Nov 1st

Myer Giftorium

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Myer has Christmas all wrapped up this year! Launching officially on 8th November, Giftorium is a magical gift wonderland where you’ll find the perfect present for every member of your family be it ‘Glamorous Gran’, ‘Trendy Young Thing’ or ‘Techno Freak’ – the latter definitely describes my husband!  The family pet is not forgotten too!


Giftorium also offers a range of services to make your Christmas shopping easier. Book an appointment with a ‘Giftician’ and you’ll be allocated your own personal shopper who will assist you in selecting your perfect gifts. You can book your Giftican online here


After you have shopped till you dropped you can make use of the complimentary ‘All Wrapped Up’ service which allows you to select your gifts and have them wrapped and delivered to your home free of charge. (Terms and conditions apply).


Giftorium launches at the Forrest Place store at 11.30am on Saturday 8th November. X-Factor Australia finalist Reigan Derry will perform and do a meet and greet instore. You’ll also find roving Treat Street Assistants who will be offering you tasty Christmas themed snacks to enjoy as you shop.


Every Saturday until Christmas Giftorium will be hosting a range of free family friendly activities including face painting, balloon art, musical performances, Christmas tree and table dressing demonstrations, appearances from children’s characters, beauty workshops and children’s Christmas storytime.

Santaland will also be returning to the Perth City Myer store and this year you will be able to book a time online to visit Santa so no waiting around in long queues! Bookings are available from 15th November. Walk-ins are still welcome although you will have to queue.  Santaland photography starts from $26.50. Make your booking here


Giftorium will also be coming to the brand new Myer store at Lakeside Joondalup when it opens at the end of November.

For more information and to view the Giftorium range online visit

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Nov 1st

The Buttery Cafe and Homewares Joondalup

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
The Buttery Cafe and Homewares in Joondalup is a quaint cafe renowned for it's good wholesome breakfasts, lunches and cakes as well as some beautiful unique homewares.


Seating options include a large alfresco area with umbrella shades as well as plenty of indoor options overlooking the leafy Shenton Avenue stretch in Joondalup.  


Inside the cafe is an array of trinkets and giftwares to browse around including a few kids Jelly Cat toys which are a firm favourite in our household.


Choose from a variety of breakfast, brunch and lunch usuals including Bushman's breakfast, Salmon Benedict, Vegetarian Vegetable Stack, Bagels, Bruchetta and Burrito's. There's also a daily specials board.

Every cafe has yummy desserts on offer but this one stood out for me as I asked for a recommendation for Mr 6 and was told the "Lolly Cake" had been made with lots of different types and flavours of lolly's inside.  


Mr 6 took the recommendation and ordered an organic blackcurrant water juice to go with.  The juice was divine!!

The famous Lolly cake!  I told the lady at the cafe (assumed it was the owner) that my daughter was called Lollie and we were on our way to pick her up from Kindy but spending some one on one time with my son.  So sweet of her she came out with a piece of the Lolly cake in a takeaway bag for me to give to my daughter :-) 


 It's the special little touches like this that make local cafe's unique and keep you coming back for more.

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Oct 31st

The Disorganised Housewife

By Janelle

I’m the sort of person that watches gourmet French cookery programs while eating 2-minute noodles. I’m the sort of person that pours over fashion magazines while wearing tracksuit pants and a t-shirt (usually with a stain down the front from 2-minute noodles). And I am the sort of person that spends hours and hours looking at home organisation and beautification websites while my own house looks like it’s been ransacked by a drove of wild boar. 

Last week, I was standing in the chemist’s, both kids in tow after an emergency visit to the doctor with my 5 year old who had spent the weekend mostly on my lap with the virus half her class seemed to have been struck down with.  I’d left the house with dishes from the night before and breakfast still sitting in the sink.  The bin needed emptying.  The beds were unmade. Various colouring/glueing/stickering debris was all over the lounge.  The laundry was on the dining table.  You know, just an average day. And then I got a call that struck a lightning bolt of fear through my heart.  It was from a woman who was writing a piece on me for the paper....that I had completely forgotten about. Eek! The voicemail message she left was this, ‘Hi Janelle, just letting you know that I’m running late - I should be at your place in about 40 minutes.’  Holy. Effing. Crap.

