Whodunit? Exhibit, Scitech 

Published by: TheChefsWife on 27th May 2017 | View all blogs by TheChefsWife

Review by Amanda Carlin 

fun new exhibit has arrived at Scitech! Whodunit? shows how technology helps the police and scientists to solve crimes.

Here, the crime scene is at a zoo “Menagerie Park”, where the security guard has been shot and their prized white rhino has been stolen. Oh no! Can you help to solve this terrible crime?

The exhibit is recommended for children aged eight years old and over, due to its theme on murder and the use of a few “dead bodies”.

The interactive exhibition, featuring forensic technologies, is designed to get kids (and adults!) crime solving. There is a mix of hands-on experiences where you need to use your mind and senses to help solve the murder mystery.

Kids get a “crime file” which they use to write down the answers to all the clues they solve along the way.

There are lots of activity stations, each showcasing a forensic science such as finger-printing, chromatography, autopsies, footprints and DNA samples used to gather evidence.

Our highlights of the Whodunit? exhibit are:  

Creating an identikit on a touch screen of the suspect, using the witnesses directions “He had blue eyes”, “his hair was longer”, “his eyebrows were thinner” and so on, till you come up with an accurate likeness of the suspect.

Examining clothing using florescent light for clues like fibres from the victim’s clothes.

Comparing tyre prints from the crime scene against the car tyre treads of the suspects.

Looking at an autopsy to determine how the victim died. There’s three full body models of the victim, intact, after the autopsy and its skeleton. By looking at bruising, bullet holes and broken bones you can try to figure out what caused the victim’s death.

Comparing the handwriting on a ransom note to pens owned by some of the suspects.

Looking at a crime scene to determine what happened, listening to suspicious sounds on a telephone call for clues, taking rubbings of show prints left at the crime scene, be a witness by watching the video and then see how observant you were by answering key questions and much, much more!

Whodunit? is a really fascinating exhibition on forensic sciences that are used help solve crimes, particularly murders. It engages older kids and I really enjoyed it too! After gathering all our clues we correctly guessed the guilty person/people. It might even encourage and inspire some kids to pursue a career in forensics. Get down to Whodunit? at Scitech now, it’s on for a limited time in the BHP Billiton Exhibition Gallery.

There are also online Whodunit? activities to try at home… http://whodunit.scitech.org.au/

Find out more at scitech.org.au

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