Oct 18th

Mills Park, Beckenham

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Mills Park in Beckenham is a 24ha recreational space that been transformed to create a community hub to increase sporting, leisure and social opportunities while protecting and celebrating the park’s natural assets.

The Mills Park Nature Play Space is an awesome playground suitable for children of all ages. The play space is nicely set out over a large area with plenty of space for families to throw down a picnic rug and spend the day.


Features include:
A large smooth concrete slide with an adjacent log and rock balancing area.

A Spider net


A birds nest swing


A wide range of timber climbing apparatus.


Wooden Teepees.


Double flying fox


A roundabout and swinging hammock


A fantastic water play area.


The playground also contains a path network that incorporates the existing wetlands area of the park which can be used for scooter and bicycle riding.


There are plenty of BBQ’s and picnic shelters positioned on the outskirts of the nature play area plus a large expanse of grassy space. A café is planned to open at the playground in the near future.


Toilets are housed in the Mills Park Centre and there is plenty of parking available.


Outside of the toilets is a climbing boulder.

Mills Park Nature Play Space is located on Brixton Street in Beckenham.

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Oct 18th

Nic & Kolo, Applecross

By Buggybuddys

Review by Estabelle Ang

Love it when theres a new cafe that is scootable from home! Nic & Kolo in applecross took over formerly Jacs in June and have revamped the place and it is now looking very bright and airy. A much needed addition to Applecross village. We took the opportunity to try it out one fine sunny morning. Nic & Kolo is located towards the applecross end of Ardross street.

Nic & Kolo, 45 Ardross Street

Plenty of outdoor seatings

Bright clean crisp interior

image image

Their menu is extensive and even has a special kids menu. Its always good to know that the little ones are well catered for. We decided on the buttermilk pancakes with slab bacon and the nut and seed cracker with avocado and poached eggs. Both were heavenly. Do also check out their website for meal specials such as $17 chargrilled rump steak and fries (wednesdays from 2.30pm) and also $15 Angus burger and beer (Thurs from 2.30pm).

Kids menu included




When we were there they were having an opening special, free cupcakes fromMarguerite Cakes, We had the matcha black sesame and salted caramel and they were simply to die for! They sell them on the weekends so do look out for them, flavours changes weekly.

image image

After our yummy breakfast, we continued our scooting journey to applecross foreshore, which is only a 5 minutes walk from the cafe. The little one had great fun running around the field and watched some fishermen fishing off the jetty. We finished our lovely morning with a play at the playground. Twas a lovely morning indeed.

image image image image image

Nic & Kolo
45 Ardross Street, Applecross
Sun – Tue: 7am – 4.30pm
Wed – Sat: 7am – 10pm

Oct 18th

Frisch and Barć, Como

By Buggybuddys

Review by Estabelle Ang

Frisch and Barć opened its doors a couple of months ago and its proven to be a big hit. We managed to pay them a visit for breakfast one day before heading to the zoo. It is conveniently located along canning highway in Como, South Perth. Easily identified by their iconic ‘fly’ logo.


When we got there, there were a couple of people before us waiting for a table. A lady came up and promptly took our names down and we waited outside till our table was ready, which wasn’t that long after all.


Orders are taken at the counter. While I was lining up, these gluten free cakes caught my eyes and boy do they look good, especially the one with the syringe filled with salted caramel goodness (from the gluten free table).


All parents will probably recognise where their table number picture comes from, good talking point with the kids. We ordered out usual coffees but instead of a babycino for the little one this time, we ordered the hot chocolate with toasted marshmallow on the side. It was heavenly. Skip the babycino this time and treat your little munchkin to this.


Hot chocolate with toasted marshmellow.


Little one’s scrambled eggs on toast.


Their signature Brioche french toast. Coconut and pandan custard, berry and apple compote with crushed pistachio.


Apple and pear bircher muesli with yoghurt, toasted coconut flesh, freeze dried lychees and mix berry compote.


Our meal was very satisfying. Service was very friendly and accommodating. We will definitely be back and this time I’ve got my eyes set on the Singapore chilli crab omelette.

Frisch and Barć
297 Canning Highway, South Perth
Tues – Sun: 7am – 3.30pm
Closed monday

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Oct 15th

Top 5 Tips for Celebrating Halloween

By Buggybuddys

Halloween night is when all things spooky come out to play, from ghosts to witches and anything in between. To ensure that you have a spooktacular evening of fun we’ve put together some top tips for how to celebrate on the 31st October.


