Jul 22nd

New indoor play area, Karrinyup Shopping Centre

By Georgia
Every shopping centre should have one – a free play area that provides moms a chance to rest their weary bones and lets the kids burn off energy, before resuming a busy shopping trip. And Karrinyup Shopping Centre has done just that! They have recently launched a new play area located in the Alfresco area alongside the Food Court in the shopping centre.


The Alfresco area is reached through a set of automatic sliding doors in the corner of the Food Court and has glass windows to the outside world so the light floods in. The walls behind the play area are covered in cheerful and colourful motifs of a garden scene.  

There are no gates to the play area, and it is not fenced in either. There is another set of sliding doors that opens automatically to the outside car park, so you need to supervise your little ones closely if they are prone to wandering.



Just inside the sliding doors to the Food Court, is a Thomas The Tank Engine Merry-go-round that creates some extra entertainment at $2 a go. When I was there this was a drawcard to the kids who kept going back into the shopping centre via the sliding doors to visit it.


There are plenty of tables and chairs in the Alfresco area to enjoy your takeaways at while you watch the kids. The play structure itself is most suited to Under 5’s. There are no small steps up, so younger children may need helping pulling themselves up the half metre step.


The play structure consists of three low levels with various activities on each one. On the ground level, Noughts & Crosses provides the fun opportunity to spin the blocks even if your child doesn’t play the game correctly.


Then there is a Car Steering Wheel activity complete with a speedometer and gear changing stick. An opening with railings can act as a shop window for creative roleplay.

Climb up to the second level and there is another steering wheel for some driving action. And lastly, climb up to the final level for the top of the tunnel slide. Here you will find a game of Match the City to the Country. You do this by guiding a gear stick into slots on each side.



The red slide is neither too long nor too short and it has a gentle slope so it’s not too scary. My 2 year old enjoyed going up and down several times, and that together with the various activities kept her occupied for a good 20 minutes.

I know that this play area will be very useful on my future trips to the centre, and I can plan my route to make use of it. An added bonus is that a new Muffin Break is opening in the Food Court soon.

Jul 21st

The Pour House, Dunsborough

By Buggybuddys

by Buggybuddys team member Kate

The Pour House is right next to The Bay Village Resort and Spa holiday accommodation in Dunsborough town centre. There is a downstairs bar/restaurant which is bigger than it looks from the outside and an upstairs ‘lawn’ which was not open when we visited as it was winter.

It is a minute from the beach (you can see the ocean if you sit at the bar stools out the front and I guess you can from the upstairs too, although the upstairs was closed when we visited) and just around the corner is the fantastic and relatively new Seymour Park playground so the kiddies can have a play before/after dinner.

The summary from the website states “the house, our ground level bar with low lighting, big communal benches, loungy seats, board games and an open fire. Side up to the bar and you’ll find a vast array of craft beer from Eagle Bay to Norway.  Cider and wines are not forgotten as well as a small but perfectly formed spirit list with specialty single malts and rums.  Most of what we have is produced by the little guys, if you've seen it advertised on tv we don’t have it.

Food from the house kitchen is rustic fresh and bistro with a combination of rotating mains, italian style crispy pizzas and small plates. Trust us our house is an interesting place to be, come in and lose a few hours with us…

It is great place for beer lovers and also kids as the opening hours are kiddy friendly (from 4pm Mon – Sat and from 2 on Sundays) and there are a few games such as Jenga and an old style arcade game (unfortunately this wasn’t working at the time of our visit).

There is no specific children’s menu but the pizzas could easily be shared between 2 children and our 4 and 5 year olds shared a tomato, basil and mozzarella pizza for $18. We shared some garlic bread and a smoked ham, fontina cheese, green olive and artichoke pizza. The toppings are lovely and I would definitely recommend the food. My husband is a big fan of the large range of beers. 

We couldn’t quite finish all our pizza so we asked for a take away box and they were happy to oblige, even though we only had a couple of slices left.