I threw the kids in the car and hooned back to my house.  I plonked the toddler in her bed (even though it was hours before nap time) and hoped for the best.  I thrust some Spray’n’Wipe and a cloth into the 5 year old’s hands and told her to get scrubbing. I dumped some bleach in the loo. I did a speed dishwasher empty and load (and I’ll admit I even briefly considered throwing all the dirty dishes into the oven to save time. I didn’t, but I thought about it), I shoved the clean clothes back in the dirty laundry basket. I got a bin bag and swept every piece of random flotsam and jetsam  (hair ties, costumes, dummies, newspapers, books, at least 7 drink bottles) and chucked it in another room and shut the door - a personal trick of mine my partner not so fondly refers to as my ‘hidying up’. I zipped the hand-held Dyson over the floor and spot mopped. I had just enough time to close the doors to the bedrooms, change my top and slap on some lipgloss.  And when the interviewer arrived she didn’t even ask why I was sweating and or why my cheeks were so flushed.

I wish I was a bedmaker. I fantasize about knowing where my wallet is every time I look for it.  I dream of being a person that can’t go to bed without the dishwasher being loaded. I long for a Sunday night when I don’t think ‘OH SHIT THE UNIFORMS!’  But that’s not me.  Our place is a messy, rough-around-the-edges home filled with kids and adults and  guinea pigs and craft and far too many drink bottles.  And I’m ok with that.  Because sometimes it feels like cleaning a house that has kids living in it makes about as much sense as brushing your teeth while eating a Mars Bar.

And besides - no-one outside our family ever needs to know what our place really looks like.  As long as I get a minimum of 40 minutes notice before you come over.

Janelle Koenig is an accomplished comedian, a mum of two little girls (aged 5 and 1 and no there won't be any more thanks for asking) and mediocre guitarist. She’s proud to consider herself a ‘real woman’ but keeps her skinny jeans ‘just in case’.     


Oct 30th

Angove Street Collective, North Perth

By Buggybuddys

Reviewed by Estabelle Ang

Went to the Angove Street festival last sunday and finally managed to check out Angove Street collective that I’ve been meaning to go for ages. If you love the Perth Upmarkets thats held once every quarter at UWA, you’ll love Angove St collective. “By combining the resources of all our small retailers, Angove Street Collective gives you everything from coffee tables to cards to cushions”. A great place if you’re searching for unique gifts for everyone.


Flowers by Debra Hayes
Flowers by Debra Hayes

IMG_4916_Fotor_Collage more

They have furniture, cushions, homewares…

IMG_4916_Fotor_Collage shop

Clothes for little ones and the not so little ones. Check out the dresses! How pretty are they! Handmade jewellery are my favourite. So many to choose from.

IMG_4916_Fotor_Collage girls

Caleb even managed to spot his favourite Ra-Ra t-shirt.

IMG_4916_Fotor_Collage purchase

Next best thing there is the adjoining coffee shop. The combined shop and cafe concept is the best union ever! Tobys estate coffee is served here, along with juices, muffins, cakes, pies, sausage rolls and wraps. Perfect for morning/afternoon tea or even lunch. Order at the counter and they’ve got a huge window/door to collect your orders from. Take them inside or if the weather is good, like the day we were there, sit outside. Grass area for the little ones to play, benches along the sides and they even have seats under the umbrella if you want to be outside and yet still remain shaded. Such a relaxed atmosphere. There is a little ramp that kept Caleb entertained for ages. He was running up and down and very soon 3 other kids were all doing the same and they were all having such a good time. Oh and dogs are allowed in there too. 

IMG_4916_Fotor_Collage drinks

IMG_4916_Fotor_Collage cafe

beautiful outdoor space

Shops and cafes like these definitely makes shopping with kids in tow a whole lot more bearable (and enjoyable). Thank you Angove St Collective.

Angove Street Collective
31 Angove Street, North Perth
Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: 9am- 4pm
Highchair: No
Change facility: No

Angove Street Collective on Urbanspoon

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Oct 30th

Santa Letters And Other Christmas Magic Ideas

By Georgia

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Are you starting to build some Christmas cheer at your house … and perhaps using the useful threat of Santa not delivering gifts to naughty kids?

