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Published by: Buggybuddys - Lorraine on 25th Jul 2013 | View all blogs by Buggybuddys - Lorraine
Cnr Kent Street & Queens Park Road, Wilson, Perth, 6107
(08) 9358 4884

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This gorgeous cafe makes for a great family day out in the beautiful Canning River Regional Park.

It's best to reserve a table if you're going to visit the cafe at the weekend.  We were lucky and were seated for Sunday lunch within a few minutes.

It's outdoor seating only with shade sails in the summer and heaters in the winter.  


There are great views from the cafe overlooking the Canning River.  We took the kids scooters and they were happy to scoot around directly outside the cafe whilst we waiting for our food.

The views are simply stunning and it's a great idea to go on a nature trail walk around the regional park.  There are maps near the entrance to the car park.


It's the little things that make a family restaurant special when they provide things such as thick blankets to wrap up in during the winter months.  We were super cosy sat outside wrapped up together and the kids loved this little touch.


There's a full breakfast menu to choose and lunch is served from 11:30am onwards which also includes an all day full english breakfast.  The menu is small and focuses on quality rather than quantity.  Lots of vegetarian and gluten free options to choose from. We had a variety of meals from the classic yummy burger, steak and chips and a classic grilled fish and chips with salad.

As usual the kids chose their favourite fish and chips with some salad.

We were seated very quickly and welcomed by the manager who couldn't have been more accomodating to us.  Helping us with blankets and choice of our meals.  

Food and drinks arrived very quickly (to the delight of me and the kids). 

We also indulged in a few take away gluten free cakes which were truly deliscious!!!   


After our meals we went for a walk to see the Black Swans and to check out the playground.

The playground is sand based and includes a slide, climbing, tunnels and a pendulum swing - which is ideal if both your kids weigh the same, not if they don't!


We'd planned our family day out to also visit the Miniature railway which runs the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from the Wilson station located next to the playground, river and cafe.

I can honestly say that Miss little nearly 3 and Mr 5 LOVED it!!  And I think as you can see from the pictures, Granny and Grandpa also thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's a great way to see some of the river, wildlife and scenary and to experience these great train engines.


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  • jillwozhere
    by jillwozhere 3 years ago
    Thanks to this website I went to this cafe yesterday with my mother, mother in law, youngest grown up son, daughter and my daughter's children, ages 2,5 and 7. (My two elder grandkids had a pupil free day) Although it was a normal Thursday, the cafe was quite busy. It was lunch time and a pleasant day so perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised, but it is quite hidden away, up the back streets, there beside the river. The food was very tasty and some healthy choice foods available, the service was excellent and friendly. There were a variety of toys for children to play with and even books to amuse them. Also they sell dog treats for dog owners. It was a bit of a battle to keep the children seated rather than allow them to run about playing, but the other diners were all very laid back and seemingly unworried about a few children being children. We had a pleasant meal and when we were done took the kids to play at the nearby park, after which we took a very pleasant walk where the children's imaginations went wild and they had a great time exploring. Little two year old Emily thought it would be a great idea to stand on top of a convenient, Emily sized hill, but fortunately Grandma immediately saw it was a heavily populated bull ant hill and swept her quickly up from it! Thankfully no bites ensued. A really great day was had by all thanks to Buggy Buddies and your great suggestions. Instead of just a normal boring old lunch, we managed to have, not only a pleasant lunch in great surroundings, but also several more happy, well spent, hours together afterwards.
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