Apr 18th

Hillarys Community Kindergarten

By Buggybuddys

Hillarys Community Kindergarten
Address: 137 Broadbeach Boulevard, Hillarys, 6025
Telephone: 08 9401 3296
Hours: Staffed Monday – Friday 08:30- 15:30 (term-time only)
Enrolment Fee: $60
Website: http://www.hillaryscommunitykindergarten.wa.edu.au/Welcome.html
Email: hillaryskindy@bigpond.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hillarys-Community-Kindergarten/440317679395941 


Hillarys Community Kindergarten provides a high quality educational program for children in the year that they turn 4 by June 30th. Our community kindy is run just like a school based kindy, but also has added advantages such as being a purpose built centre specifically for kindy children and having a purpose built and fully enclosed playground set amongst picturesque parklands, playing fields and lakes. All funds go directly to the kindy children (instead of being shared amongst a whole school) and we have greater opportunities for parent/community involvement in the learning program. A year at Hillarys Community Kindy is a fabulous transition from home to the more formal school environment.

Our facilities include:
* Large and fully air-conditioned area for the children’s indoor learning activities
* Two child sized toilets and basins in a separate bathroom area
* A large fully equipped kitchen for preparation, cooking and cleaning
* An office for administration & a large internal storeroom
* Shed for storage of equipment
* Fully fenced outdoor play area with sandpit, shade sails, play equipment, bike track and vegetable garden
* Modern Information Technology
* Onsite parking & disabled access

Our education program is based around all children learning and achieving at their own level, in a play-based environment where the children feel secure yet also challenged to learn and try new experiences.  An environment where children can watch, listen, interact and practise as they work towards being able to apply their knowledge, skills and understandings independently.

We balance the educational timetable with structured teacher directed activities and learning opportunities that have been set up in a supportive, inclusive environment of learning areas.  Here the children can work individually and in groups, catering for different learning styles and needs maximizing the use of our large purpose built centre, the yard and surrounding areas. Our dedicated staff foster partnerships with the community and families to build upon the students prior learning.  


Every person at Hillarys Community Kindergarten is a special and a valued member of our group.  We encourage the children to learn and feel good about themselves and those around them in a secure environment where they are supported for their differences. 

We place an emphasis on developing and maintaining friendships. Through exploring feelings and emotions, the children become confident, resilient individuals as well as respectful, considerate members of our kindergarten group. We develop a respect for our Community Kindergarten environment, the people and the creatures around us. 


We have highly motivated and dedicated Department of Education and Training employed Early Childhood teachers on staff. We have two qualified education assistants work alongside the teachers and share the  contact time with the groups.

Parents and Community

At HCK the involvement of parents and the community is essential.  During the AGM each year, a Committee of dedicated people are elected to represent needs of the families of the students and be responsible for the financial management and the day–to-day operation of the centre. Throughout the year, the staff and the Committee work together to provide a learning program and environment that best meets the needs of every student. Parents are encouraged to help out for a morning to experience what their children get up to during a typical kindy day and we have a parent/helper roster for each term. 

If you would like your child to have the best start possible to their school years in a relaxed yet structured environment, Hillarys Community Kindy can offer this and much more. Call today to arrange an appointment to visit the kindy, meet the teacher and find out more about our learning program and enrolling.

Visit the Hillarys Community Kindy Website for more information

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Apr 16th

Ngala: Helping You Understand Your Baby’s Sleep

By Buggybuddys

Ngala: Helping You Understand Your Baby’s Sleep

Adjusting to your baby’s sleeping patterns and teaching them to settle and re-settle themselves to sleep can take time and patience. Ngala recommends some helpful tips on achieving better sleeping habits for the first 12 months of your baby’s life.


Sleep is vital for the health and wellbeing of your baby and their brain development. When your child is asleep, hormones are produced in the brain that promotes physical growth and brain development. Sleep creates a healthy immune system and is time for children to practice new skills and process information and experiences, for example your baby may practice crawling in their cot during sleep!


