Jul 1st

Splat! Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

By Buggybuddys

Review by Stephanie Rae

Splat! is sure to get theatre goers of all ages belly chuckling these school holidays. A lovely uncomplicated piece that offers so much in a the very short space of 50 minutes. 

I took my four year old along to Spare Parts Puppet theatre for the first time in a long time and she was completely mesmorised from the beginning to the end. Full of high energy and an ingenuous use of props that held the attention of even the youngest patrons.  

Expect to see a lot of action filled fun with the three characters RED, YELLOW and BLUE maneuvering themselves around the stage with acrobatic humour and stealth. 

If toddlers were given control of a circus, Splat! would be the outcome. A fascinating and at times hilarious look into friendships, group dynamics and human nature. It also highlights the importance of play and creativity in our lives and especially in child development. The performers are hypnotic to watch with a lot of slapstick humour and infectious expressions which seem to mirror their captive audience. 

Splat! is a non verbal piece for which my daughter loudly made up for half way through, demanding to know where the puppets were. Fear not...they come, eventually. Children will be delighted by the outer space scene with a paper rocket in the paper universe where friendly paper aliens are welcoming and playful.

Splat! is a perfect introduction for the youngest theatre enthusiasts and was lovely to take my daughter to reinvigorate her love of live performances. 

Dates: July 2nd - July 16th 2016
Performances Monday – Saturday at 10am & 1pm
Evening performances 6:30pm July 6 & 15
Excludes Sundays and Public Holidays

Costs: Individual $25.00ea
Group of 4 or more: $24.00ea
Group of 10 or more: $23.00ea
$3.95 fee applies to all bookings

Suitable for all ages, but perfect for ages 3-10yrs

CLICK HERE to buy tickets. 

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Jun 30th

Winter Festival, Fremantle

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Snow is falling once again at this years Winter Festival in Fremantle!


Fremantle Esplanade Park has been transformed into a magical festival dedicated to the delights and traditions of a white winter wonderland from 24th June - 17th July.

Winter Festival is free to enter but tickets must be purchased for ice skating and other add on activities.

The main attraction at Winter Festival is Australia’s largest outdoor ice rink which measures 600 square metres. Tickets must be purchased for the rink and it is strongly advised that you purchase them in advance as sessions do sell out. 


Tickets are $28 for adults and $19 for children aged 5 – 15 years. Children under 5 are $11. A family pass is $60. Tickets can either be printed out or displayed on your smart phone/ipad. Cloakroom facilities are available during your skating session for an additional fee of $3.

Skate hire is included in the ticket price. Ice Skating boots start at a child’s size 13. For children with smaller feet double runners are available that attach over your child’s shoe so you must make sure they are wearing enclosed shoes.

I found that the double runners were a fabulous option for Miss 4 as they gave her the confidence to work her way around the ice without any problem. There was not one tumble!


Penguin Skating aids are also available for children who are not very steady on the ice. Penguins are available to book onsite pending availability and cost $11 to hire. Also available is a helmet and pad package for extra safety on the ice. Again you can hire onsite for $15. 


At the start and end of each ice skating session snow falls on the ice rink much to the delight of every child on the ice!


New to this year is the Toboggan Terror which I am sure will be hugely popular with both kids and adults! The slide is available for all ages, under 5's must be accompanied by an adult. Cost is $10 for 5 rides. 

Others activities on offer include:
The Inflatable Slide
For a fee of $5 kids may be brave enough to jump, slip and slide on the big inflatable Winter Festival Slide. Children must be aged 4+ years to slide. Sessions take place every 10 minutes. 


Tude Dudes
Grab your buddies and jump inside our giant inflatable tubes, then crawl, tumble and wriggle your way to the finish line! 

There is no shortage of food options at The Winter Festival. Alongside Winter Festival's very own winter cabin and bar – The Winter National, you’ll also find a mix of tasty offerings from WA Spit Roast, Pasta Cup, The Wooden Box Cart, What the Flip and the Bratwurst Bar. 