Overall, a great place to stop in for a quick meal with the kiddies and it would be a nice place to chill out for just adults having a child free evening too.

Note: you can also get take away food and a small selection of take away beer and wine.  When we stayed in a house at the Bay Village resort a couple of years ago, we got a take away pizza and a bottle of wine to have in our room the evening we arrived.

 The Pour House is located at 26 Dunn Bay Rd, Dunsborough. Phone: (08) 9759 1720 Email:thepourhouse@westnet.com.au

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Jul 21st

Delamere Park Currambine

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
Delamere Park Playground in Currambine delivers on everything you want to keep kids aged 2yrs onwards entertained and active for hours.  The only thing it doesn't deliver on is SHADE, it has NONE and this park does sit on a main'ish thoroughfare road.  So unless you're an Olympic sprinter you are best avoiding this park if you have a young bolter :-)

delamere park currambine

The park has plenty of off-road and on-road parking and has the wonderful benefit of being within spitting distance of a Dome Cafe Restaurant ;-))  There's also a toilet block - I know how exciting!!

delamere park currambine delamere park currambine

Continuing the theme of thougthful and useful facilities in this park are the 2 double BBQ plates and shaded picnic tables, 2 water fountains and ample benches scattered around the park.

delamere park currambine delamere park currambine

In the middle of the park are is a large ampitheatre layout and huge grassed area with a pathway great for scooters/bikes.  My kids loved playing in the ampitheatre area running up and down the stairs, balancing on the low walls and generally just racing up and down and jumping around.  I wonder if this will be a future venue for film screening the summer?

delamere park currambine

Moving onto the next interesting area in this park is the music nature play area set in cork shavings.  Kids can bang on wooded drums, wack musical pipes and bop a few metal objects to make a racket!  My 6year old enjoyed the challenge of the wooded stilts and stepping stones.

delamere park currambine

delamere park currambine delamere park currambine  

Adjacent to the nature play area is a sand based section ideal for toddlers and kids who love digging.  There are a few hidden items (shells and dinosaur bones) under the sand in some areas great to keep your little one amazed and active!  There is a small kids cubby play structure more for play acting and doodling with the levels, knobs and slides.  There are small little handles around the structure so great for new walkers to pull themselves up and stand.

delamere park currambine delamere park currambine
delamere park currambine delamere park currambine

There's a normal swing and a flat circular swing which the older kids love to stand on and swing.  My 6 year old still loves a good sea-saw rocker as well!
delamere park currambine delamere park currambine

Finally the main two play structures include a swirly slide, climbing wall and steps.  Then there's a small flying fox, parallel monkey bars and lots of climbing ropes.

delamere park currambine delamere park currambine

You can find Delamere Park on Delamere Avenue, Currambine behind the back of Currambine Central shopping centre.

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Jul 21st

Scitech Toddlerfest

By Buggybuddys

Toddlerfest is back at Scitech from 22nd - 27th July  turning the centre into an exclusive haven for children from 0 to 5 years of age. The essence of Scitech's Discoverland will be stretched into every corner of the centre, with lots of activities for young children including a petting zoo full of baby animals, daily puppet shows on the big stage, meet Peppa Pig and enjoy the Bubble Trouble Show.

In addition to the normal interactive science displays they also put on the following activities especially for the little people.
 -Petting zoo full of baby animals
-Soft play areas
-Bubble blowing
-Play-dough station
- Daily Puppet shows on the big stage
-Toddler crawler and gym circuit
-Special 0 – 3 Baby Zone
- See stars in the planterarium walk through.
-Meet Peppa Pig. 

Scitech also have also in attendance a range of specific toddler based services to chat to parents – these include NgalaKidsafe WAPlaygroup WA , Better Beginnings and Community Health Nurses.

They have also created a parenting room, which includes feeding chairs, change tables and toys to entertain the older children whilst you are busy. There is also a pram park area.

Buggybuddys has been along to Scitech’s Toddlerfest for the past two years and we wholey recommend the event to any family with a toddler in the house! We would recommend that you arrive as it opens at 9.30am to avoid the crowds or come around lunch time when it starts to empty out as everyone leaves for naptime.

