Jul 20th

Lakeside Estate Playground, Success

By Buggybuddys

Review by Jacqui Snelgar

Lakeside Estate playground is a great new play area that has popped up in Success.


With the lake side setting & huge grass area, it’s a lovely spot to catch up with friends & families for a BBQ or picnic.


It has many features to keep all ages entertained. 

Climbing walls & obstacle course to challenge the older kids.


Under the climbing frame you'll discover Noughts & Crosses and Boggle challenges which are fun for all! 

For the younger kids there is a bumpy slide, smaller climbing wall with very cute little gecko pictures and a bouncing boat.


Musical instruments to be played LOUD!!

There is a nature play area with balancing stumps, balancing beams, a huge tepee and nests.  They have placed next to an area that will turn into a mini-wetlands when it rains.

It has free gas BBQs, undercover seating, drinking fountains plus a very large grass area that is perfect for a game of footy, cricket or a picnic. 


With many wide paths it is very pram and wheelchair friendly.

Unfortunately, like the majority of local parks there are no toilet facilities on site.

Lakeside Estate Success Playground is located on Grande Cresent, Success

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Jul 20th

Taste Budds Cooking Studio, Kids Cooking Classes

By TheChefsWife

By Amanda Carlin

Taste Budds Cooking Studio, run by Chef Sophie Budd, is a cooking school found in Highgate. Sophie has previously worked for popular British Chefs Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver. Predominantly, the cooking studio offers cooking classes for adults, catering, long table dinners, and during the school holidays Sophie runs her extremely popular cooking classes for children.

Little Chef was invited along for the “hands on” class for eight to twelve year olds. There are also more advanced classes for twelve to sixteen year olds – a great idea to keep teenagers busy! The main focus of these classes, containing about 12 kids, is food preparation skills.

The class is run by Sophie and with help from Chef Brendan. Sophie’s passion for cooking and her bubbly energy is infectious. She’s really great with the kids in the class. Everybody warmed to her instantly and she managed to keep a friendly but authoritative rein on the class.

Normally parents “drop and leave” in the morning, returning about two hours later. I stayed to take the photos! Once everyone has arrived, the class commences with hand washing and selecting an apron. Sophie also explains dangers in the kitchen, hot items, sharp items and slippery floors and a few other house keeping things.

The class gathers around whilst Sophie explains what they will be making and demonstrates what they will need to do. In this class the children are split into two groups around two prep tables.

First up the kids got cracking, peeling the spuds for the potato gnocchi. Little Chef hadn’t had much exposure to knives before this and needed a bit of guidance. The potatoes were then put on the stove to boil.

Next, the kids got to make their fresh bread. Sophie and Brendan showed their groups how to combine and stir ingredients.

Kneading the dough is lots of fun! That was put aside to prove.

The mini chefs then started on the roasted tomato and capsicum sauce, for the gnocchi. Dicing the onion (there were a few tears!), slicing the capsicum and squashing the tomatoes with their hands.

Then it was all combined and sautéed on the stove, with close supervision.

The final dish the kids were cooking was caramel bananas with sticky rice. Some of the kids chopped the bananas, while others made the caramel.

The dough was cut into half so that each child could work on making their own dinner rolls, then glazed it with milk before popping them into the oven.

Whilst the bread was baking the children got the chance to make their own gnocchi! They loved using the mouli, which grates the cooked potato, ensuring it has a fine texture.

Then flour and egg was added and they all got stock in, mixing the ingredients with their hands.

With guidence from Sophie, the dough was then rolled into logs, to cut into the gnocchi shape.

While the food was cooking away, the long wooden table was laid by the kids, ready for lunch time. The parents come back at about 12.15pm and all the kids and parents sit around the long table together to enjoy the feast.

Fresh bread, which smelt divine!

Gnocchi and tomato n capsicum sauce.

Caramel banana with coconut sticky rice.

The tasty creations were placed down the middle of the table and everyone dug in and broke bread together. It’s really lovely. Little Chef enjoyed everything. I was stoked he ate capsicum and onion without complaining!