Order your food, grab yourself a picnic table and enjoy watching all the action on the rink!

Head down to Winter Festival this July and enjoy some festive family fun! For more information visit winterfestival.com.au

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Jun 29th

Kids Wonderland Review, 2nd - 10th July

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Kids Wonderland's big top has returned to Stirling for the July school holidays and this time it’s bigger and better than ever before! 

Kids Wonderland brings to you the greatest kids rides, the best child live shows, unique & creative youth activities, fun educational exhibits & your favourite roving performers. The event runs from 2nd - 10th July with 3 sessions a day - 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 4pm and 4.45pm - 7.45pm.  Tickets are $27.50 for kids and $15 for adults.


So if you have grabbed yourself some tickets here is what to expect.

Kids Wonderland is all located under a huge big top right next to Stirling train station. If you are planning on getting the train it is just a short 300 metre walk to the venue. If you are driving then event parking is available next to the big top for $5 with proceeds going to Uni Camp for Kids Charity. 

Entry into the venue well managed and speedy, you shouldn’t have to queue outside for long. There are 6 lanes of manned ticket scanning machines, once your ticket scans green you are good to go! Please print your tickets out to avoid any delay.  Any problems with your ticket and will be directed to the information desk where they help in sorting any issues out. 

The big top is the same size as last year  which means there is plenty of space for everyone – including prams! 

Rides include:

Our very own Buggybuddys Lolli Swing


The Ferris Wheel

The Runaway Train




Fiesta Balloon


Cup and Saucer


Merry Go Round


Taxi cars


Cowboy Capers Inflatable


Lost Temple Inflatable


Camelot Castle


For the older kids:

 You’re going to have a hard time tearing them away from Game Vault.


Shoot’em up with the Laser Corps.

Have fun on the Bumper Car Raceway


Hang out in the Sunday Time ChillOut! Arcade where all the arcade games are free.



Toddlers are catered with their very own soft play area.


Once again there are heaps of NEW exhibits this year. 

You'll find the Channel 9 Newsdesk where little newsreaders get to experience the excitement of the nightly news, reading straight off a teleprompter & uploading your clip online!


The Crayola Colour Castle

Mix 94.5 Kids Slient Disco - an entertaining addition to Kids Wonderland, which provides wireless headphones allowing you to switch between different channels so kids and adults can all bust a move to their favourite tunes!

Other new exhibits include Mexican Magna Sand, Hero Blast and Scitech Wonderland. 

This year the line up of fabulous performers taking to the RAC Little Legends Club Stage and roaming around the big top is huge!. They include: 

The Fly - Being bothered by a fly has never been so much fun! From the Outback, where everything is much bigger, comes a giant fly, buzzing about all over Kids Wonderland.


The Balloonies - The Balloonies combines Magnus Danger Magnus and Renee Pilkington (of Fliptease/Access Circus) with highly skilled guest circus performer Adam O’Connor. Each character is dressed to the nines in brightly coloured costumes and each presents their skills in a story inspired by the fun of a simple balloon.

Splat! Take part in a spectacular kids gameshow, mixed with circus antics, a dash of music and a handful of chaos and knockabout. Taking to the stage in old fashioned and the occasionally messy mayhem. Contestants battle it out on stage as the game show comes to life. Throw into a pie dish with an extra pinch of cheek and “Splat!”

You can see the line-up and show times here.

Included in the ticket price, along with all the rides, is 1 free game on the Laughing Clowns or Rabbit Shooting Gallery plus 1 popcorn.  Children under 2 who have not paid for ticket will not be given a free token. Additional tokens will be available to purchase from the information booth.


You’ll need to bring along a bit of extra cash if you wish to purchase optional extras such as sideshow games, food, drinks and showbags.


This year a wider range of food options are available this year. JD’s Café will be there serving burgers, sandwiches and hot chips and you will also find Real Food, Good Food which takes pride in serving a large range of gluten free products. 