Here are some options for keeping the Santa magic alive this year!



Letters from Santa
Santa's Little Elves is an online service that creates fun authentic letters from Santa. Letters are personalised for your child and boast Santa's authentic North Pole Postmark. They arrive in a big red envelope, which is exciting to receive!

The letters are designed to help children learn about, and experience, the joy of giving and helping others. Santa explains how busy he is preparing for Christmas and invites each child to help him by becoming one of Santa's Little Elves. As one of Santa's Little Elves, children 'help out' by participating in an activity that helps others. For example, they could donate an old toy to charity, or they could volunteer, or sponsor a child through a charity. You are asked to choose which Spirit of Christmas deed you would like included in your Santa letter. For more ideas to help you click here. You child will also receive a Christmas decoration to hang on your Christmas tree after completing their 'helping' activity. An “I'm one of Santa's Little Elves" sticker comes with each letter from Santa too.

Price: $12.50, including postage.
50c from each letter ordered is donated to Cystic Fibrosis QLD. Final orders taken Sunday 7th December 2014. Letters will be posted Wednesday December 10th 2014.

Santa’s Certificates
Another great idea on the Santa’s Little Elves site is personalised
Nice List certificates to reward your child for good behaviour throughout the year!

Nice List Certificates are personalised and officially place your child on Santa's Nice List for 2014.  In each certificate you can add your own customised sentence to highlight a specific behaviour, achievement or good deed that you would like to acknowledge. 

The laminated certificates are signed by Santa and Rudolph and stamped with an official Santa seal. A special ‘”I made Santa’s Nice List” sticker is included too.

Price: $12.50. including postage.
50c from each letter ordered is donated to Make-A-Wish Australia. Final orders taken Sunday 7th December 2014. Letters will be posted Wednesday December 10th 2014.



Young believers love writing letters to Santa, but it’s even better when Santa writes one in return.

Santa receives thousands of letters from children all over Australia with all sorts of Christmas requests, and Australia Post works closely with Santa and his elves to make sure you receive a reply to your letter.

There are three ways you can write your letter to Santa.

1.  You can use this fun online interactive letter and then print it out to post.  
     There are instructions and a sample letter to help you.

2.  Write your letter on one of the decorative letter writing templates provided
      on the site
, which can be printed out.

3.  Use your favourite pencil or pen and notepaper and just start writing.

      Address your letter to:

      NORTH POLE 9999

Attach a 70c stamp, and remember to write your name and address on the back of the envelope, so Santa knows where to send his reply! Post the old fashioned way in a post box


This awesome website allows you to personalise a free video message to your kid, from the real Santa Claus! This charming video complete with elves and Christmas magic, will be emailed to you for viewing. You can then purchase it to keep forever, or simply view via the email link as many times as you like before Christmas.

It’s a treat seeing your child’s face light up when Santa talks directly to them using their name!



The online company Stuck On You sells personalised letters from Santa. You can choose from three Letters designs and add your child’s details and gift idea.

Each A4 Santa Letter design comes in a matching envelope with sticker seal to convince the child it comes directly from the North Pole when it arrives in your postbox.

Current special offer at time of writing: $4.95

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.00.53 pm.png


This is a popular spot in the days leading up to Christmas, and makes for a fun outing to the City (only the Myer in Forrest Place, Perth City, has a Santaland). Be prepared to wait in a queue to visit Santa. It is free to visit him and have your photo taken (which you can choose to purchase or not). Elves guide you to Santa’s room (more than 1 Santa is busy accepting visitors so it’s important that no child sees this!). Inside Santa’s room you will find Rudolph asleep by the fire, his chest rising and falling (which is quite magical for the kids), and Santa waiting for you on his big chair.

The miniature railway is also free and operates alongside the Santa Visits. You don’t need to be visiting Santa to go on the train. So you can do one or the other, or both. The fun train seats about 10 kids in individual carriages and goes around the circuit a couple of times, driven by cheerful elves. Photos will also be taken and are available for purchase should you wish to.

Last year when we went, there were colouring in activities and you could write and post a letter to Santa. There was also a small tv screening a movie to watch while you wait for the train ride.


