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Class Category: Sports, Athletics, and Multi-Sports

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    Little Athletics is a uniquely Australian sport for children aged 5-16 years. As the name suggests, it is based upon the sport of athletics (track and field) and the events are specially modified to suit the ages and abilities of children. Each year across WA, approximately 8,000 boys and girls enjoy the activities that Little Athletics has to offer. The track & field-based competition is conducted throughout the summer sports season. Events are conducted on a weekly basis by one of our 36 individual centres.

    Little Athletics welcomes children with disability and children from migrant backgrounds. Many of our Centres can cater successfully to a wide variety of needs.  Our approach is to fully integrate children’s participation without the need for separation wherever possible.

    Athletes participate and compete weekly with their friends during season, learning the many disciplines of athletics, such as running (sprinting, hurdles, distance running), jumping (long jump, high jump, triple jump) and throwing (discuss, shot put, javelin).  Every season there are opportunities to participate in championship events, skills clinics, workshops, camps and other great activities.

    Little Athletics is a year-round sport that is broken into a summer and winter season. In summer, Centres run a weekly track and field program where athletes participate in the full suite of athletics events. During winter, the cross-country season operates where athletes test their abilities over longer distance events, over challenging terrain.

    Little Athletics is the foundation for all sports and teaches fundamental movement skills that are critical for many other sports, such as Australian Rules Football, soccer, rugby, basketball, cricket, hockey, baseball, tennis … pretty much every sport requiring running, jumping and throwing.  Our athletes are coached in improving their athletic technique which will often result in performance improvement through efficient movement, strength gains and endurance.  Well-conditioned athletes perform better, persist, seek further improvement, enjoy their sport, and form healthy lifestyle habits. We’re proud of these outcomes! Many Little Athletes have gone on to excel in their sports locally, at State level, national level and internationally: footballers, hockey players, basketballers, tennis players, rugby players….it all starts at Little Athletics!

    Family: Little Athletics is more than a sport. It is a community-oriented organisation which enables the entire family to do something together.
    Parents are involved in the program as voluntary helpers or officials. They share in many experiences with the children.

    Fun: All children like fun…all children need fun. The weekly competition provides fun through participation in an enjoyable sport, with friends in the same age group.

    Fitness: A fit body can mean an alert mind and a decrease in the incidence of many physical ailments. Combined with FAMILY involvement…FITNESS can be…FUN in the happy environment of a Little Athletics Centre

    Find out more about Little Athletics on our website:


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    Or contact the Little Athletics WA Office:

    Phone: 9388 2339

    Email: [email protected]

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