Meet the Buggybuddys Team


Lorraine Swart  - Founder/Sales & Marketing Director
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Lorraine Swart   Lorraine has spent 23 years in the PR & Marketing industry working for some very very large internationally recognised IT companies as well as a few boutique one's.  During her career Lorraine worked her PR magic with some well known retailers and banks back in London, including Tesco, Marks and Spencers and Barclays Bank.  
When Web 2.0 hit the media maniac's Lorraine was instrumental in positioning her organisation at the forefront of this cutting edge terminology and technology...resulting in a well sort after research report with soundbites quoted in news articles across the world...the Financial Times, The Sun (don't ask!!) and even reached Australia's own Sydney Herald and Post.   Whilst working with a cutting edge social media consultancy Lorraine got first insight into how powerful a marketing and PR tool the internet can be.  Using these tools and techniques Lorraine and Jennie are bringing this social media and word of mouth phenomenon to Perth with their Buggybuddys concept...helping families find friends
Jennie McNichol - Founder/Editor/Social Media Manager
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  Jennie, mother of 2, has spent 10 years working for BBC studios in London in the role Production Co-ordinator. She has had the privilege of working on some of the UK's most high profile television shows such as 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross', 'Parkinson' and 'Children in Need' and films such as 'Atonement' and 'Starter for Ten'. 
Jennie feels that her experience in dealing with demands of some of the world's most recognisable (and demanding) celebrities have prepared her for the the challenging role of motherhood. Having to deal with requests such as 'X will not come and do her rehearsal unless she gets her tea served in a cup not a mug' and 'Y will only entertain white furniture in her dressing room' are very similar to the demands now placed on her by her 4 & 6 year old daughters!
Jennie loves gathering information and has set herself the task of making sure that the Buggybuddys website contains every piece of useful information that will make families lives in Perth easier and full of fun! Jennie's motto is "If we don't know about it, it isn't worth knowing!"
Georgia Millad - Newsletter Editor/Writer

A dedicated fulltime mom to two gorgeous girls, Georgia has a background in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing, and helps put together the weekly Buggybuddys newsletter. She also contributes blogs and reviews of kid friendly places and events around Perth. She plans to grow her proofreading and editing business part-time.

Georgia Vergano-Van Niekerk - Events Manager/Writer

Georgia was born in Italy and moved to the UK when she was 22 years old. She has worked for several years in customer service and 10 years in Tourism where she fullfilled her passion for languages and travelling. Georgia met her husband David, who is South African, in London 13 years ago. They have two very active boys; Joshua 4 yr old and Liam 3 yr old.
Georgia and her family moved to Perth in December 2011 in search of sunshine and quality of life for their young family. Georgia absolutely loves Perth and the whole 300 days a year of sunshine that comes with it.
Georgia met Jennie and Lorraine through Buggybuddys almost as soon as she arrived in Perth; Buggybuddys was still a "baby" then. Buggybuddys was a huge support for her when she arrived to find her steps and meet new families in Perth.
She is now enjoying being part of the Buggybuddys team; seeing it grow and helping other families each day. 

Alisha Severson - Writer

Alisha moved to Perth from California 3 years ago. She has three children; McKinley, Everest, and Hagen, all named after mountain peaks. McKinley is 13 and is a self proclaimed, "soccer playing, singing sensation." Everest is 11 and prefers climbing, jumping, and running rather than team sports. Hagen is a 4 year old that keeps them all young at heart. The family pet is a border collie called Bindi, who fits into their crazy household quite nicely. As for Alisha, she's the one who plans all the "fun" for the crew. She has a Master's Degree in Audiology, and has dreams of working with children in the "Hearing Health Industry" again someday. But for now all her wisdom is used up at home raising the kids, training the dog, and seeking out the next family adventure!

Kate Vallance - Writer
  Kate has 2 children (16 months apart - ha ha!) and after spending a few years at home when they were little she is now back working part time as a Financial Advisor. Kate is originally from London where she got her degree from the London School of Economics and then worked in Project Management in the City, before moving to Australia in 2002. She re-trained in Australia and started working as a Financial Advisor. Kate loves holidays 'down south' in the Margaret River region and her favourite holiday destination at the moment is Dunsborough. She contributes to Buggybuddys by writing reviews on kid friendly places to eat at and visit around Perth and down south. 
Estabelle Ang - Writer

Estabelle is a mum to an active and curious 22 month old boy. Originally from Singapore, Estabelle obtained her PhD in orthopaedics and is currently focusing on bone regeneration research. She met her husband in Perth and have settled down here since and agrees that Perth is one of the best places earth to raise a family. When not in the laboratory, Estabelle enjoys running and just being out and about with her family. And yes, she enjoys her coffee too. She is very excited to be part of the Buggybuddys team and looks forward to showing you more kid friendly places to go and places to see.

Jacqui Snelgar - Writer    
  Jacqui is a stay-at-home mother of 4 currently studying towards Diploma in Early Childhood Education who enjoys keeping busy and being out & about with her family.
Stephanie Rae - Writer    
  Stephanie has always had a love for writing. From a very young age her mother introduced her to the wonderful world of books and encouraged her interest in creative writing by always having a pen and paper at the ready to capture inspiration. Stephanie would go on to complete a year at Edith Cowan University studying Writing and Drama and achieving high distinctions in the fields. Alas her literary world made way for her new love and future husband. Fourteen years and two crazy kids later, being Mum to her six year old son and three year old daughter is a joyous achievement with the most gratifying comical perks.Stephanie is also the owner of two Music and Movement Programs Jazzie Cazzies and Pirates and Pirouettes where she dons a tutu and the occasional parrot and gleefully dances and entertains children under five in the southern suburbs of Perth. Stephanie is also part of the Bollywood Dance Studio team where she is both a teacher and performer. When she does find the time, writing is always a great outlet and being part of the BuggyBuddys team is a surreal honour!
Janelle Koenig - Writer
  Janelle Koenig has been funny since – well – birth but her comedy career started more than ten years ago when she was discovered at the inaugural Jeez Louise Funny Women’s Forum.
Since then, she’s performed at Comedy and Fringe Festivals around the country and laughed her way from Marble Bar to Moe, and Broad Meadows to Broome.
Janelle has made multiple appearances on Foxtel’s Comedy Channel, advertisements and Channel 31, and even represented Australia on Last Comic Standing in Miami, Florida for NBC.
In 2010, Janelle relocated permanently to Perth where she has become a core member of local impro group ‘The Big Hoo Haa’, and a popular headliner and MC. She is also the resident MC at Girlz Night Out – Perth’s premier ladies’ comedy night and currently features regularly on 92.9fm.
In 2012 Janelle supported Wayne Brady’s ‘Brother Down Under’ Tour, Puppetry of the Penis 3D and Joel Creasey’s ‘Naked’ - all to sell out crowds and much acclaim.
Janelle is an accomplished comedian, a mum of two little girls (aged 4 and 1 and no there won't be any more thanks for asking) and mediocre guitarist. She’s proud to consider herself a ‘real woman’ but keeps her skinny jeans ‘just in case’.
Kerrianne Millington - Events Manager/Accounts Manager
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