Dec 19th

Dinosaur Island at Adventure World

By Alisha

A trip to Adventure World always promises a full day of fun and adventure, and now, with the temporary addition of Dinosaur Island, there is even more reason to visit!  Dinosaur Island will be enchanting guests of Adventure World now until March 2015.
My four year old and I spent the day swimming and playing among the prehistoric creatures hidden in the trees surrounding the pools in the Kingdom Falls area.
Just follow the huge dinosaur prints once you enter Dragon's Kingdom, and you will find Dinosaur Island!

At first Hagen was more than a little cautious of the enormous, life like dinosaurs because they looked so real.  He kept his distance and wouldn't keep his eyes off of them.
They moved and made noises, just like real dinosaurs!

He started to feel more comfortable once we came across the adorable baby stegosaurus.

The misty Dinosaur Island tunnel was a huge hit with all the kids, and added a sense of mystery to the atmosphere.

 I imagine the cool mist would be an even bigger hit on a hot, sunny day!

We strolled around the "island" looking for all the dinosaurs hidden within the trees.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was quite easy to spot.  He had a low guttural growl that sent shivers down our spines!

We stopped and read the many different signs along the way with facts about each dinosaur, including their actual size and what they liked to eat.

There were also signs about dinosaurs around the pool area on Dinosaur Island.

There is so much to do and see at Adventure World, so of course we hit a few of our favorite waterslides and rides before leaving for home late in the afternoon.  Hagen went home bursting with stories for his older siblings about the "real" dinosaurs he saw at Adventure World, and now they want to go see them too! 

Dec 18th

Disney’s Frozen Immersive Zone, Karrinyup Shopping Centre

By Georgia

The year 2014 was witness to an incredible Frozen craze, with children worldwide becoming obsessed with Disney’s Frozen movie. If the Frozen passion is strong in your house, then you simply cannot miss Disney's Frozen Immersive Zone at Karrinyup Shopping Centre from 18-24th December, 9am–1pm.

IMG_2813.jpg IMG_2749.jpg

The Frozen Zone is situated in the Food Court with friendly staff to assist and guide you. The Zone consists of the following frosty activities:

The North Mountain Snow Zone:
Jump into a snow pit filled with fake powdery snow that feels wet to the touch. No throwing is allowed and the snow is too fine to make snowballs with, but there is great fun to be had making snow angels and feeling the snow run through your hands. Only 10 kids are allowed in the snow pit at a time. Staff is on hand to help brush off the snow when you leave.

IMG_2744.jpg IMG_2765.jpg

 IMG_2821.jpg IMG_2830.jpg

Olaf’s Winter Wonderland:
Help put the parts of Olaf the Snowman back together on a snowy forest magnetic board.

IMG_2788.jpg IMG_2782.jpg

Arendelle Art and Craft Table:
Colour in and cut out different Disney's Frozen character masks or colour in a Frozen scene. Crayons and scissors are provided, with staff on hand to assist.

IMG_2814.jpg IMG_2752.jpg

Friendship Tree:
Colour in a winter snowflake, put your name on it and hang it on the gorgeous twinkly frosty Friendship Tree.

IMG_2820.jpg IMG_2815.jpg

Lifesize Elsa & Anna Cutouts:
Have your photo taken with Arendelle Royalty.


Giant Olaf in Summertime:
Have your photo taken with the adorable Olaf the Snowman.


Valley of the Hidden Rock iPad Challenge:
Play interactive iPad games on three iPads attached to stretchy arms that can bend to any kid’s height. There are Frozen games as well as other Disney games. The friendly Kristoff watches over you as you play.

IMG_2795.jpg IMG_2778.jpg

Disney's Frozen Immersive Zone is great FREE fun and a magical experience for Frozen fans! Sing along to the Movie Soundtrack while you play and explore the zone.

Groups of about 30 kids at a time will be allowed to play for approx. 20 minutes before being asked to make way for the next batch of Frozen fans. Recommended Age is 2–13. No food or drink is allowed inside.

Please note that due to the popularity of the activity, the number of people that can enter will be limited to what is possible within the advertised times.

Disney's Frozen Immersive Zone:
Thursday 18th - Wednesday 24th December 2014.
9am–1pm daily, in the Food Court. 