Children differ to adults and therefore require more sleep. Deliberately keeping your child awake during the day so he or she will sleep better at night is not recommended as a successful method for ensuring a good night’s sleep. In reality the result is an over-tired child who is less able to self-soothe to sleep peacefully through the night.

Research shows that most babies wake up two to three times a night for up to six months and often once or twice a night thereafter.  As your child matures sleep patterns may change and you may have to adopt different sleep and settling strategies to help your child sleep.

Most newborns need the presence of an adult to help them to go to sleep and also to re-settle to sleep. By the age of four to six months, more than three quarters of infants are capable of self-soothing to put themselves to sleep, unless they are unwell. 


A baby’s self-soothing skills develop over time with some needing more sensitive nurturing and handling to establish their sleep pattern. With your help, your child can learn to self-soothe and re-settle back to sleep between sleep cycles.

Your baby will be able to sleep through the night when he or she is able to link sleep cycles together without fully waking up and needing your help to resettle. Your baby will be sleeping very well if they are under six months and are able to sleep in a solid five-hour block from midnight to five in the morning.

Some helpful tips include:

    • Learn to read your baby’s non-verbal cues i.e. body movements (e.g. your baby’s tired sign might be clenched fists) and cries. Babies cry to communicate how and what they are feeling. When your baby begins to show tired signs, this is your cue to settle them to sleep.
    • Meeting your baby’s needs in a prompt and nurturing way increases your baby’s sense of security and helps them to return more quickly to a calmer state than when they are left to cry for long periods.
    • Develop a bedtime routine or rhythm. This will help your baby move from a calm alert state to a drowsy state which will then prepare him or her for sleep. For example a short routine for a baby of three to four months could include a bath, a short story and a lullaby.
    • Avoid over stimulating your baby just before bedtime. It is unrealistic to expect that your baby will fall asleep immediately after an exciting and stimulating experience.

Wendy Muller, Parenting Educator at Ngala says, “Ngala has put together these key points on sleeping to help parents learn how to tune into baby’s non-verbal cues and allow them to identify their baby’s signs of being tired.”

“The relationship parents develop with their baby will allow the child to feel secure and to be open to learning, including self-soothing, while allowing parents to identify changes in their baby’s sleeping patterns and to adjust accordingly.”

Ngala runs parenting workshops on sleep and are free to attend. Visit Ngala Parenting Workshops to find out more. 

Apr 16th

Needle-stick injuries in public places

By Buggybuddys

Needle-stick injuries in public places

 In recent times a number of parents have reported that their children have suffered a needle-stick injury while playing in a public place, such as a park.

An incident of this nature obviously causes extreme fear and anxiety for parents, so it is important to know some basic facts about what to do, should such an event occur. 

Parents should keep in mind that while the incident must obviously be treated seriously and every precaution should be taken to minimize the risk of infection, the actual risk of catching a serious infection is low.

Should a child suffer a needle-stick injury in a public place:

·       Flush the puncture wound with water as soon as possible, for least a few minutes and wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water.

·       Apply a clean dressing.

·       Take the child to a doctor immediately, so that the puncture wound can be assessed and further treatment, advice and testing can be given if necessary.

·       If possible, the incident should be reported as soon as possible to the people or  organisation responsible for the property where the incident occurred, as the premises may need to be checked for additional needles.

·       It may be beneficial to document all the circumstances of the injury, such as the date, time and location, the type of needle, whether there was a syringe attached, whether blood was obvious on the needle or syringe etc.

For further information or for information on first-aid generally, contact:

Steven Lewsen 9275 6666, www.FamilyFirstAid.com.au

Steven is a medical lecturer and former ambulance officer, specialising in first-aid training for parents of small children. His courses can be run in your home during the day, evening or weekend.

