. 

Check out the Sinchies website for their full range of products and useful ideas for how to maximise the uses of Sinchies.

Sep 24th

Grasshopper Soccer, Pearsall Centre

By Georgia

Grasshopper Soccer is an Australian company that aims to teach the basics of soccer to children aged 2-12 years, in a fun, social and non-competitive environment. The soccer programs are suitable for both boys and girls and run for 8 weeks during the school term all year round, and in all weather (unless notified due to really bad conditions).

We were invited along to the Grasshopper sessions taking place on Saturday mornings on the Pearsall Primary School field. My two girls (Miss 3 and Miss 7) were both keen to give it a go.

Miss 3 joined the Mite class, which is 35 minutes long – a good length of time for the little ones. Parent participation is needed at this age to help keep the little ones focused, but the friendly Coach, Ian, and his two assistant coaches are also very hands on, making sure that everyone has a go and is not discouraged if the ball doesn’t do what they want it to do!

In this class the aim is to help develop motor skills, balance and coordination as well as to have fun with Mum or Dad while they get to know more about soccer. Smaller Mite coaching balls are used – these are easier for small feet and help your child gain confidence while they develop the basic skills of soccer.


The enthusiastic coach leads some fun games involving colourful cones and buckets and mastering how to kick the ball where you want it to go. Parents need to try to encourage their children to stay on task, but the environment is not strict or formal, therefore allowing for all the usual unpredictable stuff that Toddlers do. After a good start, Miss 3 got a bit anxious and refused to join in, instead preferring to watch from the sidelines. The coach tried to entice her back but didn’t push the issue. In his experience some children take a few weeks to get comfortable and more involved.


To build team spirit at the end the coach asks all the children to pile their hands on top of his, and follows this with a big cheer with all hands up in the air. A great way to end an enjoyable class! Stickers and stamps and a take home colouring-in sheet are offered to the kids.


My 7 year old then joined in the Micro class, which is 75 minutes long. This class introduces and develops soccer skills in a fun and team-oriented environment. It begins with a warm-up session followed by some fun activities that focus on developing different ball skills, and ends with two small-sided soccer games to see those skills in action.

Miss 7 loved the first Pirate Activity, which involved pirate commands such as “Scrub the Deck”, “Land Ahoy” and “Walk the Plank” for certain ball actions. Miss 7’s favorite was “Man overboard” followed by a shark (the coach) coming to catch them! This activity focused on moving around the field and gaining good control of your ball.

The next activity focused on team work and passing skills, with the kids holding hands and working together to get the ball around a marker and back to the start. It looked like a lot of fun!

Another activity involved a Piggy in the Middle and passing the ball to avoid the Piggy getting it. Every time a ball gets kicked too far, another one is brought in from a stock of balls so that no time is wasted fetching balls. The Coach also encouraged regular water breaks in-between the activities.

The kids then split into two teams to play a real game of 15 minutes to put their skills to the test. Cones were used in the goals instead of Goalkeepers, so that all the kids could participate on the field instead. If the cones were knocked over by a ball then a goal had not been scored.

The three coaches spread out on the field and remained actively involved helping and guiding the kids as they played. I was really struck by how much energy the main Coach, Ian, maintained throughout the morning. His enthusiasm and encouragement remained constant, making sure that all the kids were included, had a turn and were not discouraged in any way. He spoke to them by name and kept an eye on everyone’s progress, giving positive praise and guidance all the way through.

There was still time for a final game, which involved the kids vs the coaches – a great motivation to rev up some last energy and team spirit. Miss 7 loved the fact that the kids won!

The class ended off with a hand pile and cheer. The kids were tired but happy and the atmosphere was one of good sportsmanship and positive team spirit, cultivating a real enjoyment of the game.

Miss 7 immediately asked when we could come back again. So we’re signing up for next term! Success ;-)

Dress code: Whatever your child feels comfortable in (but sun wise) and closed shoes. There are vibrant green Grasshopper t-shirts and shorts to purchase if you wish to do so.

First Aid: The coaches all have first aid training and a first aid kit on hand for any little mishaps.

Spectators: Parents are welcome to stay – bring a chair and settle in for the duration on the sidelines. Cheering is welcomed – parents are encouraged to support their children.

See the Grasshopper Soccer website for more information and how to enroll in a class near you.

Sep 23rd

10 Tips for Experiencing The Perth Royal Show on a Budget 2015

By Alisha

10 Tips for Experiencing The Perth Royal Show on a Budget 2015

Our Favourite time of the year is nearly here!  The Perth Royal Show is happening Saturday 26 September through Saturday 3 October, and we are getting excited!  If you want to experience The Perth Royal Show on a budget, here's 10 Tips to help you out:

10 Tips to Experiencing The Perth Royal Show on a Budget

1.  Purchase Discount Tickets before the show
Discount tickets to the IGA Perth Royal Show are available at all IGA stores and online. If you buy a family pass  for two adults and two children for $64 – you can save $10 off the gate price. Plus children 4 and under are FREE this year. 