Little Chef really enjoyed his class at Taste Budds and would love to go again. The well-run classes are lots of fun, so much so that kids don’t even realise that they’re learning lots of important skills about food and how to cook!

The classes run during the school holidays from 10am till about 12.30pm and cost $75. Each holidays there is a different menu, so kids can always learn a new signature dish! Classes for the September/October 2017 school holidays are available to book now, be quick, they’re very popular! Find out more here. Book your child a class today – they will love it!

Thanks to Sophie for having us, we really enjoyed our morning, and now Little Chef has no excuse for getting out of peeling potatoes!


Amanda Carlin has her own blog - The Chef, His Wife and Their Perth-fect Life. The Chef's Wife LOVES to eat out in our beautiful city and discover new spots to dine. Amanda and Chef love tapas or something a little fancy for date night and with their son "Little Chef" in tow there's plenty of family friendly options too.

Jul 20th

Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm

By TheChefsWife

By Amanda Carlin

The Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm is a favourite amongst Perth children. Here you can get up close with all the friendly farmyard animals.

The kids run for the barn full of bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens, birds and more. Here the kids can go into the enclosures and sit down and cuddle a bunny or chick.

There’s free buckets of food (bread, cabbage etc) to feed the bunnies, guinea pigs and birds. This area is full of baby animals too, so you may even spot a piglet or lamb.

It’s also air-conditioned in warm weather. The kids loved the ‘cuddling area’ and were very gentle with the animals. Who were all very calm around little children.

Outside, there’s a large area of chicken coops, pigsties, aviaries and paddocks. The pathways allow for easy access with prams and wheelchairs.

As you walk around you’ll find an array of animals, up high and down low.

There's alpacas, ponies, donkeys, sheep, emus, foxes, calves, pigs, lambs, goats, chickens, hens, roosters, peacocks, turkeys and a couple of kangaroos.

You can enter the majority of the enclosures, with just a few exceptions.

Little Chef’s favourite enclosure was full of kids (the baby goat kind!). They’re so cheeky and inquisitive – a bit like my son!

The free tractor rides around the farm are a big hit with the kids. The tractor tows a long “train” and the kids can ride as many times as they like.

It takes you on a journey around the farm and adults are welcome to ride too.

There’s a covered play area with a bouncy castle. I found it difficult to drag my son of this – he was having so much fun!

There is a fenced play area, with play equipment featuring a couple of slides, swings and more.

And a BIG red tractor!

We were at the cuddly animal farm for a few hours and there were a few free bottle feeding sessions held during this time for the lambs and kids (baby goats!).

The staff are really good at making sure everyone gets a turn.

There’s free tea/coffee for the grown-ups. There’s no café at The Cuddly Animal Farm, though picnics are welcome and they also have BBQs to use, free of charge. On the day that we visited, there was a small caravan selling coffee, ice cream, hot dogs and more.

There are plenty of shaded picnic tables dotted around the farm. You'll even find picnic tables in a couple of the fields with the animals in.

Pony rides are available on weekends and school holidays at an extra charge of $5 per child.

There’s a merry go round and each child gets a free ride.

We were there with a large group, which had use of the enclosed pavillion. Perfect for a birthday party get together or other large gathering. Hire of this area also includes tables, chairs, food and gift tables, a microwave oven, small grill oven and a small fridge.

The Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm is lots of fun and it’s a great value day out (under 2yrs go free). Children and adults alike will love meeting all the beautiful animals!

Find out more about Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm here.

Amanda Carlin has her own blog - The Chef, His Wife and Their Perth-fect Life. The Chef's Wife LOVES to eat out in our beautiful city and discover new spots to dine. Amanda and Chef love tapas or something a little fancy for date night and with their son "Little Chef" in tow there's plenty of family friendly options too.

Jul 19th

Gnangara Pines

By Buggybuddys

Review by Mummies Who Walk

Location:                 Gnangara Pines, Pessoa Road, Lexia
Opening Times:       24 hours
Opening Days:         7 Days
Kid Friendly:            Yes
Pram Friendly:         Yes
Dog Friendly:           Yes (when there isn’t a sledding event on)
Mode of activity:      Exploration and Adventure (walking)
Time Taken:            From 30 mins to endless hours

What to Pack:  Nappy bag, buckets for collecting pine cones and other treasures, drinks/picnic, sun scream, hats.  If it’s a wet day with muddy puddles; gum boots, rain coat and leave a towel and change of clothes in the car.