Dec 18th

Pressed Earth Shop, Claremont

By Buggybuddys

Pressed Earth Juices have been made available at a number of grocery shops and cafes for a couple of months now. We first discovered them at our local Good Grocer in Applecross. Pressed Earth have recently opened up a shop in claremont, serving their full range of cold-pressed juices as well as food from the Raw Kitchen (Fremantle).  Pressed Earth is founded and started by two brothers, Tom and James, bringing the raw cold pressed juice revolution to Perth.

SO, what is the difference between cold-pressed juice and normal fresh squeezed juice? Conventional juicing method involves cutting up the fruit and veg and subjecting it to high speed centrifugal machine (juicer), which can result in overheating and oxidising the juice, hence resulting in a significant loss of nutrients. Cold-pressed juicing on the other hand, as the name suggests, involves the fruit and veg to be ‘pressed’ thus maximising the amount of juice being extracted from the fibre and pulp. This ensures that the juice extracted retains most of its original vitamin and nutrient content. Believe you me, you can certainly taste the difference. Cold-pressed juices is not frothy and it just tastes clean and crisp.

With the summer months and the festive season fast approaching, I think I’ll be hitting up Pressed Earth pretty regularly. It is also a good (very in fact) alternative if you want to skip that cup of coffee.

Pressed Earth claremont is located opposite Typika cafe on St Quentin’s Ave, serving up juices as well as raw food.

Pressed Earth - Claremont
Pressed Earth – Claremont

The shop is beautifully designed. Clean, crisp, raw and somewhat peaceful. When we were there, there were a couple of mothers enjoying their juices whiles their baby was asleep in the pram!

Clean crisp interior.
Clean crisp interior with plenty of stools along the side.


Fridge full of juicy goodness
Fridge full of juicy goodness

It was a very hot day when we were there and we picked “the jungle”. It is part of their hydration range and it made up of pineapple, pear, cucumber and mint. Caleb thoroughly enjoyed it. Needless to say, so did I. I don’t have to worry about it being heavily laden with preservatives, sugar and also non of that ‘made from concentrate’ nonsense. Just a bottle of pure goodness.

The jungle
The Jungle

They have a wide range of juices specially made up for your various needs, be it for cleansing, hydration, circulation, hunger, repair, recovery, immunity, strength, for the mind or just an everyday juice.

Full menu
Full menu

They also serve up food from the Raw Kitchen, located in Fremantle. From chia pods, chia bircher muesli, raw pizza and salad as well as raw desserts, there is something for everyone.

Food from the raw kitchen
Food from the raw kitchen

Stuck for christmas gift idea, they do gift cards too and your loved ones can either pop into their shop or can they can even get their juices delivered right to their doorstep. Easy peasy. Ate too much over the festive season and want to start the new year refreshed? They also offer ‘cleansing” packages ranging from one day to five day juice plans. For more information about their range of juices and packages, go to their website

Next time you’re in the area, perhaps just skip that cup of coffee and treat your body to a cold-pressed juice instead. Your body will thank you for it.

Pressed Earth Shop – Daily Juice & Food
5/24 St Quentin’s Avenue, Claremont
Mon-Sat: 7am – 4pm (opening on Sundays soon – Stay tuned)
Highchair: No
Change facility: Yes (at Claremont Quarter, just across the road)

Pressed Earth Shop on Urbanspoon

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Dec 17th

Ngala’s Top Tips to make Christmas Happy for Parents, Babies and Young Children

By Buggybuddys

Christmas and New Year can be a challenging time for many families. To help you through the festive season, Ngala has put together the following top tips to assist Western Australian families this Christmas.

Ngala’s tips aim to make the holiday period enjoyable and help parents maintain routine and an environment beneficial to both children and parents.

1. Arrange outings and visits between your child’s sleep cycles or nap times and ensure they stick to their early bedtime – otherwise by Christmas lunch there will be one grumpy child! 

2. Communicate with relatives about your child’s sleep requirements to help you maintain routines. Bear in mind SIDS and Kids guidelines for safe sleeping practices if children share rooms.

