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    Here at the UWA Conservatorium of Music we believe that Music has the power to enrich and change lives. Through our Junior Music School (JMS) we provide classes that support this and promote music in the community for everybody.
    Group Musicianship Classes
    Our group music programs, designed for children aged 18 months to 12 years, will nurture your child’s musical potential in a stimulating and rich musical environment, thereby supporting you and your family in developing and maintaining a lifelong love of music.
    Music Playground
    – Toddlers (18 months to 3 years)
    – Pre-Kindergarten (3-4 years)
    – Kindergarten (4-5 years)
    Soundscapes (5-6 years)
    Soundbird (6-7 years)
    Firebird 1-3 (8 years +)
    Pheonix (10 years +)
    Lyrebirds – Music Theory (10 years +)
    Our programs are designed and overseen by an experienced music educator and led by teachers of the highest calibre!
    1-1 Tuition 
    In addition to group musicianship classes we also offer 1-1 tuition in a wide range of instruments (piano, violin, cello, guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, trumpet, trombone and singing) to students of all ages (yep – even for mums, dads and grandparents!)
    Programs run across two 16-week Semesters (Feb-Jun & Jul-Dec)
    Contact us today to find out more or arrange a free trial of one of our classes:
    6488 7985
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