Sep 1st

Cape to Cairo South African Shop & Coffee Shop, Woodvale

By Georgia

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.50.54 pm.png

Cape to Cairo opened in Woodvale earlier in 2014. Its sister shops are located in Osborne Park and Bunbury. The Cape to Cairo chain is a leading importer and retailer of all things South African, in Perth.

I’m South African born and have lived here in Perth for five years but there are some things from the country of my birth that I still crave. Be it biltong, drywors, boerewors, chutney, iced zoo biscuits, jellytots or flings, this fabulous shop has it all.


The Woodvale branch of Cape to Cairo has cleverly included a small but stylish coffee shop with funky wire chairs and beaded stools, and décor touches such as cactus plants in tin mugs and recycled cans on the tables.



A simple kids corner offers colouring-in books and pencil crayons at a small table with a few chairs for the kids to potter around.


Milk Tart served with coffee is top of my list for boosting my mood, so this has become my favourite local spot to treat myself. My little girl was given an iced zoo biscuit – a thoughtful touch!


The coffees are really good and served with warm and friendly South African hospitality. Beverages available include a range of coffees and teas such as Rooibos (caffeine free SA tea that has all sorts of health benefits), hot chocolate, baby chinos ($1 each), chai lattes and a divine Rooibos Espresso.


Other eats include savoury muffins, toasties, quiche, a small cake selection, and peppermint crisp tart (another SA favourite). SA Ceres Fruit Juices are available in delectable flavour combos such as cranberry & kiwi and Mango&Pear.

The menu is not extensive but there is a focus on South African favourites with changing daily specials, such as Durban Curry, Bobotie, Curry Toasties or Boerewors rolls (South African sausage in a bun). Yum is all I can say.


The atmosphere of the shop is very pleasant. The sleek shelving and enticing product displays reel you into exploring the aisles. It’s certainly not a boring supply shop!


They have captured the essence of South Africa with a wide range of imported craft and other nostalgic products that scream South Africa. Beaded baskets and animals, protea-decorated homeware, SA magazines and music DVDs and the obligatory Springbok rugby paraphernalia all put in an appearance.

There are Braai implements (for the SA bbq) and cast iron Potjies (cooking pots). Even the push-along “BP Bikes” that I grew up with are for sale. Traditional Zulu dolls in their beaded glory, and wire pull-along toys also capture the nostalgia of an African childhood. There are plenty of great gift ideas for any occasion.



Cape to Cairo stocks a wide range of foods to meet most expat cravings. The shelves heave with tempting confectionery, canned products, chips and more. In the fridges and freezers you will find more food such as samoosas, hake, boerewors and steaks, as well as fresh whole milk tarts and batches of koeksisters. A special section honours the Biltong tradition with several delicious flavours and cuts on display for self-service selection (don’t mess with a fussy biltong eater).


A visit to Cape to Cairo is the perfect way to satisfy any South African homesickness you may be feeling, and with the friendly service you will feel very welcomed whatever your Nationality. Be warned, it can get busy at certain times especially on Saturdays over rugby season!

Ask for the loyalty card to get a discount after several purchases.

Join the Cape to Cairo facebook page for updates on specials and events.

TIP: You may struggle to find the shop the first time you look for it, going by the address. It’s located near the Bike Shop and Domino’s Pizza, away from the main Woodvale Boulevard Shopping Centre. Believe me, it’s worth finding!

Street Address: 923 Whitfords Avenue, Woodvale


Opening times:

Mon – Wed: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thu: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sat: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Sep 1st

New Nature Playground at Mawson Park, Hillarys

By Georgia

The recent addition of a Nature Playground gives you another reason to visit the already fabulous Mawson Park in Hillarys. The nature playground is situated across the lake from the original manufactured playground and although smaller, offers just as much fun for the kids to enjoy. It’s particularly good if your child needs to practice thei balancing, and if they enjoy sand play.


The playground is sand based with some areas mulched, and consists of structures made mainly from local wood. The aim of nature-based playgrounds is to provide a rich play and learning environment for children to explore and engage in. The philosophy embraces the idea that children learn best through free play and discovery engaging with natural elements.