3. When arranging visits, limit visiting to one family or friend’s house on any day over the festive season so as not to overwhelm young children with festivities. Planning outdoor activities early in the day and remaining in the shade for the rest of the day may prevent overtiredness and irritability. Consider having friends over instead of heading out. 

4. Encourage young children to play and explore for an age appropriate time followed by some quiet time. This will provide young children the opportunity to calm down, which is needed in developing the skill of self regulation over time.

5. Remain predictable and consistent in the way you manage your child’s behaviour during this time as children feel secure when they know what to expect.

6. When you are out with your child, cover up with sunscreen and a hat and drink plenty of water to help prevent dehydration under the summer heat. 

7. It is also a good idea to take nutritious age appropriate meals or snacks with you as young children need to eat more frequently than adults. Small frequent meals are better than large infrequent meals.

8. Limit your child’s sugar intake as best you can, as excess sugar may cause a spike in uncontrollable energy followed by an energy slump. Decide in advance what days you don’t mind ‘letting go’ on the sugar intake to prevent the whole season becoming a sweet treat overload for your child.

9. Babies and toddlers prefer not to be passed around from person to person, as their senses can become overloaded, which may cause distress.  Remember to introduce your child to people they do not know and allow them to take their time in getting to know them.

10. Try and not hold your baby for too long when you are outside in the summer heat as it can make your baby hot and uncomfortable. The pram or stroller may be more comfortable.

11. There are often toys and wrapping paper scattered about at Christmas; be aware of small objects on the floor like batteries (especially the flat circular ones) that are a choking hazard. Purchase toys and gifts that are suitable for your child’s age, paying particular attention to toys that have small parts.

12. On Christmas day with all the excitement and presents, toddlers and young children may forget to eat or get over hungry because of all the distractions so make sure they take time out to eat.

13. For those looking for more tips to survive Christmas, here is one more: avoid tellling small children the countdown to Christmas too soon!

Ngala Helpline is available 365 days a year, call 08 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546 (for country callers) if you require any assistance over the festive season. For more information on Ngala services please visit

Dec 17th

Rock Away Beach, Perth Cultural Centre

By Buggybuddys

Review by Estabelle Ang

The beach is back in the city! Yes you read right. Beach. In the middle of the city. Well not quite, there’s no water but there is sand, deck chairs, umbrellas and beanbags! When all the christmas (and boxing day sales) shopping gets a little too much for the little (and not so little) ones, Rock Away Beach is the perfect hideaway from it all. The beach is located outside the Perth Cultural Centre/State Library/James Street Amphitheatre, just a short stroll from Myer and over the Wellington train station walkway.

Perth cultural centre
Perth Cultural Centre
Perth sky. Can't get any better.
Perth sky. Can’t get any better.

There are 2 sandpits, one with umbrella and sand toys and the other, no shade and no toys. We spent our time at the one with the toys and Caleb had a great time digging away.

dig dig dig
dig dig dig
colourful deckchairs and beanbags
colourful deckchairs and beanbags
giant screen behind
giant screen behind
The 2 sandpits
The 2 sandpits

Whilst the kids have fun, moms and dads can also grab a book from the cart (sponsored by the State Library), relax and read and when you’re done simply just return it back to the cart so others can enjoy them too. There are also coffee joints very close by for you to grab a cuppa and relax by the beach. Oh and Ben and Jerry’s scoop van is also there to fully give you the beach vibe.

Books for you to enjoy
Beach reads for you to enjoy
Polly coffee bar
Polly coffee bar
ben and jerry's scoop van
Ben and Jerry’s scoop van

Just outside the State Library there is also a giant chess set for the bigger kids and adults to enjoy. Apparently there is also a giant Jenga set but I did not see it. Might be on the other side but that sure sounds like lots of fun.

Giant chess set
Giant chess set
Rock away beach
Rock Away Beach

Rock away beach is on from the 5th dec 2014 till the 1st feb 2015. ‘Throughout the beach season, urban beach goers will be entertained in the evenings with music and movies, while Bar Pop will turn ‘Rock Away Beach’ into a rocking beach bar’. They will also be showing the boxing day test match on the big screen. For more details please go to:

Next time when you’re in the city, pack your hat and sunscreen and head down to the beach and have a rockin’ good time.