The Puppet show is a big hit with all the toddlers as they love joining in with the singing and dancing. Last year Miss 3 really loved the Play-Dough Stations and they are conviently located in the Café area so that you can enjoy a sit down with a cup of coffee whilst the little ones are entertained. Needless to say that the Petting Farm is always a big draw and does attract lines but it is definitley worth queuing for as the little ones love it!

If you have a baby with you they won’t feel left out. There is a special 0 – 3 Baby Zone set up for them which includes lots of soft matting and toys to entertain your child.

The staff at Scitech are friendly, helpful and engaging. I found them eager to share their knowledge with others and encouraging little people to get the most out of their Toddlerfest experience.


Buggybuddys top tips for getting the most out of Toddlerfest are:

- Come early to avoid the crowds or around lunchtime when it starts to empty out for naptime.
- If you have an Entertainment Book use the coupon to get buy 1 get 1 free entry.
- Take your own drinks and snacks as the choice on offer within Sci-tech is limited and tends to run low when it’s busy.
- Head to the activities that you really want to see first so you don’t miss them if it gets too busy or if melt-down time occurs!
- Try not to take a pram with you if you can avoid it. It does get very busy and it makes it harder to move through the crowds with a pram. If you do have to take one with you park it in the pram parking area when you are not using it.

Costs and opening times

Weekdays: 9.30am until 4pm 
Weekends: 10.00am until 5pm

Children under 4 years........................FREE 
Children 4 -15....................................... $11 
Adults ..................................................$17

Save time queuing, buy your tickets in advance online.

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Jul 18th

The Dome Cafe Currambine

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
The Dome Cafe in Currambine is another great addition to this chain of cafe's around Perth.  This is going to become a favourite of mine for two reasons: 1) it's very spacious and open unlike some of the Dome Cafe's which can be crammed full of tables/chairs too close to each other 2) it has a great new park right next to it, so ideal for grabbing some breakfast/brunch/lunch/coffee then heading to the park to burn it off ;-)

dome cafe currambine

The restaurant has 3 options for seating; an alfresco area with about 6 tables overlooking the car park, main road and playground (in the distance), spacious downstairs area with booths and long tables for large groups and an upstairs area for smaller tables.

dome cafe currambine

We're regular visitors to the Dome chain of cafe's so the kids had already decided on their brunch meals.  Smartie cookies, kids pancakes with banana's and maple syrup and strawberry milkshakes.

dome cafe currambine

This picture is a double load of bananas as my little one didn't want the bananas on hers! 

 dome cafe currambine

Blake enjoying his Soya strawberry milkshake! 

dome cafe currambine

The kids were given colouring in pencils and a crocodile picture to colour in and take home.  We had a competition for the best drawing which ended up on the fridge at home ;-)

dome cafe currambine

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Jul 16th

The Wild Fig Cafe Scarborough

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
The Wild Fig Cafe in Scarborough is a regular visit for local families at the weekend.   

The restaurant is split into areas and also has alfresco tables outside, overlooking the car park I might add but you can see the sea if you stand on a chair.  I noticed they rather strategically place all the families together in one area and customers with no kids in the posher area round the corner ;-) Good tactic in my view as this meant our kids made some new friends who entertained each other nicely whilst we relaxed over our lazy brunch.

the wild fig cafe the wild fig cafe
the wild fig cafe

The kids chose to eat their favorite breakfast/brunch item which is fluffly panckes served with maple syrup.  The pancakes although quite large looking when they arrived were gobbled up in no time!

the wild fig cafe

The adult order of poached eggs, bacon and rye bread (they forgot the bacon so ran off to get us a plate of bacon) looked a little less inviting than the pancakes ;-(

the wild fig cafe

I ordered a fresh leaf Green Tea presented rather bizarrely in a laboratory specimen flask!?  I love how restaurants challenge the mundaness of serving tea and coffee's the way we've consumed them for year and try and think of something quirky to pique our scensory delights ;-) And a latte with RAW sugar for Daddy.

