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Service Category: Education & Childcare, Kindergarten, and Private Schools

  • About

    Thornlie Christian College is a Christ-centred College providing a complete education for students from K-12. The College, through its commitment to preparing every child for a life of Purpose, seeks to partner with parents to build a Learning Community underpinned by resilient relationships and high levels of engagement and expectation.

    Our Core Values provide us, as a College community, with clear compass bearings for living, as we go about our daily affairs. These Values are integral to the way that we approach everything from student academics to interpersonal relationships. College Principal, Bill Innes, unpacks his understanding of what the Core Values mean for the College Community.

    • Learning for Eternity

    • Grow in Christ

    • Love Unconditionally

    • Live in Relationship

    • Strive for Excellence

    • Equipe for Service

    There are three major key cultures that we, as a College Community encourage.

    1. We engage Life from a Christian Worldview

    2. We develop people of influence.

    3. We help our students develop their skills to succeed in their life and calling.

    Thornlie Christian College offers a wide range of programs. From our Leadership development which begins in the Early Learning Programs to Senior School ATAR and VET programs.

    TCC chooses to partner with Sonshine Fm and the Lakeside Lightning.

    For more information about The College, head to www.tcc.wa.edu.au

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