Rock away beach
5th Dec 2014 – 1st Feb 2015
Perth Cultural Centre James Street Mall
(Bordered by Roe Street, Beaufort Street, Francis Street and William Street)

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Dec 15th

Esplanade Youth Plaza, Fremantle

By Buggybuddys Jennie

The Esplanade Youth Plaza in Fremantle is a family-friendly, inner-city hangout located at the southeastern corner of Fremantle’s Esplanade Reserve.  Costing $1.6million to develop, the Plaza opened in April 2014.


The Esplanade Youth Plaza features a world-class skate park catering for skaters of all abilities with its long continuous street run and other elements such as stair sets, hubbas, rails and gaps. It also provides great fun for BMX and scooter riders.


Children of all ages are welcome to use the park but if you have younger children you need to be aware that the park is primarily designed for the older kids so they may find it a little overwhelming on weekends when it’s busy. Best to take them along during the week when the big kids are in school.


There is plenty of seating and viewing areas. A fun time can be had by taking a pew and watching all the talented skaters and bikers perform their tricks.


The Esplannade Youth Plaza also includes WA’s first outdoor parkour park.

Miss 6 had a fun time just hanging around.


A large marine buoy is a feature of the design of the Esplanade Youth Plaza which pays tribute to Fremantle’s marine heritage.


Families can get competitive with each other in the family ping pong area.


The Plaza is located close by to the existing traditional Esplanade playground which caters well to the younger children. Click to read the Buggybuddys review.


The Esplanade Youth Plaza offers lots of great free activities during the school holidays which include Skate Clinics, BMX Tricks and Skills, Scooter Tricks and Skills and Parkour to name just a few.  See for more details. 

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Dec 10th

Ask Janelle 2 - Little Babies

By Janelle

Dear Janelle, 

My son has just been prescribed an iron supplement by our doctor... It tastes putrid! How am I to administer 9ml every day for three months? 


Dear Ironmum,

It is hard giving medication to babies. I’ve always found the best way to administer it is to use a plastic plunger/syringe, get it in quickly and shove a boob in the kid’s mouth straight after (trying the same method on Dads requiring medication is totally up to the individual).  

I used to feel bad about giving my little one bad-tasting medicine, until the time she had gastro as a bubba and I swept her up and held her in front of my face and while I gasped at her with open-mouthed horror, she projectile vomited....straight into my mouth. I felt less guilty about giving her bad-tasting medicine after that.

Dear Janelle,

My son has taken to waking at 2am or 3am and seems to be impersonating a Native American Indian... (Hand over mouth back and forth) he's driving me nuts. Help, I need sleep. 

Sleepless in Suburbia

Dear Sleepless in Suburbia,

I’ve got bad news. Once your kid is born you are bestowed with that most significant of all parental super powers - mother hearing.  All through the night once you bring the baby home, your newly sensitive ears keep you alert and poised - listening through the endless cacophony of grunts and groans, sneezes and snores, whimpers and (quite remarkable) wind.  I remember at the start some nights my partner was so loud I could barely hear the baby.

I don’t think us mums will ever sleep the way we did before we had kids. Not until they leave home, anyway. So there’s distant hope.

Dear Janelle,

My son of recent times has been hitting his head with an open palm... Again and again... Reminds me of the film 'Rainman' should I be concerned?

In my experience, if the kids aren’t hitting their heads with an open palm, the mums definitely are. Don’t sweat it.

Dear Janelle,

My son was lying beside me this morning in bed and playing with something under my arm - when I investigated I discovered it was hair in my armpit... I feel so ashamed as it's now singlet weather. Does my baby care about such things?

Hairy Styles

Dear Hairy Styles,

You don’t need to be ashamed of such things AT ALL! Well, not until your baby learns to speak, anyway. Because then they can gossip about your personal secrets. Now that my girls can talk I’ve such self-esteem-inspiring comments as ‘Mum, you’re not huge. You’re just fat‘ and ‘I love looking in your eyes, Mummy. They’re so nice and old‘ and not forgetting the day she told the Asian lady at the local bakery ‘My mummy has black hairs between her legs!’ (in my defense - it was winter, I’d let my routine slip).

My advice to you is if your baby has found something in your pits that interests him and keeps him happy and quiet, get those hairs long enough to braid.  I would.  And at least he’s not playing with your phone.