Apr 16th

Getting Arty-Tecture with Lego at The Art Gallery of WA

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Is your child a Lego Fan? Well On Sunday 27th April the Art Gallery of WA will be hosting their second Arty-Tecture with Lego session.


For a gold coin donation, children can create a building out of all-white lego. It could be a church, hotel theatre, fire station or even the Bell Tower! There are pictures of Perth buildings on the tables so you can get some inspiration.


There are over 60,000 different pieces of white Lego so there is plenty to go around.

Once your building is complete you can place it with the other creations to create a ghostly city with looks great!


The event runs from 11am – 4pm on Sunday 27th April outside of the main entrance to the Art Gallery of WA. A gold coin donation is required to take part.


For more information visit http://www.artgallerywa.gov.au

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Apr 16th

Anzac Day Events 2014

By Alisha

ANZAC Day Happenings in Perth 2014

ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance. The acronym actually stands for Australia & New Zealand Army Corps and refers to the soldiers in those forces. 

ANZAC Day – 25 April – is probably Australia's most important national occasion. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

ANZAC Day is a day Australians recognize as an occasion of national remembrance. On 25 April each year, services are held around the country as a time to remember all Australian service men and women and commemorate those who died or served in the military for their country.

Here's what is happening in Perth to honour the ANZACs 2014:

Free entry into Perth Zoo for Servicemen and Women-
Simply present your Service ID, Veterans Card, or wear your uniform on 25 April to gain free entry into the Perth Zoo! 

When:  25 April 5.30am - 7.00am 
Where:  Kings Park, Perth
The ANZAC Day Dawn Service is an annual event and marks a solemn day of remembrance, gratitude and national pride.
The Returned and Services League (RSL) invites you to attend the Dawn Service which commences at 6.00 am at the State War Memorial in Kings Park. Archival footage is played on large screens from 4.30 am and lights are turned off at 5.50 am.
Fraser Avenue and Wadjuk Way will be closed from midnight until 9.00 am on this day. Vehicle access to Kings Park is available via Saw Avenue or Poole Avenue. Refer to the Notices section for more access information.

When:  25 April 3pm - 6pm.
Where:  Civic Amphitheatre, Canning
We are gathering Perth's best musicians to perform a rousing afternoon of Blues music to fundraise for Legacy WA, whose mission is to support widows and children of deceased and incapacitated servicemen and women. The performance will be headlined by the famous Texan Troubadour "Eugene Hideaway Bridges", a vibrant and enthusiastic singer and guitarist who brings fire and intensity to contemporary blues with hints of his gospel singing past. The afternoon will also feature the 10th Lighthorse Regiment Kelmscott-Pinjarra Memorial Troop, working to preserve our military history with their noble horses. This is a FREE EVENT, with food and drink available for purchase. Free parking located at the City of Canning or George St West and disabled access is available. 

A Tribute to our ANZACS (Mandurah)-
An exhibition at the Mandurah Community Museum showcasing war memorabilia from private collections. Children can complete an ANZAC day quiz and make a periscope.  
Entry is FREE!
April 12-27
Mandurah Community Museum
3 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah
When:  25 April 8:00 am 
Where:  84 Cambridge Street, West Leederville 
The service will begin with a march to the Cenatoph and the raising and lowering of the Australian flag. The Salvation Army, accompanied by members of the Churchlands Senior High School Choir will perform. From sunset on Thursday, 24 April to sunrise on Friday, the Australian Air Force cadets, 714 Squadron, will undertake an all night vigil at the Cenatoph, with a changing of the guard ceremony performed each hour during the night. Breakfast will be available for a small cost outside the Leederville Sporting Club at the conclusion of the parade.
When:  Friday, 25 April 2014 7:00am  to  12:00pm 
Salute our Diggers with a FREE Gunfire Breakfast at Alf Adams Pavilion, Solomon Street.
ANZAC Day Dawn Service (Victoria Park)-
When: 25/04/2014
Time: 6:00 am - 8:00 am (Fri)
Where: Memorial Gardens, on the corner of Albany Highway & Harvey Street.
Join us for a special service to honour the men and women who served and fought for Australia. A light breakfast follows for attendees. For further information call 9311 8132.