The playground does not have shade cloth but is surrounded by many trees that will provide natural shade in the hot summer, meaning that this wooden playground should be suitable to play on long after other plastic and metal ones become too hot.

The play area is suitable for Ages 2+ but be mindful that there is a lake in the middle of Mawson Park, and there is access to the water about 50m from the nature play area, which kids may be drawn towards out of curiosity. 


One sheltered picnic table is located right next to the play area, and there are two benches that also provide additional seating while supervising your kids. There is ample grass in the park itself with perfect pathways for scooters, and a few barbeque facilities scattered around – one of which is about 100m from the nature playground.


Note that there isn’t a fresh water fountain, and the park toilets are a fair walk away but doable if you are not busting!

The features of the nature playground are:

A basket swing


Textured Wooden Mushroom Heads


A low-lying lizard sculpture


Round flat logs at different levels to balance as you walk


Long Logs for more balancing


Another log structure for practicing balancing maneuvers


A shaky bridge made of wood and chains – tricky but fun to walk over!


Monkey branches to swing on with ropes to balance on underneath


Sand play and exploration equipment – stimulating imagination and creativity with sand. There are challenges such as scales, a conveyor belt that moves the sand along as you turn the wheel, scoops to pick up sand with, etc.




The sand in the playground is contained by low limestone walls and some rocks that also provide an opportunity to practice balancing!




Aug 29th

Variety Place Playground, Saw Avenue, Kings Park

By Alisha

Variety Place on Saw Avenue, King's Park is Now Open! Newly Renovated!

The long awaited park renovation is complete at King's Park on Saw Avenue.  The new park is named "Variety Place" and it is gorgeous!

 The natural design beautifully incorporates the bush, wood, rock and other pieces of nature.  The previous park at Saw Avenue also used natural materials, and was enjoyed by Perth patrons for three generations!

I love educating myself and the kids while we play!  Signs like these are scattered around the park.

Hagen happily balanced across a jarrah log.

The famous swing has had an upgrade, and it's a blast!

Climbing nets will keep kids busy and active!
The park has many opportunities for climbing, including several stairways cut from timber logs.

Lots of tunnels!

 Kids love tunnels!  And this play park is full of them!  They are cut right into the rocks... you can run over, under, and through them!

Hagen loved running through this metal textile maze!  

And then there was this cage... Oh, the endless opportunities this cage will inspire for imaginative play!

Hagen spent his time crossing, climbing, balancing, and running through tunnels! 

I was impressed with the wood carvings and the unique picnic tables.

Other facilities include:
Drinking fountains.
BBQs available.

Several picnic tables and shade trees for family gatherings.

Toilets available on site.
A beautiful Perth afternoon at King's Park

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Aug 28th

Animal Crackers

By Janelle

When my daughter Mairéad blew out the candles on her birthday cake this year, she conspiratorially whispered in my ear ‘Mum...I made two wishes this year! I wished for a unicorn and a puppy!’ That’s ironic, I thought, because you’ve got about as much chance of getting a puppy as you do of getting a unicorn.  Buckley’s and none.

My kids have never had pets with fur before.  We do have two goldfish (there were originally 6), Nemo and Goldie (Goldie is actually Goldie the 3rd, but don’t tell my kids that).  I thought we’d get 6 months out of the fish tops, and Nemo turns 4 this year. I actually looked it up on the internet after we got them, and some websites reckon that a happy goldfish could live up to 25 years!  These bloody fish might be in my house longer than my kids are! And it’s not even like we take really good care of them....don’t get me wrong, we feed them every day and get them a holiday fish food cube if we go away for a couple of days, but their water isn’t changed as often as it probably should be.  Put it this way, the other day Mairéad was thinking about what she could do a drawing of and grabbed her dark green crayon and said ‘I’m going to draw my fishies!’ ‘Why have you got the green crayon, then?’ I asked. ‘I’m going to draw their water first, Mum’ she said. But they seem very happy in their green water...and if they’re not, well, they’re goldfish.  If they’re unhappy they’ll forget all about it in 3 seconds, right?

