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    Busselton Skate Park is HUGE!!! Designed for Skaters and BMX riders the skate park is over 2000 metres suitable for beginners through to experts.  The park will host state wide competitions so look out for events happening in Busselton before heading down there for a play.

    Now I’m by no means a technical whizz kid on Skate parks, my two kids are novice novices and we didn’t even take padding or helmets with us when we went to check it out.

    There are a few longer runs to get some decent speed and plenty of blocks and rails if you want to get some air.

    Bussleton Skate Park

    Thankfully it was very quiet when we tested the slopes although there were a few bigger boys on BMW bikes thrashing around in the “bowls”.

    Bussleton Skate Park

    There’s also a very steep pyramid!

    Bussleton Skate Park

    The pyramid from the top.

    Busselton Skate Park

    We skirted around the edge on our visit as the kids were wary about what to do and where to go and we didn’t have protective clothing, which by the look of some of those seriously steep slopes I would be wanting to wrap the kids up in a sumo suit!

    Busselton Skate Park

    The park has an industrial / mechanical look and feel to it and the surfaces are really smooth.

    Busselton Skate Park

    There’s plenty of areas around the park to sit and watch/supervise the kids.  I would caution to steer clear of the bowls unless your kids are experienced or if it’s quiet and they can get a feel for it.

    Busselton Skate Park, Scout Rd, Busselton WA 6280

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