the wild fig care the wild fig cafe

Lollie was rather pleased with herself as she managed to cut up her own pancakes using an adult sized knife and fork.  She also managed to move the packages pieces around her plate to ensure they were all equally soaked up with maple syrup.

the wild fig cafe

The Wild Fig has an array of sweet delights to satisfy most taste buds and include gluten free options as well.

the wild fig cafe

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Jul 14th

Ooh La La Kids Salon and Spa, Claremont

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Ooh La La is a brand new salon which has opened up in Claremont specializing in children’s styling and pamper parties for ladies and girls – the first of it’s kind to open up in Perth.


The salon is located in Times Square in Claremont, opposite the Claremont Quarter. The Claremont Quarter offers free 3 hour parking and Ooh La La can be found just a short walk from the Farmer Jacks exit.


Take a seat on the big comfy couch in the Oh La La waiting area, adjacent to the aquarium, and your Little Miss can flick through a child’s magazine or enjoy a welcome drink (if included) from a retro bottle with straw. Younger children will take delight in the toy box.


The salon offers children’s haircuts and styling ranging in price from $30 - $45 for girls and $30 - $40 for boys. Girls can take their pick from a range of accessories to compliment their hairstyle.

A child’s first haircut is $25 which includes a cute organza bag to keep a lock of their hair in as a memento.


At the time of writing they don’t have any novelty chairs but they do have a special hairdressers chair for babies and toddlers.


The salon uses Eco Kids shampoo and conditioner which is Australian Certified Organic and every ingredient is pure natural and safe.


If you have an outbreak of the dreaded head lice you can let the salon take care of it for you! The salon offers a full lice treatment for $40.


If your child is anything like mine and loves to have their nails painted then this is the place to take them for a special treat. Standard nail painting costs $15 and mini-manicure or pedicure is $30 and that includes their very own sparkly nail file to take away with them.

If you wish to have some special time with your child you may wish to opt for a ‘Mummy and Me’ package ($75) which offer a mini manicure for two plus a complimentary drink. 

Ooh La La also offers children’s pamper parties.  Small parties of up to 8 children can be booked Monday – Friday 4pm – 5.30pm or Saturday with 90 minute party sessions running through out the day from 10am – 5.15pm. If you wish to hold a larger party then these can be accommodated on Sunday’s when the salon is closed to the public.


There are 3 party packages available catering for different age groups, Princess Pamper Party (4 -6 years) A Girly Day in the Spa (6 – 12 years) and Glamour Girls (8 – 12 years). The cost of each party package is $336 plus GST for 8 children and includes light refreshments. Click here to find out more details on the party packages.


Ooh La la also caters for gentlemen. Before the current owners took over the lease it was a gentlemen’s salon and they have decided to retain that area of the business. So you could send Daddy and Little Miss off to the salon for a haircut for him and a mini-manicure for Little Miss while you enjoy some alone time! They even offer a Daddy and Me package!

Ooh La La is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm at Shop 9 Times Square, 337 Times Square, Claremont. For bookings contact (08) 9385 6386.
For more details visit www.oohlalasalonandspa.com.au

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Jul 14th

Encore Kids Parties – Snow Princess Tea Party

By Buggybuddys

by Buggybuddys team member Jacqui

Like most households with little girls, my two daughters have been taken over by the Frozen phenomenon! So of course when I told my eldest girl it was her turn for a birthday party, what did she want? Without even skipping a beat - a Frozen and Queen Elsa party was the reply!

As luck would have it, not long after our conversation, Encore Kids Parties advertised their Snow Princess Tea Parties that are held at Terrazza Cafe in Applecross ... PERFECT! 

I sent the booking form  through and received a phone call from the very friendly Natasha the very next day to lock in a date. All I had to do was pay a deposit and all was set.

In preparation for the party I orderd invites from Shop Now HQ and 
some party favours from Hair Clips by BOO.