1. Set the scene with spooky decorations
Nothing shouts Halloween better than the striking combination of orange and black. Discount shops will stock plenty of cheap decorations to inspire you, from spider webs and bats, to eerie doorbell chimes and scary skeletons. If you are feeling traditional, you can buy a real pumpkin and carve out a Jack-o-lantern that will look really effective lit up at your front door. In the lead up to Halloween, you can also get the kids on the job with easy Halloween craft kits that can be used as decorations for the frightening festivities.

2. Make ghoulish drinks
To serve a creepy drink you can add blended spinach to a healthy fruit punch to turn it a slimy green colour. No one will taste the spinach, but it will make your punch look the part!  Add some gummy worms for an extra gruesome touch. To create a Dracula blood punch use red cranberry juice and ginger ale. Orange Fanta makes a fun and easy Halloween drink if you aren’t feeling creative.


3. Serve frightening food
There are so many creative ideas for spooky and tasty Halloween snacks, just a Google away. Try out Marshmallow Ghosts, Eyeball Cake Pops, Meringue Bones, Blood-splattered Cookies, Candy Spiders, Witches’ Fingers and Graveyard Puddings, to name but a few. See Buggybuddys guide to easy Halloween food ideas

4. Play a gross guess-what-you-are-touching game
Drape a box with black cloth and have the kids reach in and touch different items without them looking at what they are touching… Cooked spaghetti feels like slippery worms or monster intestines. A bowl of canned peaches feels like slugs, and overcooked rice coated with oil feels like maggots. Peeled grapes make great eyeballs, and dried apricots can feel like ears. Make sure you have wet wipes for cleaning sticky fingers afterwards.


5. Dress up & go Trick or Treating in your neighbourhood

Your local council or a proactive neighbor may have sent out instructions as to how to mark your house for trick or treating on Halloween night. Some suggest a sticker or balloon on the postbox, or a note on the door. In general if a house is decorated it would be safe to say they would welcome little monsters seeking sweet treats. But be mindful of people that do not want to be disturbed – outside lights turned off may be a clue to avoid that house.  Also be aware that some Kids costumes are not flame resistant so be careful around open flame candles.


If you prefer to keep the festivities to home then why not set up a super scary Haunted Garden Walk-through. All you need is a few creepy sounds, fake spiders and a skeleton or two, plus some willing adults that can jump out unexpectedly, and a freaky storyteller to lead the way.  

When all is said and done for the night, and the sugar wears off, tuck your little monsters into bed and hope that they don’t have any nightmares!



Oct 15th

Drive Through Coffee at the Mullaoo Beach Hotel

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine

Located directly opposite the Pirate playground on the Mullaloo Foreshore is a new drive-through coffee kiosk, Coffee Time Beaches part of the Mullaoo Beach Hotel. Open 6am - 6pm (may open until 7pm in the Summer) they offer a unique blend Brazillian Coffee, Teas, Babychino's ($1) and freshly baked cakes including chocolate brownies and sticky date cakes.

drive through coffee mullaloo

The drive-through entrance is directly before the Dome Cafe and easily sign posted as you drive through to the ordering hatch. A buzzer goes off as you drive to the ordering hatch and someone will pop their head out and serve you straight to your car.  Great for busy parents with toddlers and babies who don't enjoy crossing the busy road to the local Dome Cafe or if the kids are sleeping after a long play on the playground. 


You can also order your take away drinks directly from the kiosk on the street where there are a few seating options and some banging tunes to listen to whilst you're waiting for your order.  This is a busy road so probably not suitable for parents with toddlers who are prone to bolting off into the sunset ;-)

coffee time beach coffee time beach mullaloo beach hotel

The Italian Manager, Matteo has told us they will be introducing takeaway food for you to enjoy including freshly made Pizza and Pasta. I can see this becoming quite popular in the Summer evenings when people want to enjoy the playground, grassed area and beach over a bite to eat.

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Oct 15th

Mullaloo Beach Playground

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine

Mullaloo Beach Playground

Mullaloo Beach actually has 2 separate playgrounds, a fabulous beach with Kiosk, a Dome Cafe and full service restaurant.  Mullaloo Beach Foreshore is a great location for family/group BBQ's and picnics as there's lots of open space for ball games and plenty of natural shade.