So I thought we were done with pets.  Until my partner Phil told the kids that if they were ok with us getting rid of the trampoline in the backyard (it was an eyesore that no-one ever used), he would let the kids get 2 guinea pigs.  The deal was immediately struck and the trampoline was shipped off to someone from gumtree (I have no doubt where it has inevitably become an unused eyesore in their backyard).

So it’s been Project Pig at our place for the past few weeks. And Phil, despite being the planter of the guinea pig idea in the first, has left everything up to me.  I was the one that had to source the wooden cage.  I was the one that had to find the right pigs on the internet.  I had to go to City Farmers - a shop that I have never stepped into in my life - to get the guinea pig brushes and food and hay and wooden chew toys and vitamins. I had to look up hours of youtube videos on which sex to get, and how to clip their nails (eeyew - vommed in my mouth a bit when I learnt I had to do that, it’s bad enough clipping human nails), and what bedding to get and which foods give them the runs (most important) and on and on and on.

I found a local lady on gumtree who had guinea pig babies (and not trampolines) to sell.  We went there last Saturday and Mairéad chose her two babies.  Her smile could not have been wider.  We got two tricolor, long hair girl babies that are smaller than a Maccas hash brown (seriously) and Mairéad carried them proudly and tenderly home on her lap in a nappy box. After many name suggestions, Mairéad decided she wanted to call them Bubble and Squeak.  Poo and Wee was also suggested, but was quickly rejected (although I regularly call them something similar but much ruder in my head when I’m mucking out their cage).


But so far the girls love the guinea pigs.  Mairéad wakes up early so she can give them a cuddle and some food in the morning and races home to see them at night.  She talks about them incessantly, draws pictures of them, sits for hours looking and talking to them.  My toddler is also fascinated, but needs to be closely supervised with them, if they’re being held she’ll  crouch down and scream ‘Hello Bubba!’ in their faces, try to poke them in the eyes, waits to see if they squeak and when they do she laughs so loudly and maniacally that one of them usually craps in my hand (the guinea pigs, that is not the toddler...well, not this week, anyway).


So thus far, it looks like Bubble and Squeak are a hit, and there’s a chance they could be the most spoiled guinea pigs in Perth. They get fresh cauliflower leaves every day, and get their carrots cut into matchsticks, they’ve got special pellets (the expensive ones!), they get their snuggling blankets and bedding washed every day, they’ve even got a special little inside cage in the laundry in case they get cold at night. And they’ve certainly got the most adoring 5 year old mistress a South American rodent could ask for. And if worst comes to worst and the novelty does eventually wear off, I can take comfort in the fact that at least they won’t live as long as these bloody fish (5-7 years - I looked it up this time).

Janelle Koenig is an accomplished comedian, a mum of two little girls (aged 5 and 1 and no there won't be any more thanks for asking) and mediocre guitarist. She’s proud to consider herself a ‘real woman’ but keeps her skinny jeans ‘just in case’.    

Aug 27th

Top 50 Father's Day Ideas for Perth

By Buggybuddys

Top 50 Father’s Day Ideas for Perth by Georgia Millad

1.     Spoil your Dad this Father’s Day with a buffet breakfast or special Sunday lunch at The Old Brewery by the Swan River. Check out the lunch menu here. Bookings are essential: 08 9211 8910

2.     Celebrate Father’s Day at The Aviary in Perth City. Enjoy views over the city, and choose between a Feasting Menu at The Bird Cage Restaurant, or bar snacks at The Nest Rooftop Bar with live music from 2pm. Bookings are essential – call 9226 0259 or

3.     Salt on the Beach  in North Fremantle is offering a special Father's Day Breakfast Buffet. Adults $35, Kids $20 (5–12 years old), Kids under 5 free. Build sandcastles or have a long walk on the beach afterwards. Bookings are essential: 9430 6866


4.     The Red Herring Restaurant, East Fremantle, is open for lunch and dinner on Father's Day. Spoil Dad with a delicious three course set-menu meal for $78pp. The meal comes with a complimentary beer for Dad and a glass of wine for Mum!

5.     The Atrium Garden Restaurant, located at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, has a delicious buffet style meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner on Father's Day. Dads will receive a free glass of sparkling wine with breakfast, or a beer with lunch and dinner. The Esplanade Hotel also has a traditional High Tea available for Father's Day at just $35pp.

