Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

If you don’t already know about Atlantis Play Centre in Clarkson, then you are in for a treat. Birthday parties at this fabulous play centre are hot this season!

We tried out the venue for our 7 year old’s birthday party and were not disappointed. The entire experience for me as a parent was smooth and pleasant making the event feel like a breeze.

Atlantis boasts an abundance of fun, exciting and creative equipment with a nautical theme throughout. An inflatable section allows for plenty of bouncy fun, and climbing walls, towers and tunnels, slides and hideouts keep the kids playing for hours.

The four spacious themed Party Rooms are: Pirates Cabin, Disco, Mermaid and Underwater World. Three are located upstairs, and the fourth (Underwater World) is positioned downstairs closer to the toilets and the play area. The downstairs room is more suitable for little ones and mums with prams. But each party room booking also secures you a reserved table alongside the play area for the adults to supervise your kids during playtime.

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, ClarksonAtlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

In each party room, there is a huge inflatable throne chair for the birthday child to sit in at the head of the table. This was a big hit with the Birthday girl who felt very special sitting on it. The rooms are spacious so there is plenty of room for the adults to mill around the edges without being on top of the kids.

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

The party is structured so that upon arrival the kids can drop their presents and belongings off at the party room, and then get right into the playing for the first hour or so to work up a good appetite. The hostess then makes an announcement on the loudspeaker to call the kids back to the room for food.

The party food consists of a good variety to suit most kids:
Fairy bread
Pizza slices
Chicken Nuggets
Hot Chips
Mini Cupcakes
Assorted Cut Sandwiches

Ice cream with sprinkles is served afterwards.

Unlimited Jugs of water and orange cordial are placed on the table and refilled as needed. (These are also provided on the table downstairs to quench thirsty kids.)

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, ClarksonAtlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

We chose to have the birthday cake (Bring Your Own) straight after the food because we thought the kids would struggle to come back again once they were released to play. The Party hostess organised a knife and matches.

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

The Disco Room includes a sparkly glitter ball on the ceiling and modern wall decals. It is the most neutral room if your child has a theme that they want to add (we had a Minecraft theme and they put out green plates for us). Table decorations are simple but colourful.

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

The bonus to the Disco Room is that after the food has been demolished, the hostess leads some party games and dancing to the latest music – the room is darkened for the light effects, and the kids play musical statues and bumps. For older kids, this is a great extra entertainment and ‘cool’ factor.

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

Perhaps the most impressive part of the party experience from a parent’s point of view is the hostess. She does everything like a silent fairy, which is a real treat, allowing for a truly stress-free party.

The hostess sets up (adding any additional table décor you want to bring along), cleans up, serves the food, pours drinks, cuts and serves the cake and to my surprise even thinks of providing you with a black bag for easily transporting all the birthday presents back to your car at the end of the party.

Small lolly bags are included in the party cost. I chose to add these to my own themed bags with a few trinkets that I had bought elsewhere.

Party Prices:

$30 per child for first 10 children
($25 per additional child with a maximum of 25 children per party room)

Included in price:
Branded party invites
90mins playtime, 30 mins in party room approx.
Party host
Party bags (lollies only)
Birthday child gets a free voucher for a return visit.

Rides on the Go Kart track are not included in the cost of your party unless you purchase extra tickets at a discounted price of $3 per child. We chose not to buy them, and this didn’t bother the kids – in fact, no one complained at all as there was so much else to do.

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

The Coral Party option is available downstairs near the café at a special yellow table, which is out in the open amongst the public tables. This option is cheaper, but you do not get the help of a party hostess and the food range is smaller. Also, there is a maximum of 15 kids allowed for this party.

Atlantis Play Centre Kids Birthday Parties, Clarkson

Pre-schoolers can have morning parties midweek for $18 a head. See website for details.

DON’T FORGET YOUR SOCKS! Consider taking some extra pairs along in case guests forget to bring them.

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