Vacation care at HBF Arena in Joondalup was one of the best ideas I had for the school holidays.  I asked my nearly 6-year-old if he was keen to go to “summer camp” for a few days during the school holidays.  He asked what he’d be doing and I said: “playing all day long with kids his own age, going to the cinema, playing soccer, cricket, footie and other games, rock climbing, going to indoor play centres and lastly going swimming in his favourite swimming pool centre where he can play in the whirlpool and go down a 42m tube water slide with his new mates.  He said YES more than once!!!

I love that HBF Arena’s vacation care is split into two age groups so the activities are age appropriate and the younger kids don’t feel intimidated and the older kids don’t feel like they’re hanging around with babies.  I looked through the programme of activities and decided on a few days to see how my son got on, I like that you can just pick and choose when they go depending on the activities.

The vacation care is located in the sports courts area.  On arrival, we were greeted by many happy, eager and energetic carers who were quick to scoop up Blake and get him busy on an activity the moment we walked in.  Blake got busy straight away colouring a picture of a recent film he’d seen and was chatting with some new friends about the movie “Walking with Dinosaurs” that they were all off to see that morning.

HBF Arena Vacation Care, Joondalup

After registering and putting Blake’s day bag down the team of carers were getting everyone involved in a game of Octopus – a chase to warm up and wear out the kids.

The kids had a busy day ahead of them so I left Blake happy as Larry to play with his new buddies.

HBF Arena Vacation Care, JoondalupHBF Arena Vacation Care, Joondalup

Off they went to the movies in a bus which Blake thoroughly enjoyed, especially the bus ride!  He ate all his lunch on his own, got dressed for swimming and had a great time going down the slide and playing in the whirlpool for an hour.

He also got time to play some ball sports with his new buddies.

HBF Arena Vacation Care, Joondalup

That was day 1 of “summer camp” and I picked up a very happy very exhausted child at the end of the day.  Two more days to go this week of different adventures and experiences and one of his friends joined him today as she felt like she was missing out when Blake told her all about it.

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