A Birthday Party at The Cuddly Animal Farm, Swan Valley

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Joint Leila’s 3rd and Cooper’s 1st Birthday Party
Venue: Cuddly Animal Farm, Swan Valley
Month: July
Cake baked or bought: Both baked
Entertainers: None
Number of children: 14 aged 3-5 and 10 aged 7 months to 16 months
Number of adults: 20
Total Cost: approx. $750

The Venue
When looking for somewhere for my daughter’ 3rd birthday and my son’s 1st birthday there were a few boxes that needed to be ticked.

First of all, is there somewhere undercover as you can never tell if it’s going to be a gorgeous winters day or absolutely chucking it down. Secondly, somewhere that would entertain the little ones as well as the older ones.

So I chose the Cuddly Animal Farm in the Swan Valley, we have visited the farm for the last few years anyway so my daughter was really excited when I booked it.

To reserve one of two rooms inside all you had to do was put a $50 deposit down and pay the remaining $200 on the day. I chose the self-catering option as I don’t like the lack of variety and healthy options on everyone’s party food choices.

So we had a large room all to ourselves with a couple of little ovens and a microwave. It had one long table and little chairs down the middle and three big tables along the walls. We hung some decorations up and they had a sign outside the door with their names on it so everyone knew where to go.
They have two sessions where you can bottle feed lambs and goats, parties don’t get first priority but I knew the schedule so I got everyone assembled and we all got a turn.

Its quiet sandy and a little dirty but hey what farm isn’t and the kids just absolutely love it!

Just outside the room are all the little guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, piglets and lambs that the kids can hold and pat.

Outside on the farm are lots of paddocks filled with various animals like ponies, rabbits, ducks, geese (which are not everyone’s favourite) and lamas.

They had pony rides available which the kids loved, its extra but only $5 per child who wants one.

There is a couple of playgrounds and on non-rainy days a big bouncy castle.nyway.

Oh and the best part is the tractor rides, that is a hit with every child.

The entertainment.
We didn’t book any outside entertainment as I thought there would be plenty at the farm to keep the kids occupied and there was. The room hire is for three hours but around 60% of us stayed until late in the afternoon enjoying all the farm has to offer.

The Cakes
Every birthday I’ve always baked and decorated the cakes myself, I love doing it and you can tailor it to exactly what you and the child wants.So luckily this year my daughter chose a kite, which it just the easiest thing to make, basically a rectangle on an angle so I was pleased with that and I chose an old fashioned Australian lawnmower for my son.

I planned on making them the day before when both kids were at nursery but those plans were shattered as they both couldn’t attend nursery because they woke up with a touch of conjunctivitis so I ended up baking them that night, icing away until 11pm at night. So maybe not a great idea but they turned out lovely and much cheaper doing it yourself. 

I found all the ingredients and decorations at the supermarket, a sweet shop called Licorice and my sewing cupboard. However, a week later I took my first trip to Spotlight and I was knocked off my feet, they have everything you could ever think of to bake and decorate a cake for professionals to novices. So next year that’s where I will be heading, also for balloons, decorations and little party bag items too.

The Food
Every party we have attended prior to February 2011 has been in the UK and no one ever catered for the adults. We have always done so as most parties have been held over lunch and by the end I’m famished. So we catered for the kids and adults.

For the kids we had;
Party pies and sausage rolls
Fruit platters
Fairy bread
Vegemite and PB&J sandwiches
Little bowls of assorted lollies
Caramel popcorn
Juice boxes

For the adults we had;
Party pies and sausage rolls
Fruit platters
A cheese and spinach dip in big hollowed out bread rolls
Fizzy drinks

After being to a few parties in the months before, there was always an abundance of food left over from the kids so I made sure I didn’t go overboard. Then I encouraged everyone to wrap some things up to take home as my two always ask for food as soon as we get in the car from a party.

The hits of the day where the fruit platters, pies and sausage rolls, the caramel popcorn, the adults devoured the dip and also helped to “tidy” up the kids table.

I didn’t keep a track of what I spent, I just remember that every time I went to the shops it was about $200.

I wanted to do it ‘Farm’ themed but in the end I went for a mix of pink and blue, so everything was alternated, tablecloths, bowls, plates and napkins. It turned out quiet nice actually. We had Farm themed hats which they all loved so that was enough, otherwise it could have looked too much. I purchased everything for that from Big W, they had a great range of varying prices so it was a quick in and out which was great.

Party Bags
I had left over Peppa Pig bags from the year before so I used those again this year. I went to Big W and got everyone a big farm animal, a chocolate farm animal and a couple of other farm nic naks and some glow sticks from Crazy Clarks. Each bag came to $5 each.

I’ve always imagined that I would cater for my kids birthdays but after this one I’m starting to lean to hiring a room in a playcentre with all the food catered for and accepting the added cost, not that it was too hectic and crazy but we took two pictures that were hardly viable for their scrap books and I just felt I was running about a little too much. I might have forgotten by next year but we will see.

In hindsight, it’s probably not the best place for a ‘teething crawler’ as they get so dirty and there are lots of potential bugs on farms that they could catch as washing their hands every five minutes isn’t an option.

In the end, the kids had a fantastic time on the farm and so did the parents.

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