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Class Category: Gymnastics & Trampolining

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    At Jungle Gym we provide a non-competitive gymnastic environment that is designed for the shy to the very active.

    Classes are available for children aged between 3yrs to 15yrs.

    It is well known that gymnastics encompasses the virtues of strength, power, agility, flexibility and confidence, thus embracing the total range of movement across all body parts. It, therefore, provides an excellent springboard to all other sports.

    Here at Jungle Gym we develop student’s gymnastic skills in a fun, entertaining, colourful, stimulating and non-threatening environment.

    There are no long queues waiting their turn, as students are constantly on the move through, engaging obstacle courses – jumping, climbing, swinging, rotating and balancing, utilising “State of the Art” equipment.

    We have the largest Danish Air Floor in the Southern Hemisphere plus a huge range of trampolines, bars, beams, rings, ropes and a variety of colourful crash mats and foam filled pits for safe landings.

    Gymnastics has traditionally been a sport for selected genetic types, defined by body and mind. We have bought gymnastics to the general population with obvious achievement of skills and a parallel understanding of the fundamental principles of the sport. We have revolutionised traditional teaching techniques and created an environment that is conducive to success.  Most importantly at Jungle Gym, we want you to have fun and love gymnastics as much as we do.

    Jungle Gym is fortunate to have two unique venues that are only 50 metres apart. This enables parents of with children with varying ages to attend gymnastic classes at the same time without compromising the quality of the program offered to the varying aged students.

    Jungle Gym Mini – 18 Roxby Lane, Willetton

    This venue was established in 2019 to cater specifically for 3 to 7yrs.

    Gymnastic Classes are available weekdays in the mornings for 3 -5yrs and after school for 4 – 5yrs

    Please see the Jungle Gym website www.junglegym.com.au for more details


    Jungle Gym – 24 Gympie Way, Willetton – (The original)

    Offers gymnastics classes for 5 to 15yrs

    After School Monday to Thursday.

    For further information please go to our website www.junglegym.com.au


    Kindy, Pre- Primary and Primary School Groups are also welcome

    To attend Jungle Gym for a one-off excursion or for a 4 or more week gymnastic program. Please refer to the Jungle Gym website or telephone Jungle Gym on 9354 4443.

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