ANZAC Day Ceremony (Claremont)-
When: April 25, 2014
Time: 7:30 am
Where: Street: Claremont War Memorial, corner of Bay View Terrace and Stirling Highway.
Join in the Annual Anzac Day Ceremony, then let the Mayor and Councillors lead you to a community breakfast at the Claremont Bowling Club with entertainment from the Claremont Concert Band.

ANZAC Day Service (Shenton Park)-
When: 25/4/14
Time: 7:00 am
Address: 240 Onslow Road
Free entry and suitable for all ages.

To find details of all the ANZAC Day services visit rslwahq.org.au

Apr 15th

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Review: Hachiko

By Alisha

I had a hot date last week with my ten year old son..  It was just me and him, which is extremely rare, because he's right in the middle of a very needy four year old little brother, and a time consuming thirteen year old older sister.  So this was definitely a special night!  We were headed to The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle to see "Hachiko".

He was a little reluctant at first to see the show, because we had seen the movie.  He knew it was a tear jerker, but I persuaded him to go because it was our "special date".

We arrived early at the theatre to look around the lobby at the many puppets.  My ten year old darted from puppet to puppet exclaiming, "look at this one!"  It was fantastic.

Soon we headed into the theatre and found our seats.  I love the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, because there isn't a bad seat in the house.  Every seat has a clear view of the intimately sized stage.  There were cushions for the seats for the "little children", but my son, being ten and all, "didn't need one of those". 

Once the show started, the audience was silent with anticipation.  Mesmerized by the methodical way the performers moved cardboard props around the stage.  It was amazing how a bundle of cardboard boxes became a city, and then a breakfast table, a garden, and a train station. 

The lighting was exceptional.  Showing the passing of time with the sunrise and the sunset each day.  The
musical score was amazing too, and left me wanting more.

Several times I looked over at my son during the performance to see his reactions.  I saw every emotion from happiness, confusion, affection, sadness, and laughter.

There were only two performers in the show, which I found amazing with the amount and variety of characters that were introduced. 

The main puppet of the show was the lovable dog, Hachiko.  He was made of cardboard, but he came to life on stage with wagging tail and all.  In only an instant we forgot he was not real, and we fell in love with him. Another favorite character in the show was the villainous dog catcher.  His song and dance was one of my favorite parts of the show.

Rather than spoil the story of  Hachiko, I urge you to see it yourself.  This story will stay with you long after the curtain closes.  The duration of the show was 50 minutes and is appropriate for ages 5 and up.  I am sure most adults will enjoy it as much, if not more than the kids. 

April 12-26 
10 am & 1pm daily (except Sundays & public holidays)
Plus 6:30 pm performance on Thursday 24 April

The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre
1 Short Street, Fremantle
(opposite Fremantle Train Station)

Bookings Essential:
9335 5044

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Apr 14th

Dinosaur Discovery at the WA Museum

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous has opened its doors at the Museum of Western Australia. Featuring over 20 life-size animatronic dinosaurs and 750 plant specimens, this is a dinosaur exhibition like none before!


A year and a half in the making and costing $1.5 million, Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous is the WA Museum’s largest ever exhibition with the stunning Hackett Hall being transformed into the dinosaurs natural habitat some 145 million to 65 million years ago.


The size and appearance of the dinosaurs is very impressive as they move, roar, wave their huge tails, blink and even breathe!


Kids can also get hands on with several interactive displays around the hall.


The exhibition features well-known dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor and Brachiosaurus but is also home to some lesser-known Australian dinosaurs – leallynnasura, australovenator, minmi and muttaburrasaurus.


