Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

When Miss 6 celebrated her most recent birthday there was one request – a Frozen Disco Party!

Her request was pretty easy to accommodate thanks to Decadance in Joondalup. Decadance specializes in disco parties for children aged 3 – 13 years of age. For a stress free party where both the kids and adults can have a great time, I can whole-heartedly recommend it. The boys love it just as much as the girls!

Decadance has 4 party rooms that can cater for up to 17 guests each. It’s not a problem if you have more than that number as the dividing walls can be removed to accommodate larger parties.

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

Party session times are dependent on your child’s age. This allows them to tailor the music and activities for each age group.  On weekends session times are as follows:
10am – 12pm ages 3 -6
12.45pm – 2.45pm ages 7 – 8
3.30pm – 5.30pm ages 9 – 13
They also offer 2.5 hour party sessions on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6.30pm for children aged 10 -13.

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

The price per head for a 2-hour party is $22 (minimum 8 children), which includes party food and drinks. All you need to provide is a cake and party bags.  If you wish, you can print your own Decadance invitations from their website. To secure your party session a deposit of $50 is paid on booking with the balance paid at the end of your party.

On arrival, literally 5 minutes before the party was due to start, our friendly party host welcomed us.  My husband and I were offered a free coffee and the birthday girl was given a birthday gift of a glowing dolphin necklace.

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

As soon as your guests arrive they can go straight off into the disco room. The set up is fantastic with lots of visual effects and a big screen showing accompanying music videos. Of course, the most requested song was ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen.

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

As well as lots of dancing the DJ and party hosts also play party games with the kids, giving them the chance to win prizes.

After about 45 minutes of dancing the party groups return to the party rooms to eat.

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

The party food included fairy bread, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, mini pizza, sausage rolls, party pies and cheezels. Each child also received a pop top and there were jugs of water on the table throughout the party.

Decadance Disco Party, JoondalupDecadance Disco Party, Joondalup

Having eaten everyone heads back to the disco room for more dancing and games before returning about 30 minutes before the party ends for the presentation of the birthday cake.  The party host takes care of the task of cutting up the cake once the candles have been blown out.

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

Big thanks to Jellylious Treats who did an amazing job on creating Miss 6 a Frozen Snow Globe cake accompanied by snowflake jellies and cake pops. The snowflake jellies were a huge hit!

Decadance Disco Party, JoondalupDecadance Disco Party, JoondalupDecadance Disco Party, Joondalup

For the party bags, I went a little bit wild on Ali Express ordering a whole host of Frozen themed goodies. If you have time on your side then I suggest you take a look as you can find some great bits! For all the bits I ordered delivery was free but did take a few weeks to arrive. I picked up 20 Frozen library bags for $30 and filled them with treats such as Frozen stickers and notepads.

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

My experience of a Decadance party was completely stress free and very enjoyable. I loved how a lot of the parents ended up throwing some shapes on the dance floor by the end of the party! Miss 6 said it was her best birthday party ever – but then she does say that every year!

Decadance Disco Party, Joondalup

Decadance is located at 15 Royce Court (Off Winton Road) Joondalup. Contact (08) 9301 5828. Visit more information.

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1 Comment
  1. James 1 year ago

    Trying to be as fair as possible here – I really don’t agree with your review, we booked it on the basis of some excellent reviews we had read.

    Unfortunately for my daughters Birthday Party, there was another (Much Larger) group booked at the same time, The other groups behaviour was very poor (Not the venues fault) and the venue staff did very little to control this and stop it from negatively impacting my daughters party.

    The design of the venue is quite poor, Our party of 14 was set up in the far corner next to the toilets. The other group had the remainder of the party area, which was in between our area and the dancing room. This meant that every time somebody from our party wanted to go to the dancing area, they were forced to walk through the other party group, which was extremely awkward and difficult as they wouldn’t get out of the way.

    I raised my concerns to who I believe was the Owner, He told me that he agreed with me that it was a poor design but he can’t do anything about it.

    Our group left the “Dancing Area” half way through to do Cake & Celebration, we would’ve been out of the dancing area for at least 20 minutes, allowing the other group exclusive access to the dancing area.

    When it came time for the switch, Most of the other group only left the dancing area for 2-3 minutes maximum. Giving our group absolutely no exclusive time for the children to enjoy. On top of this, the other children were rude and obnoxious (As were the parents) and during the games and roller toy activities, they would not share with our children, so again, shuffled to the side and our children were very upset, a number of them crying (Not ideal for a “Party”) – The staff were watching this happen and did nothing.

    I mentioned to the staff doing the music, at the very start of the party, that our daughters theme was Disney (As you would’ve guessed anyway with the princess theming) – I asked for them to play at least 50% Disney Songs for our group (Fair considering we were 50% of the groups booked in for the day) – This request fall on deaf ears, with only Two Disney songs played the entire 2 hour party.

    Over All – It was an expensive party, and I saw zero value, The staff did absolutely nothing to ensure our group had an enjoyable time despite the other groups behaviour. I am very disappointed and would not return unless I was guaranteed to be the only group there.

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