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    Imagine a kindergarten where your 4/5 year old has fun whilst learning through play-based activities. A Government-Funded environment that’s rich in resources but doesn’t cost the earth to attend! Come and join us at Tuart Hill Community Kindergarten where there are no boundary restrictions and your child is encouraged to grow and develop at their own pace. Fees are based on the standard government funded schools. Places are limited and enrolments must be made for your child by Term 3 July. Call 9444 3922 or email [email protected] for a tour.

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    1. Holly Clark Tuart Hill Community Kindergarten
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      If you’re looking for a kindergarten with a community and play-based learning focus, I cannot recommendation Tuart Hill Community Kindergarten highly enough. Mrs Pendlebury and Mrs Davies are absolutely wonderful educators! They have both been very helpful and supportive this year in helping my daughter with food issues and some behavioural issues we were having. She has blossomed with their care and gentle guidance. She loves going, wants to stay back and play after each session, and asks when her next “school day” is. When school holidays rolled around at the end of first term, she asked every day if she was “going to kindy school today.” She adores her teachers and loves her kindy. I couldn’t ask for a better start to schooling.
      The kindy itself is well equipped with a focus on play-based learning, including nature play where possible, and a focus on community. It has the same family/community feel that I remember from my own kindy experience years ago. Being a purpose built kindergarten just for 4-5 year olds, the children can feel like they truly own their kindy environment, starting to understand their place in the world, and I feel it’s a gentler start to the schooling years.
      Please don’t judge Tuart Hill Community Kindy by the building you see from the road. It’s a magical place for children inside, full of colour and artwork, and amazing things to discovery and explore! It is well worth arranging a visit with Mrs Pendlebury to come in for a chat and see it for yourself.

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