On the day we arrived at Terrazza Cafe in Applecross to be greeted by the gorgeous Queen Elsa and the lovely Princess Anna and they immediately took over the hosting the party.

Each little Princess was warmly welcomed and seated at the table to begin work on a lovely beaded necklace until all the guests arrived.  They were also given the Princess treatment with glitter spray in their hair and some bling crowns.


When everyone was seated, the party begins which was based on the Frozen story with interaction from the party guests. Princess Anna sang “Do you wanna build a Snowman?” beautifully!  The girls sang along as they continued working on their necklaces

 They continue to work their way through the story, Elsa & Anna smoothly finish off the necklaces for the girls, asking them questions about the story, talking to them about the other characters, and then when they reach  the part where they meet Olaf it’s time for a game of Pass the Snowman. There is a little gifts of flower erasers & jewel hair clips for all.


And then we reach the moment they have all been waiting for ... Queen Elsa sings “Let it GO!”  It was very cute, little voices singing along and lots of waving arms with the mini Elsa’s copying the actions, foot stamps included!!

It’s a very busy 90mins!  The party package includes a party bag of activities for each child that they work through during party. This includes the beaded necklace they start with, they also decorate a hairclip, fill a little bottle with mini M&M’s and complete a colouring-in sheet. Also in the bag to take home is a flashing snowflake and fingernail stickers.  You don’t need to provide a party bag at all!  I had already ordered a gorgeous little Frozen theme pack from Hair Clips by Boo for the girls as a party favour.

No trip to Arendelle is complete without snow!

The girls closed their eyes and wished very, very hard and magically a bowlful of snow appeared!!


Outside we got to have a bit of snow fun

Throughout the party, the girls are served strawberry milk, a mixture of sandwiches and delicious cupcakes.  There is no need to make a cake.  The hosts can put candles on the cupcakes that are supplied for the Happy Birthday song to the birthday girl (I had already been on Pinterest and shown the birthday girl a cake before I realised this so we had our own cake).


After cake there is time for the guests to have photos with their famous party hosts & each other.


Encore Kids Parties provides a fantastic, value for money service that offers something a little different.  They have so many packages and characters on offer.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Sit back and enough a coffee while watching the kids have a ball.

There is a very good chance we’ll back in September for youngest little Frozen-addict!!


Encore Kids Parties Snow Princess Tea Party is designed for girls aged 6 to 10 years and are held at Terraza Cafe & Restaurant in Applecross. All of their Snow Princess Characters are professionally trained singers from WAAPA. 

Snow Princess Tea Parties cost $360 (inc GST) for a party of 8 guests including the birthday child. Additional children $19.50 each. Maximum number of guests 15 children. A second (non- character) hostess is required for parties with more than 9 children for an additional $85. Alternatively, you may elect a second WAAPA trained, Character Performer to attend as your second host for an additional $110. Click here for more details.

For more details visit the Encore Kids Parties website or contact (08) 6188 7666. 

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Jul 11th

Kids Wonderland, 12th & 13th July

By Buggybuddys Jennie

The hotly awaited Kids Wonderland opens it’s doors tomorrow and is bringing you the greatest kids rides, the best children’s live shows, unique and creative youth activities and your favourite roving performers! We went today – the day before it opened for a sneak peak, we just couldn't wait until it opened!


If you haven’t already got tickets then I’m afraid you may want to stop reading as tickets have already sold out and there will be no door sales!

Kids Wonderland is all located under a huge big top right next to Stirling train station. If you are planning on getting the train it is just a short 300 metre walk to the venue. If you are driving then event parking is available and provided by Uni Camp for Kids for a gold coin donation. 


Entry into the venue well managed and hopefully speedy so you shouldn’t have to queue outside for long. There are 6 lanes of manned ticket scanning machines, once your ticket scans green you are good to go! Please print your tickets out to avoid any delay.  Any problems with your ticket and will be directed to the information desk where they help in sorting any issues out.


If you are bringing a stroller along you’ll find stroller parking at the entrance to the venue. Strollers will not be permitted within the tent so we suggest bringing a baby carrier along with you.