Safety: The only issue we have ever had is once the kids disturbed an Ants nest and the Ants started crawling on them.  Took a few seconds to dust them off and move them to a new exploration site.  No Ants were harmed.

Kid friendly Eats:    Pink Salt Wholefoods Cafe, Ellenbrook
The Henley Brook, Swan Valley
Mash Brewing, Swan Valley
Mandoon Estate & Brewery, Swan valley 


Ever been to an oxygen farm?  A visit to the Gnangara Pines is just that!

Entry to Pessoa Road, Lexia is a limestone road off of Gnangara Road, across from Beechboro Road.  It has low to the ground white gate that is locked and is completely fenced in.  The limestone road leads North and goes into the Pine Plantation.  Running left and right off of the limestone road are tracks that trail under the protection of the pine trees.  If you take your pram you will need to lift it over the white gate (it's not high).  We tend to rush the kids past any puddles at the entry, and let them lead the adventure after that.  Climbing logs, collecting and smelling pine cones, we have even collected pine needles for the compost.


About 250 meters down the limestone road you will come across a logged seating area on the right.  It’s quite cute to stop and have a meander around there.  The kids also like to get crafty and design mandala like patterns with sticks/pine needles/pine cones etc.


To get them to leave we politely remind them of the muddy puddles at the entry, and they promptly get moving! (woohoo, using nature as bribery) When we get to the puddles we chill on the gate with a drink while the kids enjoy some time in the water.  Then it’s a quick change in the back of the car and off to lunch/errands/appointments/bath!

We love this place as it is a soft and gentle way to get the kids into nature.

Tash & Linds
X x x 

MWW links:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mummies_who_walk/

Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/mummieswhowalk/


Jul 11th

Hudsons Circus

By Buggybuddys

Review by Penny Butler

We just love the circus! We have been to a few in our time, but this was the first time we got to check out Hudsons Circus. They travel around putting on spectacular shows all over Australia. Let me tell you, it was fantastic!

Miss 4 was so excited to see the huge big top tent set up at Langley Park that she just had to run for the entrance. Inside the first tent, was a few side show games, including the rotating clown heads and bouncy castle. You can also purchase hot food, and a range of drinks and popcorn here before you take to your seats.

Once Inside the main tent, you will be shown to your seats by the ushers. I thought that the way the seating was set out, was great. You have a good view from where ever you sit. We got tickets in the blue premium seating, and they were fantastic. Beware - if you sit ringside, chances are you will get wet, or chosen for some fun audience participation acts. That is all part of the fun I guess, and the children sitting there seemed to love it.

The acts they had were amazing. Some of the things that these artists can do is crazy. Without giving too much away, they had trapeze, motorbike stunts, contortion, juggling, jack sparrow on a tight rope, animal acts, the classic circus clown and plenty more. I held on to my seat and gritted my teeth plenty of times during the night. Miss 4 was amazed and I even heard her let out a few....woo hoo's.

They also have a couple of animal acts. These included, horses and ponies, camels, llamas and even some buffalo. I have to admit, I was a little nervous when those beasts came out with huge horns!

The show runs for 2 hours, with a 20 min interval at half time. During this time, you can choose to have your photo taken with the gorgeous macaw, or even head down to the main arena to have a photo with the clown (there is an extra fee for those). There is portable toilets out the front, but I would suggest going before hand as the queue was quite long and most had run out of toilet paper during the interval.

Hudsons circus is showing at Langley Park Perth until July 23rd. They then will be moving to Midland from the 27th July - 6th August, then on to Mandurah from the 9th August - 13th August. Ticket prices start from $15 for children and $25 for Adults. You can find out more info, or book tickets online at http://www.hudsonscircus.com.au/

Jul 9th

iFly Indoor Skydiving Experience, Perth

By Buggybuddys Jennie

iFly Indoor Skydiving Experience Perth, located on the Great Eastern Highway in Rivervale, opened it’s doors in December 2016.  Whether you are aged 3 or 103 you can take to the sky at iFly.