Parents have not been left out of all the fun. You can ride with your kids on many of the rides that allow adults plus you can treat yourself to a FREE 3 minute massage in the Stirling Oasis lounge. NESPRESSO coffee is available for purchase and all proceeds go to The Starlight Children’s Foundation.


Nursing mothers have been catered for this year with a dedicated breast feeding zone in the Stirling Oasis Lounge which includes rocking chairs, changing tables and a microwave.


 Have fun!!!!

For more information visit www.kidswonderland.com.au  To buy your tickets CLICK HERE 

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Jun 24th

Woodbridge Park (Riverside)

By Alison

Woodbridge Park

Playground suitable for toddlers and older.

playgrounds in perth The toilets are self cleaning and locking.

playgrounds in perth  No BBQ facilites available except BYO wood ones.

 playgrounds in perth picnic tables

playgrounds in perth Shade sails over some of the equipment

playgrounds in perth The playround is fully fenced and gated and is a mixture of sand and soft fall based.

playgrounds in perth The playground has swings, a pirate ship, a boat, a flying fox, and other great wooden structures. It is suitable for wheel chair use.

playgrounds in perth There is a water fountain.

playgrounds in perth There is a car park adjacent.

Spring has sprung!

I love a good park, even better if it’s nearby.

Kings Park has got to be my all-time favourite, loads of different areas to explore and it’s a good day out in the sunshine for the adults too, not just the kids.  There’s a café on site and even a shop if you’d up for a wander around (warning – there’s lots of expensive art on display so I wouldn’t take a toddler inside!) But unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be, I don’t live in or around the CBD so it’s a bit of a hassle to drive into King’s Park just for a nice walk so it seems to be more of a treat if we head into the city these days.

Luckily for us, Woodbridge Riverside Park has recently opened in Woodbridge (in between Guildford and Midland) and it is fab!  I don’t even want to know how much money the government poured into this project but I’m sure it will be worth it in the long run.

As a new Mum I’m constantly worried about how I am going to ‘contain’ my daughter once she’s walking around without strapping one of those toddler backpack/harness/leash on her!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising them as it’s highly likely that I will have to buy one and use one (I’ve been eyeing off the cute puppy style to date), but fingers crossed my girl will just want to hold hands and not be tempted to run off, like ever (seriously, who am I kidding?).  But this playground is fully enclosed so toddlers can’t escape!  Two safety fences at the entrance which even I struggled to reach up and open the clasp from my slight height of five foot something.

I was really surprised at all the different things there were for kids to do inside the playground.  In addition to the sand and water play areas (I’d suggest planning ahead and bringing a change of clothes for everyone involved!) there was a carousel, a rocker, loads of swings, tunnels and even a flying fox (they call it a cable way).  I was very impressed and there’s at least half a day of fun for the family right here I’m sure.

On one hand I can’t wait till Isabella is old enough so that we can go and play in the park and I can run around after her, rather than me just pushing her around the park in her pram.  But on the other hand (and yes I’m going to use that old cliché again) – she’s growing up way too fast and I just want her to slow down!!  One minute all she could do was ‘lay like broccoli’, the next she’s a ‘mobile’ (as they like to call them at Gymbaroo) and rolling all over the place and pushing herself around the floor in circles.  I thought I had till she turned one to ‘baby proof’ the house but boy was I wrong and she can’t even crawl yet!

Water Play area
Woodbridge  Woodbridge WoodbridgeWoodbridge

Pirate Ship

Great range of equiptment suitable for wheelchairs.




Pully system and digging area - learn to be a miner!

When you’re out of the enclosed playground it’s a nice quiet walk along the river with a cycle path too.  The BBQ facilities are lacking with the only one I saw being one of those BYO wood ones (why????) and only a couple of picnic tables scattered around but loads of open space for a lovely picnic.  But inside the playground there's a loads of seating and sheltered areas.