Dear Janelle,

Is it okay to take a poop while I'm holding my baby, because she cries when I put her down? Does it make me a bad mother or a good one for considering her needs?


Dear Juggler,

Go for it. We’ve all done it.  

As they get older, you’ll have to learn to juggle meals and play dates and swimming and taekwondo and music class and cleaning the house and making lunches and family dramas and school gate politics and being on time for stuff and potty training and facebook and bath time and library books....juggling a baby and a poop is a walk in the park. Just don’t get your wiping hands mixed up.

Janelle Koenig is an accomplished comedian, a mum of two little girls (aged 5 and 1 and no there won't be any more thanks for asking) and mediocre guitarist. She’s proud to consider herself a ‘real woman’ but keeps her skinny jeans ‘just in case’.    

Dec 10th

Wandering Dinosaurs Party

By Buggybuddys
Reviewed by Georgia Vergano-van Niekerk 

My boys love Dinosaurs and they often watch Andy the Dinosaur and Dino Dan. My eldest son's 5th birthday was coming up and when I asked what theme he wanted for his party he soon answered Dinosaurs. Having never booked an entertainer before, I decided to book 'Wandering Dinosaurs', as I thought it would have be fun but also educational.

'Wandering Dinosaurs' is run by the lovely and enthusiastic Suzi. Suzi is a university trained education Officer with experience working in schools, zoos and museums.


Suzi set up her table with replica dinosaur’s bones, fossils, teeth and even a dinosaur horn fossil. Kids are invited to hold them.


Each child receives a label with their Dinosaur names on. My two sons where Joshua-Saurus and Liam-Ceratops.

Suzi then explained a bit about what we know about dinosaurs today and what palaeontologists do and what they use to find fossils and dinosaurs bones. It was really interesting and even had the parents engaged.


She then invited the kids to do few games; a Dino-Egg and Spoon Race and Dinosaur Dancing game. The games were fun and challenging and the kids had the opportunity to run around and expend some energy.


To end the session she invited the kids to paint their very own fossils to take home with them after the party.


The session lasted about 1 hour.  All the Dino-kids had great time. Suzi is very talented and passionate. She engaged the kids and took them on a really fun Dinosaur adventure.  The birthday child also receives a gift from 'Wandering Dinosaurs’; this time was a Wooden 3D model kit that can be built and painted (a different gift is given at each party).


We chose to have the party at the Dinosaur Playground at Kingsway Regional Park but 'Wandering Dinosaur' can also run the Birthday Party sessions at home.

'Wandering Dinosaurs' is not only for Birthdays, they can also come to your community group, fete, function or schools and offer a range of curriculum-linked, age appropriate sessions for primary school students in Perth, Western Australia.


Find out more about Wandering Dinosaurs by visiting

Visit the Buggybuddys party page 
Dec 7th

Nobu, Perth

By Buggybuddys

Review by Estabelle Ang

It was Caleb’s birthday and to celebrate, we went to his all time favourite restaurant – Nobu. This is one of the few restaurants where he could actually sit there, still, in his high chair for over 2 hours. Entree right up to dessert. So whenever we want to go out for a ‘fancy’ meal, Nobu will be our first choice. And I can actually eat with 2 hands! Win Win! A very kid-friendly and accommodating restaurant. Service was faultless.

We made a dinner reservation for 6pm but we got there slightly early and the main restaurant wasn’t open for sitting yet but not a problem as the bar sitting area was open and we could get a pre-dinner drink. We ordered a mocktail, so we could all enjoy it. We had the virgin Q-Zu, which was made up of Cucumber Syrup, Fresh Cucumber, Yuzu Juice & lemonade. So refreshing. The wine list is also very extensive and you can also order some bar snacks along with your drinks.

Pre-dinner drinks
Pre-dinner drinks

6pm came and we were promptly seated at our table. Upon entering, the wait-staff all made an extra special effort to say happy birthday to Caleb and that was such a nice touch. Our table overlooked the magnificent pool area and how we long one day to be able to frolic in there.