Indoor skydiving is a unique and adrenaline-filled sport that improves confidence, coordination and body awareness while having heaps of fun!

Each hour-long session includes a pre-flight training session, jumpsuit, all safety gear and 2 flights in the wind tunnel.  Flight costs are $89 midweek and $109 on the weekend


Before you fly there is a simple pre-flight training session. A short video explains the ins and outs of indoor skydiving and the four hand signals the instructor will give you to correct your body posture once in the wind tunnel.


The jumpsuits come in a range of sizes and include superhero style ones for kids.  You need to wear lace up sports shoes on your feet and casual clothes that you put your flight suit over. Once you have on your goggles and helmet you are ready to fly!


Flights take place inside a vast, vertical glass tube, where a massive wind generator propels you effortlessly skyward. When it’s your turn you all you need to do is lean into the wind and you will float effortlessly, guided by your instructor.


Each flight in the wind tunnel lasts for almost a minute and simulates a free-fall dive from 14,000 feet. First time flyers generally only fly a couple of metres above the safety net but as you gain confidence you can fly towards the top of the tunnel with your instructor for an additional $10 fee.

For the spectator the all round viewing platform offers a great view at all times and lets you share the experience.  There is no café but you will find a small tuck shop selling a range of confectionary, ice creams and hot and cold drinks.


During the school holidays iFly run Superhero Training Sessions which feature free activities such as Superhero Flight demonstrations, colouring competitions, prize giveaways and a walk in the wind tunnel.  Flights during the Superhero session are $49 (single flight) with the chance to fly high.


The session is a great opportunity to go along with your child if they are interesting in taking a flight but may be a little apprehensive about doing so. They will get the chance to see what it involves, watch other kids having a go and be able to take a walk in the wind tunnel. A flask of water was thrown into the tunnel and the kids thought it was amazing that the water droplets floated around in the air! 



IFly also operates the Junior iFLYER club for kids aged 6 to 16 years. The club runs every Tuesday and Wednesday at 5.30pm and Sunday 9am and 4pm during term time.  During school holidays it runs Monday and Tuesday at 9am and Wednesday at 5.30pm. The session costs $99 and runs for 1.5 hours and includes 5 minutes of flying time.


For more information visit https://downunder.iflyworld.com/

Jul 6th

The Funarium, Claremont Showgrounds

By Buggybuddys

The Funarium located at Claremont Showgrounds is Perth’s newest school holiday event – 7th to 9th July.

Tickets provide entry to The Funarium and once inside kids will enjoy 7 hours (9am – 4pm) of unlimited activities in 10 the different themed zones, there are over 40 activities to have a go at!

1. ACTION includes kids yoga, a 350m mini rush obstacle course and an 80m zip line – guaranteed to be a favourite with the kids.

2. ARTY PARTY includes 5 different craft activities to encourage kids to get creative, as well as demonstrations to watch and learn new skills.

3. BEN TRAGER HOMES BUILD IT includes building your own herb box, plumbing skills, carpet laying and brick laying.

4. COSMIC SCIENCE includes finding out how a telescope works, having a close look at the sun and seeing how many radio waves your body gives out.

5. CUDDLE includes getting up close to reptiles, invertebrate & Australian wildlife, bottle feeding a baby animal and a marine touch pool.

6. FUNKY TOWN includes a silent disco, hip hop dance lessons, African drumming and Al Kazam the Magic Man.

7. MY BACKYARD includes making your own kite, building a cubby, planting a tree and getting up close to spiders and insects.

8. TECH HEAVEN includes exploring the world of virtual reality, a photography workshop, and retro game consoles.

9. THE COOKHOUSE includes cooking demonstrations and learning how to cook quick and healthy meals with contestants from My Kitchen Rules.

10. WHEN I GROW UP includes hands-on experience across a range of fun and exciting careers such as a paramedic, helicopter pilot, news presenter, radio host or take your parents order and serve them their snack at The Funarium Kids Café.