  • Shower blocks
  • Toilets
  • Beach
  • Good parking (although can get crowded on busy days)
  • Lots of shaded picnic shelters
  • Lots of BBQ's
  • 2 playgrounds 1 x sand based, 1 x soft fall
  • 1 playground has shade sails
  • Basketball hoop
  • 2 swings (1 x baby, 1 x toddler)
  • Coffee & Cake - across the road at the Dome Cafe and Drive through Coffee Kiosk
  • Restaurant - across the road at the Mullaloo Beach Hotel
  • Kiosk - on the beach selling chips, ice cream and drinks

This is the playground nearest the larger car park, shower and toilet block and further away from the Dome Cafe and Mullaloo Life Saving Club.

This playground is set on a soft fall surface, has shade sails and is suitable for walkers/toddlers.

The playframe is a mixture of ramps, steps, climbing area and slides.  There aren't too many open areas for a toddler to fall so I'm happy for my 2 year old to potter around without me holding her hand.

There are 2 rockers and some counting balls also in this shaded area.

There are 2 swings, a baby and a toddler/child swing.  This area isn't shaded and is set on a soft fall surface.  This area is quite close to the BBQ's, Basketball Hoop and plenty of shaded trees and picnic shelters.


The second playground at Mullaloo Beach Foreshore is closest to the Mullaloo Life Saving Club, Kiosk, Dome Cafe and Mullaloo Beach Hotel.  The playground is sand based and consists of 2 wooded playstructures in the shape of a boat and a ship.  

This playground opened in January 2013 and at the time of our visit didn't have any shade sails but does have some tree shade at different times of the day.

The larger "ship" is more suited to 3yrs + There are 3 ways to get onto the sloping platform via a climbing ramp which is quite steep, wooded ladder or to pull yourself up onto it.

Near to the larger ship is a "dish" swing.

The smaller "boat" playframe is more suited to older kids as you have to climb into the boat via a wooded ladder and there's a quite a big drop into the boat.

No playground is complete without a rocker.  Check out this wooden lobster, so cute!

Overlooking these nautical delights are two picnic tables and a large shelter.  

There are also a few more picnic shelters and BBQ's behind this shelter and throughout this side of the playground.

Directly opposite the playground is a new drive-through coffee kiosk part of the Mullaloo Beach Hotel where you can order from the kiosk on the road side or go through the drive through entrace and order from the hatch.

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Oct 15th

Geraldton Foreshore Youth Precinct

By Buggybuddys - Lorraine

Geraldton is a great holiday destination for families with kids of all ages, and it's also a great stop off point to grab a quick bite to eat and a leg stretch if you're travelling further up North. 

The Town Foreshore super playground is located directly outside the Geraldton Yacht Club overlooking Geraldton bay and is more suited to kids aged 4+.  

geraldton foreshore playground 

The main attraction is the Sky Walk, a huge roped bridge structure with connecting turrets and a long red slide that is 6 metres at it's highest point. Plenty of climbing is involved to get up to the rope bridge which my 5 year old managed quite easily.  

geraldton foreshore playground

geraldton foreshore playground

Alongside the rope bridge are two birds nest swings, great for toddlers to lay down on or groups of kids standing around the edge. These are also swings for less able bodied kids and adults. 

geraldton foreshore playground 

Two other interesting and relatively new pieces of play equipment to our parks are the NEOS games.  The games involves you listening to the voice instructions and watching the lights on various posts and pressing the right buttons in a specific order. A bit like "Simon Says". These are great fun to watch the kids running from one post to the next and several kids can play at once. 

geraldton foreshore playground 

geraldton foreshore playground

My kids had great fun on the liberty Variety Roundabout, suitable for wheelchairs and able bodied kids to ride together.  The rock climbing boulder is another new piece of equipment I've not seen before.

geraldton foreshore playground 

A table tennis table and table soccer are another two excellent features to this park. Not sure where you get the bats from for the table tennis though? For older kids there's also a basketball court.

geraldton foreshore playground geraldton foreshore basketball court

There's plenty of seating options around the playground but little shade, however you can cop a squat a little further away on the grassed area where there are some trees for shade.  We saw lots of families having a picnic around this area as there are water fountains and a big toilet block right next to the playground. The toilet facilities include an adult change-table and a hoist. 

geraldton foreshore playground


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Oct 14th

Easy Halloween Food Ideas

By Buggybuddys Jennie

Stuck for inspiration for easy Halloween food ideas? There are so many great ideas out there that I had to share what I found with you. If you are really time pressed check out the fruit ideas. Some are as simple as drawing a 'Jacko Lantern' face on an orange. Now the hardest part is what to choose to make!