Crown perth pool area
Crown Perth pool area

IMG_5106_Fotor_Collage nobu

For starters, we had Caleb’s all time favourite. Edamame with sea salt. He could literally sit there and pop those things for hours on end! He had 2 serves all by himself. It’s a great form of entertainment for the kids. Great finger food and it is packed full of proteins. We also had the mushroom soup. A bowl full of assorted gourmet mushrooms in a clear slurpy broth. So light and yet so tasty.

Edamame goodness
Edamame goodness
Mushroom soup
Mushroom soup

For mains, you absolutely have to order the black miso cod. Silky smooth fish cooked to perfection. The fish just flakes off and melts in your mouth.

Black miso cod
Black miso cod

This was followed by scallops with wasabi pepper. Large juicy pieces of scallops, asparagus in a wasabi pepper sauce. If the word wasabi raised some alarm bells in your head, don’t worry, the wasabi hit here is actually quite mild. The presence of wasabi is there but at the same time not over-powering.

Scallops with Wasabi Pepper
Scallops with Wasabi Pepper

We also had the soft-shell crab maki roll and it was awesome. Truth be told, we also ordered 2 more dishes but when it hit the table, we were so excited to get it into our belly I forgot to take a picture. Goes to show how good the food is. We had the warm mushroom salad with yuzu dressing and the prawn with creamy Jalapeño tempura. All dishes are highly recommended.

Soft-shell crab maki roll
Soft-shell crab maki roll

AND you gotta save room for desserts! As it was Caleb’s birthday, they presented him with a specially hand-written ‘happy birthday’ plate of vanilla ice-cream, petit-fours and a candle. He sure polished off everything including the chocolate writing.

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!

For us, we had the Bento Box (Chocolate Fondant, Green Tea Ice Cream), Miso Cappuccino (Miso and milk chocolate crème, coffee chocolate crumble, vanilla ice cream, coffee foam) and Hot Chocolate Mousse (Gingerbread Ice Cream, Hazelnut Streusel, Orange, Japanese Pumpkin).

Bento Box: Chocolate Fondant, Green Tea Ice Cream
Bento Box
Miso Cappuccino
Miso Cappuccino
Hot chocolate mousse
Hot chocolate mousse

What a splendid meal we had and by the end of the meal we were ready to roll out the door. Thank you Nobu for another wonderful experience and making Caleb’s day extra special.

Nobu Perth
Crown Perth, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood
Lunch Tuesday to Sunday
Dinner daily
Bar from 6pm daily
Highchair: Yes
Change facility: Yes (main hotel lobby)

Nobu Perth on Urbanspoon

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Dec 7th

Sugar & Nice, Inglewood

By Buggybuddys

Reviewed by Estabelle Ang

Was out and about Inglewood area and after hearing much about Sugar & Nice, we took the opportunity to try it out. Located at 882 Beaufort Street, right next to Miss Kitty Salon, sits a coffee shop, bakeshop and a gift shop. Upon entering sugar & nice, I was blown away by the pretty yellow chevron wall paper. Yellow seems to be their theme colour which suits me perfectly as its also my favourite colour. Right there and then, I knew this was going to be good. There are bench seats and also a couple of sofa-type chairs near the back. Highchairs are also available as well as plenty of room for prams. Books, colouring materials were also made available. Great place to eat cake, coffee and simply just chill. There are also a couple of chairs outside.

IMG_3946_Fotor_Collage SNIMG_3946_Fotor_Collage insideIMG_3946_Fotor_Collage SN2

Baked on site, they offer cakes, cupcakes, slices, bread and also offer a breakfast menu. You’ll be spoilt for choice at Sugar & Nice. They also do cakes for special occasions.

Amazing food
Amazing food

As it was closing in on lunch time, we only order our drinks and a cupcake, but I am already planning out my next visit to sample more!

coffee, babycino and a red velvet cupcake
coffee, babycino and a red velvet cupcake

They also have a small selection of gifts at the back.

Gift shop
Gift shop

I thoroughly enjoyed my mother and son date at Sugar & Nice and looking forward to our next visit.

Sugar & Nice
882 Beaufort St, Inglewood
Mon-Fri: 7.00am-5.00pm
Sat: 8.00am-5.00pm
Sun: 8.00am-4.00pm
Highchair: Yes
Change facility: No 

Sugar & Nice on Urbanspoon 

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