6.     Is your Dad car obsessed? Take him along to the Father’s Day Hot Rod Show 2014 at St Patrick’s Primary School in Fremantle. Vintage cars and others will be on display, and there will be food stalls, coffee and ice cream. The Show is from 10am–4pm and cost is Adults $5, families $10, children $2. Purchase tickets at the gate.

7.     The Bell Tower  at Barrack Square is offering FREE admission for all Dads on Father’s Day. Dad can check out the views from the Observation Deck, discover the amazing ancient bells, try his hand at chiming a bell, and even record a FREE video postcard to share with family and friends.

8.     Project Numbat Day is a family friendly event taking place on Father’s Day in Fremantle. Bring the kids along and help them learn about these precious animals. There will be loads of information, stickers and colouring-in sheets, plus they can meet Nurla the Project Numbat mascot and cockatoos! 

9.     Go shopping at The Park Centre, Noranda Shopping Centre or The Mezz and spend a minimum of $15 in any of their participating stores to be in with a chance to WIN a $1,000 gift card for your Dad. The winner at each centre will be drawn on 4th of September at 9pm. Wouldn’t that be an awesome surprise for the Dad in your life!

10.     Book for Father's Day lunch or dinner at the Hyde Park Hotel, North Perth, and Dad could win a Masters BBQ or a weekend's worth of beer. Every Dad gets a free gift too. There will be beer tastings with The Nail Brewery reps in the courtyard from 1pm. Bookings are essential and must be made before 1st September – 9328 6166.

11.      Enjoy some free family entertainment at Piazzarama Northbridge at the Northbridge Piazza. Bring a picnic and come dressed in your team colours for an afternoon of soccer, rugby, basketball and footy skills and mini golf. Get a free instant family portrait taken and the kids can make a frame or keyring to display it in. There will also be free face painting and balloons.

12.      The Indian Ocean Brewing Company, Mindarie Marina, has a special Father's Day buffet breakfast. This all-you-can-eat feast includes all the breakfast favorites and will cost $29 for adults, $15 for kids under 12, and kids under 2 eat free. Bookings are essential – 9400 1111.

13.      Take Dad for a special buffet lunch at Bistro 38 at the Joondalup Resort. Dads will receive a free schooner of beer. Enjoy the delicious chocolate fountain and two hours of free-flowing sparkling wine. Available from 12–2pm, the buffet lunch costs $60 for adults, $30 for kids 13–17 years and $15 for kids 5–12 years. Read the Buggybuddys review

14.      Enjoy the Spring Sunshine in the Perth Hills and visit Parkerville Tavern, a gorgeous old family pub and restaurant nestled in a wooded valley. Choose to sit indoors or outdoors where the playground with its resident Emus, goats and bandicoots will keep the kids amused. Read the Buggybuddys review.

15.     Visit Feast Café in Wembley for a yummy breakfast. The breakfast menu offers freshly baked muffins; cakes; Mexican Eggs with tomato, avocado and coriander salsa; and Eggs McKenzie with crispy prosciutto and homemade hollandaise sauce, to name just a few. Indulge in one of their delicious freshly squeezed juices. The fabulous indoor playroom will keep the kids entertained while you relax. 

16.     Relax at the gorgeous Canning River Café which is situated on the Canning River in Wilson. There is a great kids playground and river beach nearby, or you can take a nature trail walk around the regional park for a great family day out. 

17.     Enjoy great views of the Swan River while dining at the Deep Water Point Café on The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant. The kids can play in the fenced and shaded playground next to the alfresco dining area. Read the Buggybuddys review

18.     Bunnings Homebase in Subiaco is having a free family night on Wednesday 3rd September. This is a great opportunity to make a fun gift for the Dad in your life. Kids of all ages are welcome but booking is required – 9380 2600.

19.     Treat your Dad to a chocolate bouquet, wine or gourmet snack hamper. For convenience, order online. 

20.     Does the Dad in your life love silly humour and fun things to put up in his man-cave or behind his bar? Try the Manbase website for some fun gifts. 

21.      Why not purchase a Gift Card for BCF (Boating • Camping • Fishing) if your Dad loves outdoor activities. You can buy it online.