Wicked Witch Cupcakes
Halloween food
Recipe from Martha Stewart

Cauldron Cupcake
Halloween Food
Recipe from Taste.com.au

Spider Cupcake
Halloween food
Recipe from allrecipes.com.au

Halloween Cake Pops
halloween food

Eye Ball Cake Pops
halloween food
Recipe from Bakerella

Halloween Jacko Jelly Lanterns
halloween food
From Taste.com.au

Spooky Halloween Jelly
halloween food
Idea from priddybooks.com

Halloween Jelly Cups
halloween food
Idea from cookmyway.com.au

Spider Lolly Pop
Halloween Food
Idea from scrapbookshoppe

Witch Hat Surprises
Halloween Food
Idea from better Homes and Gardens

Chocolate Covered Mashmallow Pumpkins
halloween food
Adventures of a betty crocker wannabe

Marshmallow Ghosts
Idea from allrecipes.com.au

Bat and Spider Chocolate Crackles
Halloween Recipes
Recipe from Taste.com.au

Halloween Pudding Cups
halloween food
Recipe from aturtleslifeforme.com

Strawberry Ghosts

Halloween food
Strawberry Ghosts idea from Taste of Home

Ghastly Pear Ghosts
halloween food
Taste of Home

Spooky Orange Snack
Halloween food
Idea from Pimpmydinner

Grape Eyes
halloween food
Idea from Allrecipes.com.au

Apple Monsters
halloween food
Idea from parents.com

Banana Ghost
Halloween food

Jacko Lantern Mandarins

Halloween Biscuits
halloween food
Recipe from letsbaketoday

Mummy Dogs
halloween food 
Mummy Dogs from Our Best Bites

 Eyeball Tarts
Halloween food 
Recipe from Taste.com.au

 Witches Hat Calzone
Halloween food From Better Homes and Gardens

 Halloween Blue Cheese Crackers
halloween food
Recipe from Martha Stewart 

 Halloween Bedeviled Eggs
halloween food 
Recipe from Martha Stewart 

Pumpkin Veggie Tray
halloween food
Idea from Taste of Home

Pizza Fingers
halloween food
From cute food for kids

Pumpkin Cheese Dip
halloween food
Recipe from allrecipes.com

Edible Eyeballs
halloween food
Idea from familyfungo.com

Red Back Spider Sandwich
halloween food 
Idea from taste.com.au

 Halloween Spider Sandwiches
halloween food Idea from Autism Learning Felt

 Creepy Crawly Sandwiches
halloween food 
From Super Healthy Kids

Oct 14th

Halloween Events in Perth 2016

By Georgia


Boo at the Zoo
Perth Zoo, South Perth

Saturday, 29th October, 5pm – 8pm

Dress to impress in your favourite Halloween costume, bring your own torch and treat bag to follow the trick-or-treat trail.

Your little monsters will enjoy a Monster Mash disco with prizes for best dressed, spooky storytelling, giveaways, roving entertainment, airbrush face-painting, carousel rides and more. See detailed timings below.

Those that are very brave can also visit the Extinction Graveyard but beware of the grim keeper.

Experience the Zoo as night time falls with even the animals staying up late to 6:30pm.*

Tickets are $15.50 (Under 2′s free). Tickets must be pre-purchased.

Halloween Scream
Whiteman Park 
Saturday, October 29th, 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Are you ready to have a scream this Halloween?!
Join us on Saturday 29 October, dressed up in your Halloween best for an evening of spooky fun with your little ghouls and gremlins!
Whether they are inclined to the magical or mysterious, Halloween Scream has plenty to keep the kids entertained, all in one location.
There will be spooky stories, creepy crafts, some circus tricks and food truck treats, face painting, slithering snakes, the Whiteman Ghost Train and more. 
Prizes full of tasty treats will be up for grabs for best costume and jack-o-lantern colouring competitions.

The 2016 Halloween Scream Costume Competition categories are:
* Hauntingly Homemade: open to all who make their own costumes! 