And if you like ice cream (ok that was a silly comment), there’s an award winning ice creamery just around the corner on your way back out to the highway ‘The Junction Ice Creamery’.  To get your taste buds going some of the flavours they have on offer include apple pie, banana and walnut, English toffee, French vanilla custard or good old strawberries ‘n crème – yum!

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Jun 20th

Winter School Holiday Planning

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine

Love them or hate them, School holidays can be a nightmare for some parents.  Whether you're a stay at home parent, work at home parent, single parent, working parent or grandparent it's good to have a rough plan or list of things you can do.

I have an 8year old boy, Blake (year 3) and a 5year old girl, Paige (Pre-Primary).  In our family both of us work from home and run our own businesses, which means we have to plan things for the kids to do so they have fun and we can work :-)  

Here's our plan for the forthcoming Winter School Holidays that the kids have helped me put together.

winter school holiday plan

Thankfully both of my kids have particular interests so Soccer and Rugby camps are great for my 8 year old.  Most Soccer clinics such as CF11 offer a full day of physical activities and it's cheaper than childcare in most cases.  At $35 a day from 8am - 3pm it's a bargain as they're also getting some excellent training and skills.  Other options would be somewhere like HBF who offer kids sports clubs vacation care which includes lots of sporting activities as well as excursions.

My daughter is keen to get more involved with Horse Riding (GULP) which isn't as cheap!!!  Although we did find an excellent 2 hour session at the RDA Brigadoon Brumbies Riding Stables for only $15! I've also booked her into the Centura Riding Stables, Wanneroo who offer a half day "Saddle-Up" program where the kids learn to care for the horses as well as ride them.  You can book in for full-days as well but thought half a day was adequate for Paige's excitement.  

horse riding

The kids also LOVE animals and Nature.  We're avid campers and spend most of the summer/spring school holidays camping around Western Australia.  They love the new and popular Nature Programs that are popping up and they liked the sound of the Kids Nature Club program so we booked them in for 2 full days which was only $45 per child, per day!!  We also managed to get Blake into the Perth Zoo Crew program where he'll spend the day learning about how the Zoo works and how to care for the animals.

nature club

Lastly and most importantly we leave a few days free for the kids to decide what they want to do.  We have a list of things to jog our memories and we'll vote on them the day before.  Sometimes the kids will just choose to hang around the house for the day, playing Ninja's or some game they make up between them.  They'll build cubby houses, make fairy gardens, play with the dog, get dirty in the garden, whip up some craft and anything they fancy really.  

We found these in our Scholastics magazines this term and made Pom Pom Puppies on the long weekend.

pom pom puppies pom pom puppies

The kids love exploring Perth (good job really!!) so we're always full of ideas and adventuresa and I'm glad sometimes they choose the simplest of things such as walking the dog to the local park!

Plan your Winter School Holidays using our online guide

Jun 15th

Perth Upmarket - June 26th

By Buggybuddys

Hot tips for families visiting Perth Upmarket at UWA next weekend  (Sunday 26th June)

- Come early or late, Upmarket can get very busy! Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm.

- Junior Upmarket, sponsored by Buggybuddys, in Hackett Hall is where a lot of the products for children and families will be, think handmade clothes, trendy accessories, prints for bedrooms, kids décor, baby items, activity packs etc.

- Baby carriers are a good idea but pram parking will be setup outside Hackett Hall if you need it.

[endif]There will be a Starlight Children’s Foundation tent outside Junior Upmarket and they will be running kids craft activities, doing face painting and giving out balloons all day!

- Bring a friend/partner to help out with the kids if possible so you can take your time as there are so many areas to explore during Perth Upmarket. It’s only on quarterly so you’ll want to see everything! See the map attached for an overview of the venue – Winthrop Hall (undercroft/downstairs, foyer and upstairs), the verandah along the pond side, along the grassed side, stalls out on the grass and the verandah linking to Junior Upmarket in Hackett Hall.

- 80% of the market is undercover, so if it’s raining don’t let that put you off. Parking is all on-site, so bring an umbrella and you’ll be fine.