2. Spend $50 at IGA and get a FREE Kids Ticket
IGA is giving away 10,000 tickets for West Australian children to attend this year's IGA Perth Royal Show. When shoppers spend $50 or more on groceries from the 29th of August at IGA supermarkets state-wide they have the opportunity to receive a free IGA Kid’s Day ticket. The free tickets provide children under the age of 16 entry to the IGA Kid’s Day on Wednesday the 30th of September and are exclusively available at IGA supermarkets. 

3.  Catch the Train
Save on fuel and parking costs by taking the train to Claremont Showgrounds.  It's hastle free and the kids love it!  A family rider pass is $12.10 and lasts all day.  Visit the Transperth website to plan your journey. To celebrate the Queens Birthday on 28th September the State Government is making all public transport to the IGA Perth Royal Show FREE.

3.  Take Advantage of Food & Drink Samples/Specials and BYO Picnic
We tend to pack our own food to The Perth Royal Show, and enjoy setting up a spot on the grass near the Main Arena to watch the goings on there while we eat.  This year, you can take advantage of some Food & Drink Samples at the Brownes Dairy Pavillion and the IGA Fresh from WA Pavillion. There's always something on for Food Lovers at the Royal Show!  Check out the Food Lovers schedule here.

4.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road-
Every year, we buy the Yellow Brick Road Showbag that leads us around to all sorts of Free Activities and discounts at The Perth Royal Show.  This year the Yellow Brick Road Showbag includes free activities, competitions, and 2 for 1 offers and discounts including an offer for banana smoothies and cheese toasties!  The Yellow Brick Road route runs daily from 9am - 5pm and should take about 2 hours to complete.  Buy more than one, and save! 
  • 1 bag for $10
  • 2 bags for $18
  • 3 bags for $25
  • 4 bags for $30

5.  Dinosaur Adventures
They are here and they are ready to roar! 20 giants of the Jurassic are the biggest thing to come to the IGA Perth Royal Show.  See REAL T-Rex fossils and watch as these prehistoric dinosaurs come to life before your eyes with amazing animatronics.  This attraction has never been to WA before and would normally cost a family of four $140 or more to experience but it is FREE at the 2015 IGA Perth Royal Show as part of your ticket price. 

6.  Catch a Free Show-

Anywhere you see this symbol on your Perth Royal Show Map, you will find Free Entertainment! Our favourite picks for the kids this year are:

Monster Trucks - Daily 1.10pm (G4 on Map)
WA-based Aaron Tuaua, driver and stunt double in the latest Mad Max movie, Fury Road, will unleash a 3.5 metre, 5-tonne metal beast and take a flying leap over a car standing in its way! Queenslander Sam Xuereb vows to match the 265 feet world record wheelie stand in his Monster Truck, which will stretch that mean machine to 6 metres in the air … Bring it on!

Bumblebee Meet and Greet - Daily 2pm, 3pm 4pm. (H2 on Map)
Bumblebee is one of Optimus Prime's most trusted lieutenants. Along with Optimus, Bulkhead and Ratchet, Bumblebee went to Earth in an attempt to stop the Decepticons from draining the planet's energy and taking over Earth. He is determined and brave. Meet Bumblebee at the KIDS Corner every day.
Tom and Jerry Show - Daily 12.30pm, 2.30pm (H2 on Map)
Tom and Jerry are back and you are invited to help celebrate! Its Tom’s birthday so cause for a big celebration. Tom thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday. But Jerry & friends have organised a surprise party like no other. Everyone loves a party – lots of singing, dancing, party hats, fun, frivolity and of course birthday cake. Come join us at the KIDS Corner and give Tom the biggest surprise party of them all.

How to Train a Dragon Meet and Greet - Daily 11am, 12pm 1pm (H2 on Map)
Have you ever dreamt of being a dragon? Come on down for a sneak peek at the Viking Training School where you will learn the skills and special moves to take on any dragon that crosses your path. Meet and have photos with the famous and courageous Gobber and his special Viking friends. You will learn how to defend yourself against the one and only Gronkle. Meet your favourite characters every morning at the KIDS Corner.
But there are loads more FREE ENTERTAINMENT to choose from including various musical performances.  Click here to see the complete list of Entertainment at The Perth Royal Show.

7.  2 for 1 Rides at Kiddieland
Purchase two"kiddie ride" tickets for the price of one ($6)  from 3-4 pm each day, they can be used until 7pm.  Find these tickets at Carnival Amusements outside the Brownes Dairy Pavilion.