* Cute to Spook youngster: for 4 – 7 year olds
* Wild Things: for 8 – 14 year olds
* Ghoulish grown-ups: for mum & dad!
* Scream Squad: for matching duos, trios and more.
* Doggone cute: for the best dressed pooch.

All tickets $15. Suitable for children 4–12 years.
Free for Kids 3 yrs and under.

Kids Halloween Eve Party at AQWA
Sunday October 30th 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Come and explore AQWA after dark, on the eve of the spookiest day of the year! This Halloween Eve kids and parents have the chance to discover the slimy and sneaky antics of our sea creatures, at night! 

You’ll make your way through AQWA’s creepy passageways and crawling creatures to a Monster Mash Disco awaiting you in the AQWA Café. Dance, play games, meet “Sharky” and win prizes with our kids DJ and enjoy a kids meal followed by a slimy surprise dessert! All kinds of costumes are encouraged (funny, scary, sweet or silly!) and there will be a prize for most creative!

Adults can purchase food and drink from a limited café menu on the night. Please note children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout this event.

-$28 per child (including meal)
-$12 for accompanying adults (no meal)
-No further discounts apply.
-Tickets must be booked and paid in advance to attend this event. Payment required at time of booking. There will be NO tickets available at the door.
To book your ticket, contact functions@aqwa.com.au or (08) 9203 6622

Adventure World Fright Nights 2016
Adventure World, Bibra Lake
27th, 28th & 29th October
Adults $50, Child $40

26th October Little Monster Halloween Party for kids 10 and under. 
Adults $40, Child $35
Buy tickets online and save $5 per ticket on gate prices.

Ticket includes access to the park from 6pm – 11pm.

We dare you to join us for a wicked night of Halloween thrills.  There’s bloodcurdling rides, a ghoulish graveyard bar, thrilling entertainment, a  live DJ, zombie apocalypse and more.

And the little monsters can have a spookily good time in Dragon’s Creepy Kingdom. 
Brave the walking dead and experience Adventure World's thrill zone, with lighting, music, effects and the chance to ride all of your favourite thrill rides in the dark. Kraken, Abyss, Black Widow and Rampage have never been more terrifying! 

As the fairy dust settles and the moon emerges, Dragon’s Kingdom becomes an enchanting Halloween hub of excitement! Donica the Witch is back to entertain the littlest adventurers with all your favourite Halloween games including Monster Playdoh, I scream for Icecream and the Great Mummy Wrap. Yarli, Yarlotte and Flossy will join Donica for a fun & interactive performance and then Donica will judge the 10 years & under Best Dressed competition with a $300 Adventure World Gift Card to be won and treats for all entrants!   

Plus make sure you don’t miss this year’s special Halloween Party just for the little Monsters only on Thursday, 26th October. Beginning at 6pm until 8pm and hosted inside the Kreepy Kingdom, there will be games and prizes, a Monster Disco and much, much more! Be quick and grab your tickets today. This exclusive event is open to children 10 years old and under (plus parents or guardians), for one night only.

Happy Halloween
Claremont Showgrounds 
Sunday October 30th 1pm - 4pm or 5pm - 8pm. 

Get ready for a Fun-Filled Family Halloween at the Claremont Showgrounds, October 30th 2016!

Choose from either our day or night session of fun as witches, vampires, ghost, ghoulies and other halloweenies gather together for Perth’s first family-friendly Halloween event at the Claremont Showgrounds. Wash your claws, brush your fangs and prepare yourself for some freaky fun as sideshow alley comes to life with ghost trains, show rides, fun and safe door to door trick or treating, costume prizes, entertainment and so much more monstrous mayhem that will have both young and old not wanting to leave! 

We’re not asking for your soul, as just one low entry price will give you unlimited access to all the rides, entertainment and attractions!  There are so many spooky activities to ‘sink your teeth’ into so secure your tickets quickly as they won’t last for long once the zombies find out! 

Tickets $25. Children under 3 free. 

Rottnest Island Carnival
Saturday 29th October 10am - 12pm

After a sell out in 2014 & 2015, Rottnest Island Carnivale is set to be bigger, better and spookier than ever, with an entire day and night of festivities (Island-wide) raising funds for our very important charity partner - Telethon!