Younger children may find the exhibition to be a little overwhelming. Miss 3 was comfortable with until she came face to face between a rather ferocious looking Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus doing battle which frightened her.

She was however quite enamored by the little Styracosaurus and was fascinated by the Deinosuchus – a relative of the alligator that lived 80 to 73 million years ago.


The exhibition also features cutting edge 3D augmented reality technology, not seen before in WA.  Make sure you download the free Dinosaur Discovery app before you go to get the most out of your visit.  The App is available to download from both iTunes and Google Play.  You can find out more by clicking here. Use it to take a picture of the museum entrance and prepare to be amazed as huge Spinosaurus smashes it’s way through the Museum windows.


Pointing it at the Dinosaur Discovery flyer will also have the same effect!


10 other species of dinosaurs are visible in 3D augmented reality at various information points throughout the exhibition. Just point the app at the black frame marker and a mini dinosaur will magically appear.


The frames also appear on the entry tickets to the exhibition so you can in effect take your very own dinosaur home with you.


Due to the tightly packed space I wouldn’t recommend taking a pram around the exhibition but you are welcome to pack it under the stairs in the main museum entry hall.

Another area of the exhibition outside of Hackett Hall is the Play-Laeontology Zone which is situated in the marque in the museum grounds. Exhibition tickets are needed for entry.

Here you’ll find a huge T-Rex and lots of hands on activities for kids. 

They can examine fossils under microscopes, play dinosaur games, dress up in dinosaur tails and play with huge dinosaur jigsaws.


There are also a couple of activities available for an additional fee. A dinosaur dig at $5 where kids get to dig for dinosaur fossils in a huge sandpit and create your own dinosaur mask for $2.50.


Entry fees to Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous are $20 adults, $12.50 Kids aged 3 – 15, $15 Concession. A family pass is available for $50 which entitles entry to 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children – a saving of  $7.50 - $15. Children under 3 are free.

If you don’t wish to splash the cash is it still possible to get up close and personal with a dinosaur for free.  In the museum grounds you’ll find an enormous Brachiosaurus which is a whopping 16 metres long!


The Museum entry has been transformed into a dinosaur-shopping mecca with heaps of dinosaur themed toys, books and games for sale.


Is your child dinosaur mad? Do you want to give them the birthday party of all birthday parties? Then check out the Dinosaur Discovery birthday package which includes:
- Use of private party marquee in the museum grounds
- Entry into the Dinosaur Discovery Exhibition.
- Food and beverages
- Birthday cake
- Gift for the birthday child
- Dinosaur mask craft activity
- A catering host.
- Napkins, tables, cloths, plates and plastic cups.
Prices start from $35 per head. Click here for more details. 


Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous is showing at the Museum of Western Australia until 3rd August. Tickets can be bought online or on the day at the museum entrance. See the website for more details. museum.wa.gov.au/museums/perth/dinosaur-discovery-perth

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View our Dinosaur Discovery YouTube Video here



Apr 13th

The Cottage Tea Rooms, Swan Valley

By Buggybuddys Jennie

The Cottage Tea Rooms & Simply Cottage Gallery is located in the beautiful Swan Valley.

The charming tea rooms are housed in a renovated 1950’s cottage and the shabby-chic furnishings add to the quaint appearance.


High Tea is served anytime of the week although it must be booked in advance at least 2 days prior. The cost is $30 weekdays and $35 on the weekend.  The High Tea menu features mini scones, mini hot savouries and a tiered platter assortment of mini sandwiches, mini cakes and chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate. It comes accompanied by leaf tea or plunger coffee if preferred.


There is a large garden out of the front of the tea rooms with plenty of seating.  Children will love seeking out the gnomes in the flower arrangements. 



There is also a small play frame but you will need to keep a very close eye on your children as it is positioned close to the busy road and there is no fencing around it.


We just popped in for coffee but couldn’t resist a slice of the home made lemon meringue pie which was delightful!