8.  View the 10,000 Animals on Display-  
Animal Lovers will delight in City Farmers Animal Nursery 9am-8pm, and head on over to Creatures Great and Small Pavilion to pat a pig, snuggle a bunny, cuddle a chick, watch judging, and a pig washing 9am-7pm.  All free!
The Racing and Diving pigs were a big hit last year and they are back again this year.

Racing and Diving Pigs - Daily 10am, 12.30pm, 2pm, 3.30pm, 5pm (B6 on Map)
Ever seen a pig dive? Now you can! Watch the performing piggies dive off a diving board into a diving tank!

Click here for more things for Animal Lovers at The Perth Royal Show.

9.  Buy a Budget Showbag-
The Blinky Bill Showbag is back again this year, and will only put you out $1!  Here are the 12 least expensive Showbags ranging from $1 to $4.  Hopefully at these prices, everyone will go home with at least one! 

Check out all the 2015 Showbags here.

10.  Free Nighttime Entertainment after dark-

The Fireworks Spectacular is a must see!  Watch as the Fireworks light up the sky nightly at 8pm. Our family finds this the perfect finale for our time at The Perth Royal Show!
Still having trouble deciding what to do and how to plan your day?  Click here to use a free "Plan My Day" at the Perth Royal Show tool which includes a printable customized map, and downloads with activity pages for the kids.

The Perth Royal Show runs Saturday 26 September through Saturday 3 October. For more information visit the Perth Royal Show website  
Sep 23rd

Calleya Playground, Banjup

By Buggybuddys

Review by Jacqui Snelgar

Calleya Playground
Cnr of Cilantro Parkway & Wattleseed Ave,

Calleya Playground

This is an awesome recently opened playground in the Stocklands Calleya Estate in Banjup.

There are 2 slides, including a very highy twisty one for the brave and a smaller hill slide.

A highlight of the playground isthe 2 in-ground trampolines, they are very popular with kids of all ages and not something that you normally come across in a playground.

It has 2 sets of swings.  The tradition seated swings and a Tripod swing which is located a little behind the main playground which I thought was a great idea to help minimize accidents!

Logs border a little native flora garden in the middle to allow some balancing nature play.

With a frog drum and a horn praying mantis, the space lets the kids bang, crash & yell to their little hearts content.

2 little bee see-saws, 2 x drum sets and a mini round-about make up a great little local playground that is worth a visit.

It has 2 free gas BBQ’s with 4 sets of picnic tables that are undercover.

There is a netball/basketball area, the hoop wasn’t on the pole when we were there but I am sure it will be installed soon. 

A water drinking fountain & bike racks.

There are scooter & bike paths and a huge grass area with an embankment that was a lot of fun to roll down.

At the moment there is no shade over the playground but the poles are there ready for the shadecloth to be installed.

There are no toilets and the closest shops would the Cockburn Central South area with the Bunnings and Good Guys etc.

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Sep 23rd

St Stephens Community Farmers Market, Tapping

By Buggybuddys Jennie

A new addition to the rapidly growing Farmers Market scene in Perth is St Stephens Community Farmers Market which held it’s inaugural market at the start of September.

The market is held weekly, 8am – 12pm, at St Stephens School in Tapping, close to Wanneroo and Joondalup town centres.  There is plenty of parking bays onsite and on the roads surrounding the school.

St Stephens Community Market has a lovely community vibe and offers something for everyone.  It’s packed full of fantastic stalls offering a range of products from food such as fruit and veg, organic meat, sauces & condiments, and sweet treats through to flowers, pet accessories, skincare and homewares.


The market has a focus of ‘You grow it, you make it, you sell it’, with stall holders products having to be designed, made or grown in Western Australia.


Several of the stall holders I spoke to who are regulars at Perth’s various Farmers Markets, such as Turban Chopsticks, Bon Pussy Sauces and Latasha’s Kitchen, told me that they are planning on visiting the St Stephens Community Market around once a month.  Which means every week is different and there is always something new to discover.

You will definitely not leave hungry as there was a wide range of stalls selling the most delicious smelling hot food from Paella to Empanadas and Bratwust to Crepes.

Tables and chairs are set up next to the stalls so you can grab yourself some food and sit back, relax and enjoy the live music that is provided by the high school jazz band. They were fantastic! 

There are plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy. When we visited there were pony rides, a petting farm, face painting, go karts and a bouncy castle. These activities change each week.


A permanent feature that provides endless amusement is the school’s playground consisting of a fully shaded climbing frame and a spider net.

St Stephens Farmers Market is held 8am – 12pm every Saturday at St Stephens School, 50 St Stephens Crescent, Tapping. For more information visit www.sscfarmersmarket.org.au

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