Oct 30th

The Bindoon Bakehaus, Bindoon

By Buggybuddys

Reviewed by Megan Mileham

I have been hearing about this lovely establishment from my father for years.  He drives past on his way to work and never fails to drop in for one of their delectable Five Senses Coffees.  But to be honest, I hadn't gotten around to it and had forgotten all about until my husband came home last week claiming to have eaten the 'most spectacular carrot cake ever'.  Now that got me motivated - and I'm so glad we went! 

The building itself is the first commercial development in Bindoon for 40  years and was nominated for an award for its beautiful construction.  It is very light - soaring wooden beams and panels roofing the inside, vaulted, modern patio outside with bare brickwork and warm wood throughout.  Artwork is hung on the walls and a small gift section is set up by the main counter.  The counter itself is filled with illicit treats like the Salted Caramel Tartlets, Lamingtons, Custard Tarts and the much lauded Carrot Cake.  They also have a range of savoury pies and pastries to eat there or take away, gorgeous fresh baked bread loaves and a great menu. 


The staff are bright and welcoming.  They took the time to answer my 4YO's innumerable questions and all with a smile and a laugh.  We ordered some Carrot Cake, coffee (of course), two babycino's and some gingerbread.  These were all delivered to our table outside where we were seated by a family who had brought along their schnauzer - apparently puppies are welcome on the patio too!


Back inside the building you can find the 'Kiddie's Bakehaus' where the staff lay out silky dough (fresh daily) and cooking utensils on a long bench set up as a mock kitchen with a cupboard style toy oven at one end.  My boys, (who I should point out have attention spans equal to gnats), played for nearly an hour creating meals, shaping dough, cutting out "cookies" and generally having a blast.   Dad and I ordered another coffee and settled in to enjoy ourselves.

If your kids want a little more activity there is a lovely playground just up the road - but not close enough that you could sit a the Bakehaus and watch the kidlets.  Also, keep an eye out for roadside farmers stalls - we picked up a heap of beautiful local produce on our way home.  All in all the Bindoon Bakehaus far exceeded my expectations - and we will be heading back again soon.  Do try the carrot cake if when you pop out there - it really is most spectacular!

Bindoon Bakehaus & cafe on Urbanspoon

Megan Mileham blogs at FIFOmamaFIFOMama is a thirty something mother of two. With a passion for motherhood and a constant need for caffine, FIFOMama’s blog should regale you with many a tale of parenting, housewifery and joy.

Oct 30th

Gusto Gelato, Leederville

By Buggybuddys
Reviewed by Estabelle Ang.

Melbourne and Sydney gets Messina Gelato. Meh! Get ready Perth, we have.. GUSTO GELATO! Equally smooth. Equally good. They opened just under a week ago and we’ve already been there twice. Located along Newcastle Street, just next door to Jus Burgers, the perfect place to stop by after a meal in Leederville. Owner Sean Lee actually graduated from Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna and now runs Gusto Gelato in Perth.

They were giving out free scoops on their opening day and who can ever say no to free ice cream. We got there about 7.30pm and most of the flavours have already run out. They were still churning fresh gelato like crazy when arrived, testament of the quality and freshness of their gelato. We managed to try vanilla, mascapone with cocoa and zabaione. They were all AMAZING!

Gusto gelato
Gusto Gelato

IMG_4972_Fotor_Collage scoop

smooth smooth gelato
smooth smooth gelato
how can one ever decide
how can one ever decide?

Plenty of seats inside and outside, but my favourite ones are along the back where you can sit and watch all the happenings in the kitchen. The freshest ingredients blended, roasted, mixed, whisked, gelato churned, watch it come out of the machine, placed in the blast chiller and straight into the freezer ready to be scooped. Was told that their strawberry gelato contains no less then 40% fresh strawberries! All natural ingredients and its as fresh as fresh can be. Dairy free options are available too.

coolest chairs ever
coolest chairs ever
made right before your very eyes
made right before your very eyes

We even got to sample the caramelised white chocolate when it first came out of the churning machine (I’m sure theres a proper name for this). HEAVENLY! Here’s Sean scooping the freshly churned caramelised white chocolate gelato.

can't get any fresher then this
can’t get any fresher then this


back for more the next day
back for more the next day

So many more flavours I have yet to try and no doubt I’ll be going back there as soon as possible. Oh and they’re so so close to the newly opened Oxford Street Reserve Playground :) Gelato playdate anybody? 