The simple, reasonably priced, menu lists a range of sandwiches , all priced at $7, savoury or sweet scones at $4.50 and cakes at $5. Gluten free scones and cakes are available.

The Cottage Tea Rooms are open 7 days a week Monday – Friday 10m to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm.

The Cottage Tea rooms & Simply cottage Gallery is located at 8560 West Swan Road, Corner Forest Road in Henley Brook. For more information visit their website http://www.cottagetearooms.com.au

Cottage Tea Rooms on Urbanspoon 

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Apr 13th

Cannington Leisureplex Aquatic Centre

By Buggybuddys Jennie

The Aquatic Centre at Cannington Leisureplex offers a wide range of activities and is great for kids of all ages.


The three lane indoor leisure pool is suitable for small children with its fountain centre piece and shallow depth.  Adjacent to the leisure pool is a 10 lane  25 metre lap pool with ramp access which is great for lap swimming and splashing around.


Outside you’ll find a zero-depth water playground, the ‘Splash Jungle’ which is perfect for little ones. 


There are tipping buckets.


A giraffe shower


Water cannons


Several low-level water fountains


A fountain archway


The only problem with the area is that it is not shaded so make sure you slap on the suncream.

Kids aged 6 and over will love the 50 metre thrill slide. The slide is only operational at certain times of the day. Currently during term time those times are Saturday and Sunday 11am – 1pm and 1.30pm to 3.30pm and Fridays 4pm – 6pm. It does run at additional times during school holidays.


Canning Leisureplex is located at the corner of Wharf and Sevenoaks Street, Cannington. It is open Monday – Friday 6am – 9pm and weekends and public holidays 8am – 7pm.

Entry fees are $5.40 adults, $3.90 children aged 3 to 15 and $3.90 for seniors.  See the website for more details www.canning.wa.gov.au/c/cannington-leisureplex-aquatic-centre

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Apr 12th

Chipmunks Playland and Cafe, Whitfords

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Chipmunks Playland and Café in Whitfords was voted ‘Best Play Centre in WA’ by our members in the 2013 Buggybuddys Awards and it’s not hard to see why it won.


Chipmunks Whitfords caters for children aged 0 – 11 years. For babies and crawlers there is a dedicated under 2’s area which is fenced and gated away from the main play areas. The area features soft play with a ball pit and plenty of toys.

For  the 2 – 5  age group there is a Pirate Ship play frame which features soft play, a double slide and ball pit.  You’ll also find several age appropriate toys such a cubby houses and play kitchens.


Older kids will not be disappointed by the huge play frame with its multiple slides. Will your child be brave enough to ride the big red slide which is 4 levels high?!


You’ll also find Chipmunks famous ‘Ball Blast’ where kids can shoot balls from cannons.


Although the area is recommended for ages 5 and over there is some play equipment situated within the area that younger children will love such as a huge light up keyboard.



Chipmunks wouldn’t be Chipmunks without the big Chipmunks inflatable slide! Kids of all ages love it!


The Café at Chipmunks Whitfords serves a wide range of food, including tasty salads, at reasonable prices. You’ll find menus on the tables – place your order at the counter and the food will be served to your table.


If you are planning your child’s next birthday then Chipmunks Whitfords have some great party rooms available. Birthday packages for up to 8 children range from $195 - $395. See their website for more details.


Entry prices to Chipmunks Whitfords (as of April 2014) are:
School Day Special
1 – 11 years $9.90

Weekends and School or Public Holidays
1 – 2 years $9.90
3 – 11 years $12.90
Children under 1 are free.


Chipmunks Whitfords now offer Outside School Hours and Vacation Care for children from kindy to year 7. See their website for more details. 

Chipmunks Whitfords is located at 
11/37 Endeavour Rd, Hillarys, WA 6025
Opening hours are: Monday - Friday 9.00am - 2.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 9.00am - 5.30pm.


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