SPECIAL SAME-DAY RETURN FERRY TRAVEL - part proceeds to Telethon!
- $29 from Fremantle with Rottnest Express
- $39 from Hillarys Boat Harbour with Rottnest Fast Ferries
- $49 from Perth City with Rottnest Express 

SPECIAL EXTENDED-STAY RETURN FERRY TRAVEL - part proceeds to Telethon! (available from 27th Oct - 1st Nov 2016)
- $59 from Fremantle with Rottnest Express 
- $59 from Hillarys Boat Harbour with Rottnest Fast Ferries

From 10 - 4pm, the Island will be teaming with devious pirates, majestic mermaids, Telethon Adventurers and much, much more. Various event zones will be dotted around the Island with bundles of entertainment and activities for families and friends to enjoy.

From 10am - 4pm, the Island will be teaming with devious pirates, majestic mermaids, Telethon Adventurers and much, much more:
- Free Event Zones dotted around the Island 
- Free entertainment and performances incl. WA Birds of Prey
- Discounted tours and activities
- Live Music
- Food theatre by The Forever Project
- Delicious selection of food and beverage deals across Island
- Pirate Treasure Hunt Competition - prize to be announced!

From 5pm til late, watch as the Island transforms into a fine evening of food and entertainment. Put on your spookiest outfit and join us on a Trick or Treat tour, take part in a "best dressed competition" or relax under the stars at the outdoor cinema. Various venues throughout the island will also be hosting festivities.

- Free evening walks incl. Ghost & Trick or Treat tours
- Halloween Face Painting
- Best-dressed Halloween Competition 
- Free Outdoor Cinema (featuring a spooky family classic)
- Indoor Cinema (screening a Horror film for big kids/ adults)
- Halloween-themed Settlement Food Village
- Zombie Silent Disco
- Plus more food and dance parties to be announced

Visit www.rottnestisland.com/carnivale for the 2016 program!

Jindowie Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Mariala Vista Park. Sunday 30th October 11am - 2pm 

There will be plenty of fun tricks and delicious treats for young and old at the Jindowie Halloween Scavenger Hunt at Mariala Vista Park on Sunday, October 30th. 

Little Devils and Wicked Witches will love the Spooky Scavenger Hunt and gloriously ghoulish Mysterious Mystery Box activity. There will also be creepy cupcakes for decorating, Halloween crafts, face painting, prizes for the creepiest costume and of course, the now famous Mariala Vista Park super slippery slide!

Mums and dads can purchase from a selection of gourmet treats and beverages and delicious barista-brewed coffee.

Boo on the Beach
Sorrento Quay Boardwalk
Sunday 30th October 1.30pm. 

Enjoy an exciting 40 minute fun filled Halloween Themed Interactive Show for Mini Moshers of all ages. Dance, sing, move and groove. Costumes encouraged!

A Monster Halloween Festival
Perth City Farm. Sunday 30th October 2pm - 7pm.
Cost: $10 per ticket

Diversity Entertainment proudly presents: ‘A Monster Halloween Festival 2016’: Our very first official fun-filled event that is open to all ages, so make sure to come and celebrate this year’s Halloween festival with us! The event will be packed with exciting activities including:

‘A Monster Star’: A talent showcase for those who are brave enough to release their hidden monstrous abilities! 
Special performances that will send shivers down to your spine!
Humongous variety of food from all over the world
Finally, don’t miss our very own KPOP Pop-up store: JSupreme coming back to life!

The festival will also include a cosplay you have never seen before! If you love to cosplay or just have been waiting f
or a chance to dress up on Halloween, then this is definitely the cue for you to go! 

Spooky Hall
Welcome to our home haunt Spooky Hall at 24 Narrien Loop, Hocking, Western Australia. Halloween night is Monday 31st October. Trick or Treaters welcome 6pm - 9.30pm. All in the name of fun and raising money for the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation. Stitches Bear will be visiting from 6pm. We will again this year be selling Halloween cupcakes, box of 6 cupcakes (red velvet flavor with buttercream frosting) $20 a box and Mummy Pops (oreo biscuit in white chocolate on a stick) for $1 each with all proceeds going to Perth Children's Hospital Foundation.

Bunnings Halloween Workshops
Joondalup Store
Saturday, October 29th & 30th
Halloween Workshops - DIY, Dress ups, Fun & Games


Atlantis Halloween Disco
Atlantis Play Centre, Clarkson
Saturday 29th October, 6pm – 8pm
Ticket includes face painter, games, hot meal, drink & disco.