22.      The Australia Geographic Shop is a fabulous shop full of science gadgets, weather stations, telescopes, binoculars, puzzles, games and more. Shop online for some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

23.     Buy Dad some barbeque accessories to inspire and prepare him for the summer ahead! Try Barbecues Galore for some ideas.

24.      Give the Dad in your life an excuse to visit Bunnings (does he really need one?) – you can order personalised Gift Cards online without setting foot there yourself! 

25.     Choose a magazine that reflects your Dad’s hobby and buy him an annual subscription. Try Magshop or isubscribe.

26.      How about some military gadgets and hardcore outdoor supplies to make Dad feel like a soldier even if he isn’t one. Try Army Surplus or Wellington Surplus.

27.     For Free Kids Entertainment on Father’s Day, choose to dine at The Gate Bar & Bistro (Success) or Boab Tavern (Wycombe) or visit Mindarie Marina where Parties Kids Remember will be entertaining the kids. 

28.     Perth Zoo is offering FREE entry for all Dads this Father’s Day!
The Zoo also has a special event for the day –
The Elephant Close Encounter experience and Breakfast. Breakfast will be between 9am – 11am and the Elephant Tour will be at 2:30pm for 45 minutes. Cost: $95 (includes Dad’s breakfast). The rest of the family can order breakfast at the same time at normal rates. 

29.     Enjoy a visit to Rio Tinto Naturescape at Kings Park and have some old-fashioned dirty fun wading through creeks and building dams and cubby houses.

30.      Take a tour of the HMAS Submarine Ovens in Fremantle. Children need to be over 5 to participate in the tour. Cost: $10 Adults $3 Children.


31.      If your Dad is an aviation fan then pack a family picnic and spend the morning plane and helicopter spotting at Jandakot AirportOr take the family to view planes landing and taking off at Perth Airport Viewing Platform. Check online for the airport’s busy peak time.


32.      Dad can be a pirate for the day and take a guided tour of the Duyfken, a replica of the first European Ship to reach Australia. This fabulous ship is berthed behind Little Creatures in Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.
Cost: Adults $10, Kids $5 (5-15 years). Family pass $25.


33.     Challenge Dad to a game of Mini Golf! It’s great fun for the whole family. Check out the Top Ten Mini Golf Courses to play in Perth & surrounds.

34.      Take Dad along to visit the fascinating Perth Mint and feast your eyes on the world's biggest gold coin. Join a guided tour and see the Gold Exhibition – watch molten gold being poured and much more! Cost: Adults $25, Kids $8 and Under 4's Free. Open 9am-5pm. 

35.      Take a short ferry ride from Barrack Street to South Perth and stroll along the Foreshore. Then have a bite to eat at The Boatshed, which has a fenced kids playground.

36.     Visit Yanchep National Park for some Koala and Kangaroo spotting. You can pack a special Father’s Day picnic or enjoy lunch and indulge in some chocolate at The Chocolate Drops Tea Rooms. Cost: $12 per car.


37.     Visit the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle to explore WA’s fascinating history with the sea.  Cost: Adults $10, Kids $3.

38.     Enjoy a picnic at Bells Rapids in Brigadoon. The kids will love discovering the tree swings on the other side of the bridge!


39.      The Art Gallery of WA has free guided tours of their exhibitions every Sunday. Animal Ark showcases animals in art, and has a family activity room that keeps the kids occupied. Check out what else is on here

40.     Embrace the ambience of The Markets under the Pines, taking place on the picturesque grounds of Curtin University. Purchase local produce, sample delicious food and peruse the creative arts and crafts. Entry and parking is free, and there is lots of entertainment for the whole family, including an animal farm, pony and train rides.

41.      Take Dad to Scitech, the interactive science discovery centre that is lots of fun for the whole family. Explore the current special exhibition “Carnival of Science” or visit the stunning Horizon Planetarium to see shows throughout the day. Read Buggybuddys’ Top 10 Things to do at Scitech.