Each child ticket includes:

Unlimited rides for 4 hours. Rides at Kids Wonderland are:


Cowboy Capers 

The Runaway Train.

Miss 6 and Miss 3 are demonstrating the height restrictions for this ride.


The horses


Taxi Jets


The Spinning tea-cups


The Camelot Castle


The Lost Temple


The Mini Ferris Wheel


There is also:

The Buggybuddys Snowdome. Our Elsa wannabe’s loved it!

Scitech will be there with their Live Experiments Show


You can test out a Springfree Trampoline – one of the safest trampolines available, and have the chance of winning one.


Enjoy a live show. Here’s the schedule of events taking place on The Springfree Stage.


Older kids will enjoy the Umbrella painting & Laser Tag. You’ll also be greeted by Roving performers from Encore Kids Parties. Dora the Explorer and the Perth Wildcats will be making an appearance! Kids will also receive 1 x free game of the Laughing Clowns

1 x fairy floss and popcorn. Children under 2 who have not paid for ticket will not be given a free token. Additional tokens will be available to purchase from the information booth.


Parents have not been forgotten. You can relax in the comfort of the City of Stirling Oasis where you can receive a complimentary 3-minute massage. 

A range of food and beverages are available to purchase from ‘Food Wonderland’.


You can also grab a coffee from the Nespresso coffee bar. All proceeds go to Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.


While all the rides and entertainment are included in the ticket price there are also a few additional cost items available. Showbags are available to purchase with prices ranging from $5 to $35. There are also 3 market stalls dotted around the big top. 


You may also wish to try your look on a couple of the additional sideshow games, Fishing Pool and Lucky numbers.

Have a great day everyone!


Jul 11th

1800 Trailrides, Farmyard Zoo

By Buggybuddys Jennie

1800 Trailrides located in Neergabby, a 75 minute drive from Perth CBD north of Yanchep, is renowned for a premier trail riding destination in Perth.

A recent addition to their offering is their new Farmland Zoo catering for kids of all ages.


The Farmland Zoo contains a myriad of friendly residents that all love a pat or a stroke.


Guarding the entrance of the farm is Eddie the Emu. He likes you to say hello to him as you pass on through.


Meet Bacon, a stray pig who walked in the farm one day looking for food and never left after the ranger failed to find his owner. He is very friendly and loves a good scratch!


We were accompanied around the farm by the adorable Leaf the Lamb who followed us wherever we went.


Beware of the two naughty piglets, Pepper and Peanut, who took quite a shine to our boots and keep trying to give them a cheeky nibble.


Other animals that make Farmyard Zoo their home are Alpaca’s, Llama's, cows', chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and a kangaroo.

For additional $10 children aged 2 -10 years can enjoy a ride around the paddock on one of the friendly ponies.  Safety helmets are provided.

Our kids got to ride the gorgeous Steel and Benji who was the tiniest pony we have ever set eyes on! Little Benji was definitely the girls favourite!

Denise, who runs the farm, was fabulous at getting our girls to feel comfortable and confident on what was their first experience on riding a pony. On noticing that they were understandably tense once in the saddle and almost holding their breath, she got them to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as she proceeded to walk them around the paddock. That soon relaxed them.


A limited range of refreshments are available for purchase including coffee. You are welcome to bring along a picnic. Picnic tables and BBQ facilities are available. 

One thing to note is 1800 Trailrides is a working farm and the toilet facilities comprise of two basic portaloos although they are looking to upgrade them in the near future. At the time of our visit there was no baby change facilities but we were told that one would be provided ASAP.

Entry to the Farmland Zoo is $10 per person. Children under 2 are free. A family pass is $35 for a family of 4 with additional family members charged $5. Pony rides are available from 11am for additional fee of $10.

Farmland Zoo is open Friday to Tuesday 10am to 4pm 1st April – 30th November and 12pm – 6pm 1st December to 31st March. 

For more details visit the 1800 Trail Rides Website

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