Most activities are held indoors, however bring wet weather clothes if you wish to participate in the outdoor activities. Definitely don't wear your best clothes!

The Funarium is located at the Claremont Showground, 1 Graylands Rd, Claremont, with access via Gate 6 and the Showground Train Station Gate. There is parking available at The Showground via Gate 6 for $5.

Online purchase is highly recommended to avoid disappointment, tickets can only be purchased at the gate if ticket allocations for the day are not already exhausted. There is also a discount for online bookings.
Online ticket price; adult $15 +BF, Child (4-17) $32.50 +BF, Family (2 + 2) $85 +BF.
Box office price; adult $20 +BF, Child (4-17) $38.00 +BF, Family (2 + 2) $100 +BF.
The only additional costs will be for merchandise or any food and beverages if you choose to purchase these.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit their website https://thefunarium.com.au

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Kellie Elliott is a stay at home mum of 4, she enjoys adventuring around Perth with her children and sharing her journeys and experiences on instagram as PerthMumAdventures

Jul 6th

Kids Academy IKEA

By Buggybuddys

Review by Estabelle Ang

Another rainy day and we're off to check out 'Let's Play' at IKEA.

They're running different kids activity everyday of the school holidays and today, we got to do bead jewellery making.

All the activities are free and bookings are not required. Just turn up and have fun! It's held in the main IKEA restaurant, closer to the coffee shop end.

All activities run from 9-11am everyday of the school holidays.

Mon 3 July - 3D paper decoration making
Tue 4 July - Make an IKEA PYSSLA bead bracelet
Wed 5 July - Balloon twisting workshop
Thu 6 July - 3D paper decoration making
Fri 7 July - Make an IKEA PYSSLA bead bracelet

Mon 10 July - 3D paper decoration making 
Tue 11 July - Make an IKEA PYSSLA bead bracelet
Wed 12 July - Balloon twisting workshop
Thu 13 July - 3D paper decoration making
Fri 14 July - Make an IKEA PYSSLA bead bracelet

All activities are free of charge and no booking is required. Last admissions at 10.45am. Check out their website for more details.

Feeling hungry? Kids eat for only $1.50 from 5pm on weekdays at the IKEA Perth Restaurant. That’s any kids hot meal, normally $2.95.  

Jul 4th

Construction Kids Play Zone, Whitfords City Shopping Centre

By Buggybuddys

Review by Holly Clarke

If you're in the northern suburbs and looking for an indoor activity to amuse the kids these school holidays, Whitfords City Shopping Centre currently has a cool Construction Kids Play Zone set up. This can be found adjacent to the concierge desk in the middle of the centre and it's completely free.

For week one of the holidays (Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th July), children are invited to decorate their own plastic hard hat. Everything is supplied for you. Just bring your imaginations.

The hard hats are a light weight plastic, similar to the glittery hats or masks you can buy in party shops. Miss 3 had a great time covering hers in glittery stickers and helping me put her name on the front. Great for littler ones to practice their fine motor skills, too.

The construction area is fenced off and kitted out with large trestle tables. We found there was loads of room for everyone to get around them and have a go. There was room to pull in a pram or two just inside at the front, or to park a trolley just outside.

In addition to the hard hat decorating, there were a few yellow trucks, toy tools, and Lego bricks to play with. Younger children like Miss 3 enjoyed loading up the trucks and moving the bricks about.

For week two of the school holidays (Monday 10th to Sunday 16th July), the activity here will change slightly, with children decorating their own tool box instead. We can't wait to pop back and check that one out, too!

Within the same fenced in area, Whitfords City Shopping Centre is also hosting their Cars 3 "3-Point Throw" Ring Toss game. Children are invited to toss hula hoops over three traffic cones. If they can get them over all three, they are awarded a winners token to present to the concierge desk and go in the running for one of five Cars 3 prize packs.

Between the Construction Kids Play Zone, Cars 3 game and the Minion Mayhem hunt around the centre, there is lots to get excited about and keep the kids busy at Whitfords City these holidays.

Check out the website for full competition details and the terms and conditions.