42.      A visit to the Aquarium (AQWA) is always fun for the family. Walk through the underwater tunnel and watch sharks and rays swim above you. Touch starfish and other creatures in the touchpools, and much more. Afterwards you can have lunch at one of the many eateries in Hillarys Boat Harbour. AQWA is open 10am–5pm. Cost: Adults $29, Kids $17, Under 4’s Free. 

43.     Enjoy a picnic at Kings Park with stunning views of the city and walk along the tree top walk. Or let the kids have a big play at the Lotterywest Family playground and grab a bite to eat at Stickybeaks Café.

44.      Head to Synergy Playground in Kings Park to climb the giant Croc or Dino. Have a yummy breakie at Zamia Café or make your own bbq breakie or lunch there. 

45.     Take your Dad for a fun session of ten pin bowling at AMF in Joondalup. Read more about it in the Buggybuddys review.


46.      Pay a visit to Mundaring Weir– walk the dam, visit the look out and then head to the Mundaring Weir Hotel afterwards for lunch. They have a playground for the kids and serve up a Lamb Spit at 3pm every Sunday.

47.      Caversham Wildlife Park is a fabulous place to get up close to Kangaroos and other Ozzie animals and birds. They have animal encounters and farm shows, so you can time your visit to include these. Caversham is within Whiteman Park so you can also tag on a visit to the village playgrounds or the Museums there, and have a ride on the Bennett Brook Railway. You can really make a full day out of it for Dad!

48.      Give Dad a challenge – take him to City Summit in Malaga for some indoor climbing. Suitable for all levels of experience, beginners will be welcomed and shown the ropes. Read the Buggybuddys review for more details.


49.     Landsdale Farm School  makes a fun and educational outing. See various farm animals in their environment, such as ponies, geese, goats, pigs and donkeys. The popular Haystack Café is on the farm and they serve a great breakie with fresh farm eggs, as well as also serving lunch.

50.      Visit a playground you have never been to before – from pirate ships to volcanos, race tracks and nature play, Perth has it all. Check out the huge Buggybuddys list for ideas north and south of the river.





Aug 27th

Kidsland Indoor Playcentre, Mount Lawley

By Buggybuddys

Kidsland was visited by Buggybuddys team member Georgia Vergano-Van Niekerk

Opening times:
Mon- Fri 9.30am to 3pm
Sat - Sun 10am to 4pm
Public holiday 10am to 2pm 

Entry fee:
Up to 6 months FREE
6 months to 2 years $5
2 years to 5 years $8
5 years and over $10

Sun- Sat and public holiday
Up to 5 years $10
5 years and over $11 

Kidsland's entrance is located on a main road. There is no parking as such, but off street parking can be found easily.

The main attractions of Kidsland are:
The big Rock Climbing castle - Challenging and fun as the kids can climb and then fall on the soft castle. 

A three level play structure with a big 'ball pool' at the bottom. 

A very small but fully enclosed toddler area (2 years and under) with a small 'ball pool' and inflatable castle with slide. 

For older kids there are Free Video Games. 

The main attraction of Kidsland has to be the highest and longest slides in WA.  My boys had an absolute blast on the slide. Minimun age for the slide is 4. 

On the upper level of the centre there are two party rooms, one of which is a Special Disco room. 

The whole playcentre can also be hired for private functions (BYO or food can be provided).

A selection of magazines and two highchairs are available. 

The centre does not offer a big selection of food but hot and cold drinks, icecreams, pies, rolls, sandwiches, burgers, nuggets and chips can be purchased at the Cafe. Prices are reasonable. 


Look out on their websites for offers. When visited they had 2 for 1 entry Monday to Friday. (Must print the offer and present at the reception). 

Kidsland is located at 340 Walcott Street, Mount Lawley. See their website for more details.

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Aug 25th

Nando's Jindalee

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
Nando's is a big favourite for our family dinners and lunches.  Our local Nando's Jindalee restaurant is a regular visit for us as Daddy sometimes works near here and we like to surprise him by turning up at his office and taking him out for lunch.

Inside the restuarant is airy and offers several seating options including bar stool chairs, sofa's and both large and small wooden tables.  Find your perch and peruse the million ways to have your chicken.  If you're not a big chicken fan then there are other options on the menu including vegetarian options.