- There are 3 main sets of toilets so refer to the map if you need them.

- Plan your day – check out their online retailer gallery and make a list of stalls you have to visit!

- The Perth Upmarket info desk is in the Winthrop Hall foyer, it’s a good first stop as you can pick up a list of all retailers and enter their competition

- Perth Upmarket tote bags sell for $5 at the info desk.

- Top 3 easy options for lunch for the kids – hot dogs (Wonder Dawg), pizza (Delisio Pizza), chicken sticks (Satay Satay)

- Top 3 options for sweet treats for the kids (and adults alike!) – cupcakes (Baked180), mini pancakes (Café Oranje), chocolate fix (Youngs Rocky Road)

- The grounds of UWA are beautiful so wander around the gardens and hopefully the sun is shining so you can eat out on the lawn on the pond side of Winthrop Hall.

- Entry is free, there are ATMs on site and some retailers have credit card facilities.

- Parking is free, there are normally bays available around the University Club as the ones at the main entrance fill up quickly. See parking map for more information.

- UWA’s Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery just behind Winthrop Hall is open on market day!


- The closest playground is J H Abrahams Reserve on Hackett Drive in Crawley, just a few minutes drive along the river.

Perth Upmarket takes place Sunday 26th June 10am - 4pm at UWA, Hackett Drive, Crawley. For more information visit www.perthupmarket.com.au

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Jun 15th

Ngala Parenting and Play Time

By Buggybuddys

Held in communities across the metropolitan area, Ngala’s Parenting and Play Time sessions are a great place for mums, dads and grandparents to find information about parenting, learn about children's development through play, make new friends, share parenting ideas, and challenges, or talk through an issue with one of the qualified Ngala staff and other parents. No bookings are required just come along. Go to http://bit.ly/ngalaparentingandplay  to find a location near you!


See what some of our families say:

·      ...weekly support makes me more confident with my parenting style choices /decisions

·      Being able to introduce my daughter to other children & ethnicities... where I can get support/opinions on aspects of my child's growth & development

·      Experienced staff who are always there to answer questions and support us along the way

·      ...it’s great to talk to the Ngala ladies specifically about my baby and toddler. They act as a good sounding board and reassure me I'm on the right track.

·      It is good to hear from other mothers about what they are trying and also listen to individual advice the facilitators provide.

·      Received some good tips on how assist my baby in reaching her developmental milestones, like different activities and exercises I can do with her.

·      Interaction with other babies, new toys, games, and  social aspects of meeting other mums and  sharing experiences

·      .... was new to area so was beneficial to make new friends

·      It is a time I can spend just with my child without thinking of cleaning, cooking, shopping... It's a time just for us!

·      .... Opportunities for myself and my daughter to meet other mums and babies and feel part of the community.

·      The conversations and topics we casually discuss are helpful, relevant and not pushy.

·      I feel I have been able to respond better to her play needs and what she likes after seeing what she responds to at PPT.  Play time at home has been improved as we are better able to respond to and cater for her needs.

·      Play time gives my baby and I a reason to leave the house rain or shine...... I don't feel so cooped up and grumpy which then flows to my baby. Parenting and playtime days are always good days!

·      It's a wonderful part of my family’s routine. It gives my children a chance to learn through play and interact with other children, as well as have a lot of fun. ....excellent staff have helped my through some tough elements of parenting.

·      A great place to learn and a vital aspect of this is knowing that I feel safe and supported. I really appreciate the way the staff go out of their way to speak to everyone individually as well as the group as a whole. They greet and welcome every person as we enter the room.

·      I am always left feeling like I have gained both confidence and inspiration from the group and the coordinators.

·      Great to learn 'you are not the only one',

·       It is an awesome environment and a great service to the community

·      We love rhyme time and story time. I have learnt new songs to sing with my baby and he squeals with delight!

·      ... I can ask questions at any time. Ngala Parenting and Play Time is a great service for which I am very thankful.

