Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

Belmont Oasis is a family aquatics centres suitable for kids of all ages.

The main family pool is beach entry and shallow throughout (ideal for a 4yr old + to stand.  It’s a small family pool and the spectator area around it is very small, with only a few tables and chairs to put your bags on or to spectate.

Belmont Oasis has a raised baby pool area you see here has a fountain flowing onto it.  I did see a few kids jumping off of it but the lifeguard’s whistle was blown and stern looks given.

There are lots of little areas with steps and bubbles to investigate, my 4-year old enjoyed the jacuzzi bubbles in the “bubble area” and were strong enough for me to get a little massage.

Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

Outside Belmont Oasis there’s another deeper pool, shaded with viewing deck, tables and sun loungers.

Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

There’s an adult jacuzzi as well overlooking the main lane pool area.

Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

Lockers are available next to the changing area.

Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

The food at Belmont Oasis offers hot chips, sausages etc., lots of pre-made sandwiches, chocolate, cakes and biscuits.

Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

Outside is a nice shaded dining area part of the cafe.

Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre

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