Menu's are on the table and you order your food and drinks at the main serving counter.  You'll be given a huge chicken table number and you sit back and relax and wait for your meal.  You can help yourself to extra plates, cuttlery, serviettes, glasses and water for the table.  Nando's also provides a range of its own special sauces which you can take to your table.  The kids enjoy the whole end to end of experience of Nando's, afterall it's not all about the food when kids are involved.


Make sure to choose your basting sauce options which include "lemon and herb - very little spice but can be quite herby", Mild (my choice and I like hot stuff!!), HOT (the husband always goes for hot and it's hot!), VERY HOT - never been there and have no intentions to burn my mouth with hot chilli!!

I follow a Paleo low carb diet so I usually chose the Mild basting sauce and order half a chicken.  I love the flame grilled chicken at Nando's, although the breast can be a little dry but is totally hit and miss.

My salad to go with my chicken :-)

The kids meals aren't spicy and offer BBQ thigh pieces or chicken tenderloins with chips or corn and a fruit box drink for $9.95.

Kids Chicken Tenderloins with Chips.

The Daddy burger!! Chicken burger with ALL the trimmings and toppings you can fit on a bun :-)


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Aug 25th

Dome Cafe Port Coogee

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
The Dome Cafe at Port Coogee is an ideal choice for a family breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee & cafe or early dinner.

The Cafe is bright and airy and overlooks the harbour so you can spend your time watching the boats come and go on the water.  Seating choices include an air-conditioned indoor area and outside alfresco areas.  

The alfresco area has shaded umbreallas and is fully enclosed with glass panelled windows so a great location for families with toddlers.

The cafe has the usual Dome Cafe menu including my kids favourites the banana and maple syrup pancakes, milk shakes and smartie biscuits ;-)

There always a great choice of yummy cakes at Dome Cafe's to choose from.

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Aug 21st


By Janelle

There are 1009 photos on my iphone. There are literally hundreds of photos of our two girls.  Hundreds and hundreds.  And most of them, if I’m really and truly honest, are terrible.

It’s not that my kids aren’t cute. They are. I just never remember to take a photo of them at the beginning of the day, when they’re all neat and tidy.  Whenever I remember to take their photo, they’re inevitably covered in food, snot and or tears. Their clothes are usually in some kind of disarray, no matter how carefully I’ve co-ordinated them, and their hair usually looks like their heads have been dragged through a hedge. In a wind tunnel. Backwards.


My big girl is 5 and she’s a seasoned phone camera model.  She just despises having her picture taken.  She screws up her face, deliberately closes her eyes or simply turns her head away from the camera. The little one just simply can’t sit still unless she’s eating.  The minute the camera is out she attempts to grab it continuously, inevitably resulting in most photos of her mainly featuring her chubby (usually grubby) hands and roughly a quarter of her unfocused face.


And while there are hundreds of photos of the pair of them together, I don’t think there’s a single one of them worth printing.  I haven’t got one with the each of them smiling, or clean, or non-disheveled (actually I do have one, but unfortunately it was taken the morning after a big dinner party and in the background there are boxes and boxes of empty booze bottles and I don’t know how to photoshop them out, so that’s not really a photo I want to be using as my Facebook profile image). 

When I do go on Facebook I get annoyed at other people’s pictures of their perfectly photogenic children.  Their perfect cherubs with non-fly away hair (without any visible traces of hard-dried Weetbix), in spotless, un-mussed clothes that look like they’ve come straight out of one of those actual children’s-clothes-only shops, not a K-mart or a know, one of those shops where socks are $73.95, and you only have any of their items in your kids’ wardrobes if they’ve been received as a gift? And these kids are perfectly still, and posing, and smiling, and eating chocolate ice-cream without dripping any.  Often playing in autumn leaves...with dogs....and bunting. Those photos do my head in.

There aren’t any photos of my kids that look like that.  There are photos of my kids after they’ve found my long-stay lipstick (red, of course) and painted themselves and the walls with them.  There are photos of my kids covered in seafood soup and Cornettos (different day, same kid). There are photos of my kids wearing bras and rubbish bins on their heads as hats.  Because that’s what happens in our lives.  And that’s what I want to remember.