Tickets: Ages 1–3: $15.95 ; Ages 4–12 $19.95. Non walkers $5. 
Call 9407 8833 to buy tickets.

Lollipop's Halloween Disco
Lollipop's Bayswater 
Friday 28th October 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Come dressed in your spookiest costume at our next Halloween Lollipops Disco! Join the excitement as Bop Til You Drop guides you through fun, games and amazing dance moves! Let off some steam in the play frame, get refreshed at our Lollipops Ghoul Café and join in the dancing on the disco floor.
Please remember your socks.

Tickets $17.00 per child – includes chicken nuggets & chips and a poptop.

Go Bananas Spooky Halloween Disco
Go Bananas Play Centre, Joondalup
Friday, 28th October, 6:30pm-9pm

Ticket Only Event: Ages 9m–2yrs $7; 3–12yrs $13; Adults $3 (includes coffee voucher)
Its time for our annual Halloween night.
Whether you want to enjoy the disco dj and facepainting or make it an opportunity to wear your Halloween costume twice.
Come along and enjoy this amazing evening with your family.
Ticket only event so call now to get your tickets on 9301-5133

Full of Fun Halloween Spooktacular
Full of Fun Malaga
Friday 28th October 5pm - 8pm

Calling all Goblins, Ghosts and Freaks of the night!!! 
Creep, float or crawl over to our Halloween Costume Party.
Each child in costume will receive a free treat bag!
Special spooky treats will be available
Deadly cute free face painting for all kids 
Spooktacular activities to be announced soon!
You'd be Ghoulish to miss this party! 

Entry - $10 per child

Squids Halloween Party & Market
Squids Family Playcentre
Friday 28th October 5pm - 9pm

Squids are throwing a Halloween Party. Come dressed up with the kids for a play and loads of free activities. Face Painting, Nail Painting, Coloured Hair Spray, Balloon Animals and more.
Busy Bee Markets will also be here. Raffles, Door Prizes and Best Costumes giveaways. 
Come and support a locally owned and opperated business and market stallholders.
Full Cafe Service open and we exclusively serve Yahava Koffeeworks Tea and Coffee.

Children 1-12 years are $16.50 - Adults and babies under 12 months are free.
Limited Tickets available.

Chipmunks Spooky Fun
Friday 28th October, 5pm – 8pm
Tickets $12.90

Join in the Spooky Fun at Chipmunks Wanneroo, Cockburn, Mandurah, Port Kennedy and Whitfords (6pm - 9pm). 

Kidsland Halloween Trick or Treat Disco
Kidsland Indoor Playground, Coolbinia
Saturday, 29th October, 4pm – 7pm
Tickets $10. 

Prizes for the Best Dressed and Lolly Buffet onsite.

Beach House Happy Halloween Party
The Beach House, Balcatta
Friday 28th October, 5pm - 8pm
Tickets $5. 

Entry $5 (1 yr - 14 yrs)
A small serve of Nuggets & Chips for $3
Water or Juice Box $2
Adults Entry is Free 
Coffee and Food available to purchase on the night!
Please wear your favorite halloween costume.
Socks MUST be worn


The Scream
Westfield Whitford City. Saturday 29th October 11am - 5pm

Ghosts & Goblins, spooks galore... scary witches are at our door! Jack-o-Lanterns are shining bright, we welcome you to our haunting fright!
Dress up and join us for The Scream 2016 this Halloween weekend.

Masks, Capes & Accessories Workshops: put the finishing touches on your Halloween costumes with FREE workshops from 11am - 2pm, Saturday 22 October and Saturday 29 October in Centre Court! For more info, click here.

Exclusive Halloween Movie Club Screenings: we've got a frightful line-up of Halloween classics in store for you - stay tuned!

Spooky Campfire Stories: hear terrifying tales of the various ghosts & goblins haunting the mall from 2pm - 5pm in Centre Court.

Potion Class: cast spells on your enemies and protect yourself against evil spirits in Potion Class, open from 2pm - 5pm opposite Country Road!

Costume Competition: dress frightfully, strut the haunted catwalk (opposite Country Road) and capture the moment for your chance to WIN a special prize! Stay tuned as we release more information.