·      The relaxed nature of it, being able to arrive or leave as suits you and your child…

·      ... having a warm and welcoming place to go to with your child to meet others and feel part of a community, not having to pay is great when on a single income.

·      Having access to a child health nurse is good

·      It's a friendly group and you always leave with a smile and a worn out child who has an awesome sleep afterwards!

 Parenting and Playtime is currently held at the following locations (subject to change).

Butler Community Centre
Parenting and Playtime 0 - 12 Months
Wednesdays 9.30am - 11am 

Calista Child and Parent Centre
Meet Play and Stay 0 - 4 years
Thursdays 1pm - 2.30pm

Ellenbrook Library
Parenting and Playtime 0 - 12 Months
Tuesdays 9.30am - 11am

Merriwa Community Centre
Parenting and Playtime 0 - 3 years
Thursdays 9.30am - 11am

Noranda Family Centre
Parenting and Playtime 0 - 12 months
Mondays 9.30am - 11am

Parenting and Playtime 0 - 12 months
Wednesdays 10am - 11.30am
Fridays 10am - 11.30am

Jun 13th

Snow Slide, City of Perth

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Snow Slide is back in the City of Perth for the July school holidays and it’s so much fun! Kids can enjoy the novelty of sliding down a 4m or 12m snowslide on an inflatable ring.

Snow Slide is running 2nd - 17th July with 12 25 minute sessions available each day. Tickets are free but must be booked in advance, you won't be able to just turn up on the day. Tickets must be secured online and will be released at 10am Monday 27th June for week one sessions (2nd - 9th July) and 10am Monday 4th July for week 2 sessions (10 - 17th July). 

Tickets will be available shortly via a direct link on this page www.visitperthcity.com/snowslide, which will be available closer to the release dates. To reserve your tickets all you need is an email address, and a free Oztix account. Save time and set up an account before tickets are released. Go to www.oztix.com.au and click on ‘Register’ in the top left of the screen.
If you already have an Oztix account, make sure you have your login and password details handy for when tickets are released.
Tickets will be available on a first in, first served basis.
A maximum of five (5) tickets can be booked per Oztix account. This is to ensure that as many families as possible get the opportunity to enjoy the free event. Adults do not need tickets. 


For those of you who are lucky enough to secure tickets then get ready to have a lot of frosty frozen fun!

Snowslide is located in a large open sided marque in Forrest Place. Last year you had to print out your tickets before attending the event as they were unable to scan your ticket if it is displayed on your smart phone. Whether this is still the case this year is yet to be seen. 

The event is suitable for children aged 3 – 12 years and 130 tickets are allocated for every session. Accompanying adults do not need tickets.

Snow Slide this year features two slides. One measuring 4 metres for children under 120cm height and the other measuring 12 metres for children under 120cm.  Children are measured on entry and directed to the appropriate queue.

4m slide for children under 120cm in height. 

Each slide has two lanes allowing four children to use the slides at any one time.

12m slide for children over 120cm in height

Lasr year the event was really well organized. There was plenty of staff on hand to keep the queues for the slide moving quickly. The session duration is 25 minutes. During that time both kids managed to get 5 turns on the 12m slide.


The only downside is that parents cannot accompany children in the queue. Miss 4 didn’t feel comfortable queuing up on her own without myself or her older sister who was in the separate queue for the 12 metre slide so she decided that she didn’t want to go on the slide.

Snow Slide runs in Forrest Place from 2nd to 17th July 10am – 5pm.

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Jun 11th

Shepherds Bush Park Playground, Kingsley  

By Georgia

This brand new awesome playground is set to rival the popular Pitstop playground in the northern suburbs and is a welcome addition to lucky Kingsley and its surrounds.

The main attraction is the track of winding mini roads complete with road signs, pedestrian crossings and a parking area for scooters and bikes. The gorgeous setup will make adults wish they were kids again, and the joy on your kids’ faces will be worth multiple visits to this fabulous playground.


