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    We take immense pride in our role of reminding children and parents alike that soccer isn’t the only fabulous team sport in town. Having analysed both Rugby League and Rugby Union with experts from each code, we have devised a comprehensive, fun-packed programme that offers a truly enjoyable and involving first introduction to non-contact/tag rugby, that appeals to pre-school boys and girls of all sporting backgrounds and abilities.

    By drawing upon the many learnings of our award-winning Little Kickers football franchise, we’ve been able to assemble a thoughtful and progressive programme of engaging, fun-based games that not only build upon core rugby-themed competences such as running, kicking, throwing and catching, but also encompass broader sports-based skills such as balance, teamwork, physical agility, listening to instructions and hand-eye coordination which are also integral to any meaningful, long-term appreciation of team sport.

    Add to this heady mix an eclectic gathering of friendly, experienced coaches, safe training environments and our purpose designed kit (including specially designed posts!) and you have all the elements for a lifelong appreciation of physical exercise and the oval-shaped ball.

    Our classes
    Junior Rugby (2 – approx. 3½ years)
    Mighty Rugby (3½ – 5th birthday)
    Mega Rugby (5th birthday – 7th birthday)

    LR Perth – Subiaco and Bibra Lake Contact 0466 606890
    LR Perth North – Padbury Contact 0439 804416
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