A SPOOK-TACULAR TRICK-OR-TREAT: delight in sneaky tricks and marvellous treats at our FREE main event. Open from 2pm-5pm on Saturday 29 October; will you experience a sweet surprise... or end up trying to hide your eyes? Brave the witches at the end of your adventure to find a delicious reward stewing in their cauldrons!

Complete with face-painting, lollies, clowns, witches & more - Westfield Whitford City is the "safest" place to trick-or-treat this year!

Festivities commence at 11am, be there or be... scared. It's going to be a scream!

Ocean Keys Spooky Halloween Fun
Ocean Keys Shopping Centre, Clarkson
Thursday, 27th October, 4pm – 5pm

Muddleford Wizard's Crazy Show
Near Target from 4pm
It's time to pull out your spookiest costume and join us and Muddleford Wizard for a funny Halloween show at 4pm. There will be a Monster Mash costume competition with some great prizes up for grabs! 

Halloween Hunt
27 - 31 October, while stocks last
Collect your clue sheet from the Information Desk and join the hunt for the missing spooky spiders hidden around the centre. There will be some great treats from participating stores along the way!

Monster Mash Boo in the Hood
Inglewood Markets, Bob Daniels Centre. Monday 31st October 7.15pm

Mini Moshers of all ages will unite to enjoy a Monster Mash show exclusive to the amazing Inglewood Markets. Ticket holders will be treated (with limited trickery) to a 40 minute Halloween themed performance with singing, dancing, moving and grooving with other like minded music loving friends and family. A wonderful opportunity to bond and boo with your crew! PLEASE NOTE - All participants (fee paying and FREE) must obtain a ticket.


Spooky Halloween Kids Eat Free
The Ashby Bar & Bistro Monday 31st October 5.30pm - 8pm

Kids, dress up this halloween for Kids eat Free (evening) and you can win prizes at The Ashby! 
We will also have gift bags and prizes for best dressed!

Trick or Treat Spooky Disco
Peel Alehouse. Sunday 30th October 1.30pm - 3.30pm. 

Trick or Treat at the Peel Alehouse this Halloween! On Sunday October 30th we invite kids of any kind (witches, vampires, goblins, the lot!) to celebrate in a spooktacular kids disco! Complete with smoke machine, strobe light and creepy decorations, bring the kiddies down for an afternoon of frights! We'll be handing out awesome prizes for best dressed boy and girl, giving out free lolly bags and completing their outfits with free face painting!

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Top 5 Tips for Halloween

Oct 13th

Kalahari A Taste of Africa, Wanneroo  

By Georgia

Kalahari A Taste of Africa is a unique café that celebrates South African culture with a delicious menu of traditional food as well as truly good coffee, in a relaxing friendly atmosphere.


This café is like an oasis for homesick South African migrants! Its eclectic mix of traditional farmhouse tables and chairs and African memorabilia tugs at the heartstrings. Comfy sofas invite you to sink into them and soak up the vibe. There is so much to look at from old newspaper clippings covering the walls, to classic tins, bespoke framed artworks and an abundance of quirky South African décor touches. Some items are even available for sale.



The other half of the Kalahari venue is a shop selling South African food products, as well as a Biltong Bar (traditional dried meat) and fridges of fresh food such as boerewors (farm sausage), steak meat, milk tarts and koeksisters (donuts).


The cosy café menu boasts delicious traditional Vetkoek – South African fried bread that is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside and is served with your choice of savoury or sweet fillings.


There are a few Breakfast options such as the ‘Plaas’ (farm) fry up which features very South African boerewors and pap.

Another favorite is the ‘Bunny Chow’, which is ½ loaf of bread filled with mild lamb curry (the bread is scooped out to create a ‘bowl’. Or try the South African version of Sausage Sizzle: Gourmet Boerie Rolls!

For a refreshing drink, try the various Rooibos tea beverages (red bush tea) which is a very healthy caffeine free option – you won’t be disappointed. There are also cakes to tempt your sweet tooth…

When we were there, the café had a small kids corner featuring an old school desk and a play kitchen with toys as well as colouring-in books. Assorted reading material such as South African magazines are available for those who like to dine alone.

There are two other Kalahari Cafés in Perth – Willeton and Clarkson. Opening hours are 9am – 5:30pm / Monday – Saturday. Closed Sundays.

Follow Kalahari A Taste of Africa on Facebook 



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