The track is built on mostly level ground so that little legs can easily negotiate it on their chosen form of transport. There are virtually no blind spots, which helps the kids to avoid crashing into one another. If everyone follows the direction arrows painted on the roads, as well as all the cute road signs, then it’s smooth travelling. Although when it gets really busy the small kids can get overwhelmed as the big kids overtake them.

An added drawcard is the petrol pump that allows for some fun role-playing.


There are some lovely nature based touches dotted alongside the roads such as logs to sit on, step on and climb on. The road system incorporates a magnificent old tree that will no doubt provide some decent shade in the summer months.


Other play equipment in the park includes:

A swing set with a baby seat as well as a normal seat.


A climbing arch with elaborate webs of rope to climb in and out of.  This is placed in the middle of a big sand pit that provides another play opportunity – you could bring along some sand play toys for your little one.


A slide with a climbing net as the only way to reach the top. Unfortunately this means that smaller kids will need help – they can be lifted up by an adult to sit at the top.


AND what will no doubt be another big drawcard to this fun park, is the strip of rough terrain that allows for some exciting BMX/bike riding over mounds of earth and through muddy puddles. Watch out for muddy shoes and clothes especially if there has been recent rain.

Several benches and low walls provide decent seating for supervising parents, and there is also plenty of freshly laid grass for spreading a picnic blanket and relaxing or kicking a ball.


There is one gas bbq with two hot plates, and one picnic shelter with a bench table. There are two bins. No toilets.

Another thoughtful addition is an area for parking adult bicycles if you rode to the park with your kids. There is a handy water fountain complete with dog water bowl located here too.


Please note that supervision of small kids is recommended at this park, especially for those that are inclined to run off, as there is a road nearby. The riding track is set back from the road and there is a grassy incline down to the road but no fence – only intermittent small poles, then a footpath, then the road.

There is also a pedestrian overpass that is fenced and has a steep rocky side. The entrance to it is not gated.


Parking is on the street verge with a short walk to the entrance of the park.

Tip from a local mum – you can buy great takeaway coffee at Passione Gourmet Deli in Kingsley Shopping Centre which is one road over. There is also a Dome café located there that is a good family friendly spot.

Location of Shepherds Bush Park: Barridale Drive, near the pedestrian overpass and just pass Dalton Crescent heading south.

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Jun 8th

Brotzeit, Joondalup

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Brotzeit is a German Bier Bar and Restaurant offering authentic Bavarian cuisine in a modern and casual setting.


Currently there are Brotzeit restaurants in both Perth City and Joondalup with a third set to open soon in Baldivis.

Brotzeit Joondalup is located in the first floor food court at Lakeside Shopping Centre. The restaurant is light and airy with big picture windows which look out over the plaza area below.  There are plenty of tables including ones to seat large groups.


The menu is extensive and packed full of Bavarian favourties including Goulash Soup, several varieties of sausages, huge pork knuckles, sauerkraut and dumplings.  If you are going as a group you can order a huge sharing platter that caters for up to 4-5 people.


I ordered the Pork Roll which comes served with apple slaw, crackling and a side of fries. It was divine!


My husband ordered one of their specialty hot dogs and a separate side of potato salad which he too really enjoyed.

There is a dedicated kids menu featuring dishes such as Schnitzel ($9.50), Sausage ($6.50), Chicken Tenders ($7.50), Pizza ($8.50) and Spatzle ($6.50). All kids menu items come served with a choice of mashed potatoes, fries, wedges or small mixed side salad.

My kids shared a meal of pizza accompanied by fries. The pizza is on a dark rye base so if your child is a bit fussy and expecting the traditional dough base they may turn their nose up at it. My kids didn’t seem to mind it.


We really enjoyed our food at Brotzeit and will definitely be back.

Brotzeit Joondalup is located at Lakeside Shopping Centre, Joondalup.

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am – 10pm
Friday 11am – 11pm
Saturday 9am – 11pm
Sunday 9am – 10pm 

High Chairs are available.

For more information visit http://www.brotzeit.co/ 

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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