Gusto Gelato
741 Newcastle Street, Leederville
Mon-Sun: 11am till late
Highchair: No
Change facility: No

Gusto Gelato on Urbanspoon

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Oct 30th

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Hillary's

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
You can't possibly walk past a sign like this and not want to try one of the 3,000 combinations of ice cream :-)  The Cold Rock ice creamery at Hillary's Harbour Sorrento Quay is one of a few ice cream parlours to choose from.  

Fudge, Skittles, Tingles, Bounty, Maltesers, Flakes, Freckles and many more toppings to choose from!


Lots of different flavour combinations including Bubblegum (the blue Smurf coloured one).


Cold Rock also offer warm additions for your ice cream combination such as warmed chocolate brownie or banana cake.

After choosing your topping and flavour combinations, next choose your chariot of choice...various sized cones and tubs including a family sized one to take home.

We chose the Bubblegum flavoured ice cream with Cadbury's chocolate flake mashed into it!  With so many combinations, flavours and textures to choose from it's difficult to know which is the best, but this one was a winner with the kids.  

Service was excellent, quick and served with a big smile.

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Oct 28th

Moments Cafe Joondalup

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
Moments Cafe is a quirky cafe located just around the corner from the Joondalup Library.

The cafe feels very open and airy with a few alfresco tables and several seating arrangements inside.


During our visit they had a spooky halloween theme around the cafe.  I quite enjoyed looking at all the different artifacts on the walls and around the cafe.  There seems to be a moustache theme running throughout the cafe including a frame of all the different types of moustaches for example!


There's a small bookshelf full of kids toys which you can take to your table to play with whilst you enjoy your meal and drink.  Miss 4 was keen to challenge me to a game of Connect 4 :-)


The menu ranges from all day breakfast options, toasties, pancakes to main lunch options such as burgers and toasties.  The kids menu is cheap and offers a good variety including beans on toast, pancakes, chicken strips & chips and fruit salad. You can also choose from the freshly made baked goods, muffins, some rather awesome looking cakes and slices.

Being a tea drinker I was glad to see a good variety of teas to choose from and only $3.80 for a pot which I thought was great value and nicely presented on a tray in a colourful china tea pot.

Miss 4 ordered a Blueberry Muffin which came served with a raspberry jus swirl around the plate, which she LOVED!  

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Oct 27th

Yelo Cafe Trigg

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine
Yelo Cafe is an ideal place to go with your mother's group or family.  Hidden in the corner away from the hum drum of the local visitors is a small play area, perfect for a breakfast/lunch/brunch or a quick coffee catch up with friends.

During the week Yelo is a meeting place for active mums looking for a coffee and chat with friends after getting their weekly fresh air walk along the beautiful coastal pathway just outside the cafe.

We visited early Saturday morning after a rather long ride along the coast and whilst it was very busy we were served super quick and managed to find a seat overlooking the beach.

The play area is small with an Ikea table, chairs, colouring-in, books and an array of wooden and plastic toys to choose from.  There's also a colourful sofa to chill out on in this area. There are also a few high chairs in this area.


Other seating options include bar stools inside overlooking the ocean, an outside balcony area and the "dog friendly" outside area complete with water bowls for your fury friends.


There's only one toilet which is huge and comes with a baby changing frame.  

Another great bonus to this place is the food and coffee - which are both great!  Freshly baked healthy goodies from the Adhis homestyle bakery are on offer from the main serving area.  Breakfast and brunch options includes: oganic loaves, pastries, croissants, bircher museli yoghurts, bacon and eggs wraps, banana bread.  Lunch options include; toasted paninis, bagels and wraps and plenty of gluten free options such as frittata and salads.  There's also LOTS of yummy desserts such as gluten free chocolate cake, berry brownies and carrot cake galore!



Yelo Cafe also sells Haviana's and baby clothes and trinkets!  I love cafe's like this not only can you grab a coffee and food but also peruse beautiful clothes for your bub.


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