Holly Clark  is currently a stay at home mum of one, a self-confessed coffee addict and baker of sweet treats, and occasionally writes on her recipe blog, Lucky Star's Kitchen. perthluckystar.blogspot.com.au

Jul 4th

Kids Wonderland 2017 Review, 5th - 9th July

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Kids Wonderland's big top has returned to Stirling for the July school holidays and this time it’s bigger and better than ever before! 

Kids Wonderland brings to you the greatest kids rides, the best child live shows, unique & creative youth activities, fun educational exhibits & your favourite roving performers.

The event runs from 5th - 9th July with 3 sessions a day - 8am - 11am, 12pm - 3pm and 3.45pm - 6.45pm.  Tickets are $25 for kids and $12 for adults. At the time of writing lunchtime sessions on all days are sold out. 

So if you have grabbed yourself some tickets here is what to expect.

Kids Wonderland is all located under a huge big top right next to Stirling train station. If you are planning on getting the train it is just a short 300 metre walk to the venue. If you are driving then event parking is available next to the big top for $5 with proceeds going to Uni Camp for Kids Charity. 

Entry into the venue well managed and speedy, you shouldn’t have to queue outside for long. There are 6 lanes of manned ticket scanning machines, once your ticket scans green you are good to go! Please print your tickets out to avoid any delay.  Any problems with your ticket and will be directed to the information desk where they help in sorting any issues out. 

The big top is the same size as last year  which means there is plenty of space for everyone – including prams! 

Rides include:

 The Ferris Wheel

The Runaway Train




Fiesta Balloon


Cup and Saucer


Merry Go Round


Taxi cars


Cowboy Capers Inflatable


Lost Temple Inflatable


Camelot Castle


For the older kids:

You’re going to have a hard time tearing them away from the double decker Game Bus


Hang out in the Sunday Time ChillOut! Arcade where all the arcade games are free.


And new to this year is the Wave Swinger - the ultimate fun ride where the sky's the limit! The Wave Swinger is the only ride that is located outside of the big tent. 

Toddlers are catered with their very own soft play area.


Once again there are heaps of NEW exhibits this year. 

Dinosaurs fans will be able to get up close to huge animatronic beasts in the Buggybuddys Dinosaur Park. Check out the huge T-Rex!

Famous Sharron will be returning this year to Kids Wonderland to make you a Popstar in her exclusive Kids Wonderland Music Videos !!!

Discover the FunPad, a fully refurbished double decker party bus that is jam packed with soft play equipment suitable for children aged 3-12 years!

Mix 94.5 Kids Slient Disco returns to Kids Wonderland this year. Grab yourself some wireless headphones and bust a move to your favourite tunes!

Other new exhibits include Mexican Magna Sand, Crayola Colour Castle, Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO Zone, Spring Free Trampolines and the Brownes Milking Station.

This year the Begin Bright Stage will welcome entertaining children's acts such as Mr Ricochet's Comedy Circus, Pierre Ulric Mysteries and Drum n Dance. 

Included in the ticket price, along with all the rides, is 1 free game on the Laughing Clowns or Rabbit Shooting Gallery plus 1 popcorn.  Children under 2 who have not paid for ticket will not be given a free token. Additional tokens will be available to purchase from the information booth.


Brownes Dairy will also be giving away samples of their brand new flavoured milk. 

You’ll need to bring along a bit of extra cash if you wish to purchase optional extras such as sideshow games, food, drinks and showbags.

Dinosaur merchandise is also on sale

This year a wider range of food options are available this year. JD’s Café will be there serving burgers, sandwiches and hot chips and you will also find The Wooden Box Cart offering a deluxe selection of healthy and delicious food options! Think nachos galore, stuffed potato skins, chicken tortillas and much more!

Parents can take a break in the City of Stirling Parent Oasis which is conveniently located next to the food outlets and the coffee stand.  

Nursing mothers will find a dedicated breast feeding zone in the Stirling Oasis Lounge which includes rocking chairs, changing tables and a microwave.


 Have fun!!!!

For more information visit www.kidswonderland.com.au  To buy your tickets CLICK HERE 

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