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    Choirs4kids is a company that runs singing groups for all children.  The programs are a great way for your child expand singing skills in a fun, relaxed environment.  They cater for people of all ages and have many groups.

    Singing Joeys is a group for the youngest singers aged around 3 to 6. They learn songs based on a theme (ocean, farm, jungle) along with other fun popular songs for this age group. Singing Joeys classes help your child to learn where their voice comes from, how to use it to create different sounds as well as having fun and developing confidence, which helps them in all areas of their lives.  Children take this new learned confidence from Singing Joeys to become more confident at performing in school assemblies or simply speaking in front of their peers in the classroom.  Puppets are used to help the children overcome any nervousness and to help them hear their voice through the puppet.

    Singing Roos is a group for children aged around 6 – 13. They learn to experiment with their voice, proper warm-ups, technique and develop their listening ears!   The choice of songs are suitable for children in this age group. Students learn to sing main melody lines, harmony lines and some backing vocals and are encouraged to come up with creative ideas too, often working out their own harmony arrangements, with help. These classes give your child the opportunity to join with others and sing for enjoyment. We are inclusive, supportive and accept all children as long as they love to sing!

    All our Choirs4kids classes involve some team building games which help the students to develop friendships and become more confident and empowered. Students also learn special techniques to help them in all aspects of performance.


    Baldivis (Mary Davies Library and Community Centre):  MONDAYS.  Singing Joeys 3.45-4.15pm,  Singing Roos 4.20-5.20pm

    Melville (Kadidjiny Park Hall): TUESDAYS.   Singing Joeys 3.45-4.15pm,  Singing Roos 4.20-5.20pm

    Victoria Park: THURSDAYS.  Singing Joeys 3.15-3.45pm, Roos 3.50-4.50pm


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