And while these pictures may not be the stuff that Anne Geddes may want to make calendars with, or the images that will make the cover of our family Christmas cards, that doesn’t mean they aren’t some of my favourites.  

My kids are grubby, hilarious, cranky little buggers. I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

And just THINK about how much fodder I’m going to have at their twenty-firsts.

Janelle Koenig is an accomplished comedian, a mum of two little girls (aged 5 and 1 and no there won't be any more thanks for asking) and mediocre guitarist. She’s proud to consider herself a ‘real woman’ but keeps her skinny jeans ‘just in case’.   


Aug 21st

Kinderdental Paediatric Dentist, Claremont

By Alisha

Visiting Kinderdental: A Paediatric Dental Specialist in Perth

Today Hagen had an appointment at the newly opened Paediatric Dental practice,Kinderdental, located in Claremont.  Dr. Justin Wong specialises in Paediatric Dentistry, which means he is like a paediatrician for kid's teeth.  In addition to his 5 year general dental degree, Dr. Justin has completed 3 years of post-graduate specialist training focused solely on the treatment of children.

Kinderdental specializes in paediatric patients from 0-18, as well as special needs children and adults, and no referral is necessary. 

Hagen had been to the dentist once before about a year ago, and let's just say it didn't go too well.  He was resistant, and would not open his mouth.  The dentist was kind enough, but I quickly realized that working with children was not her specialty.  Hagen requires coaxing for anything new.  Getting a haircut puts him over the edge... and for whatever reason, so does going to the dentist.

The days leading up to the appointment at Kinderdental, I didn't mention the word "dentist" or "teeth" or anything of the sort. I simply told him we were going to Kinderdental to see Dr. Justin's fish tank.  I think it really helped to focus on something fun and interesting, and it took the anxiety out of the situation for Hagen.

A day before the appointment, the Kinderdental office called to remind us of our appointment time, which is always a good thing when you have three kid's busy schedules to keep track of.

The office was easy to find, and there was ample parking in the front and the rear of the building, where you will find the entrance. 
When we arrived at the office, Hagen walked happily through the automatic glass sliding doors.  The reception area was inviting, and Hagen was instantly drawn to the fish tank.

I filled out the patient information sheet while Hagen comfortably played with the toys and watched a show on the large flat screen television.  I was so relieved that he didn't seem anxious, and he was actually excited to see what was going to happen next.

Dr. Justin Wong greeted us, and we walked through another sliding glass door to the examination rooms. Hagen warmed up to the dental nurse, Chloe, right away when she handed him a dental mirror all of his own. The dentist asked Hagen to count his own teeth with the mirror while he asked me some basic questions.

Hagen was quite reluctant at first, but it didn't take too much coaxing to get him into the dental chair once he saw the television screen up on the ceiling.

Dr. Justin was extremely flexible, and never forced Hagen to do anything.  It was very clear to me that he wanted this to be a positive experience.  
Hagen was most comfortable lying on my lap in the chair, so that's what we did. Dr. Justin asked Hagen to open wide like a crocodile and he used "sunshine" to look into Hagen's mouth.  The dentist and nurse really worked as a team to make Hagen feel comfortable, and to make the examination not only possible, but pleasant as well. 

Hagen was the commander of the dental chair and got to move it up and down by pressing the buttons. He was most amused!  He was also thrilled with the toy skateboard he was awarded for allowing the dentist to count his teeth and take a look in his mouth.
It is apparent that quality of care is very important at Kinderdental,  After Hagen's examination, Dr. Justin showed me around his office.  It was not only aesthetically appealing, but it was state of the art as far as technology and design.  I was especially impressed by the processes used to ensure clean instruments, proper air flow, and filtered water.  Not something I thought a lot about before, but so very important in a dental office.

Upon leaving the appointment, I asked Hagen if he'd like to visit Kinderdental again sometime so we could get some pictures of his teeth.  "Yes please!" was his answer.  I'd say we hit the jackpot, and the dentist visit was a huge success.  I highly recommend Dr. Justin Wong and his staff.  I'll be making appointments for my other two children in the very near future!
Kinderdental is located at 263 Stirling Hwy,
Claremont, WA  6010

Call to book an appointment: 08 9384 8800

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