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Class Category: Educational Classes, Literacy-classes, and Tutoring

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    Reading for Sure offers a unique way, for students of all ages, to overcome reading and literacy problems. Our network of specially trained and highly experienced tutors utilise the Reading For Sure teaching tools in one-to-one sessions.

    Reading for Sure is a phonics base program that has the advantage of innovative teaching methods and tools. These methods and tools enable students, who are struggling with literacy, to quickly and easily learn to read accurately and catch up to their peers. Students no longer need to stress about literacy as the program makes reading easy and fun to do.

    Reading for Sure

    • Improves reading skills quickly.
    • Reduces anxiety.
    • Improves school achievement.
    • Covers all areas of literacy: spelling, comprehension, grammar, composition.
    • One-to-one, so tailored to the student’s needs.
    • Specially trained tutors.
    • Helps students with specific learning disorders.

    Reading for Sure is very successful in helping students learn to read who might have a specific learning disorder such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, global learning disorder etc.

    Reading for Sure is also an excellent program for the beginning reader. Most children who begin learning to read with Reading for Sure go on to read significantly above their age level.

    School holidays can be a great time to have your child assessed for reading ability. They are more relaxed and there is plenty of time to have the assessment without missing school. Knowing exactly what your child’s reading ability is, at the beginning of the year, can help you support them in the year ahead.

    Head office in Carlisle is open all January for assessments or you can contact one of our providers directly and have them conduct the assessment.

    Currently we have six providers of this specialised program around Perth.

    Visit www.readingforsure.com.au/western-australia-tutor-list/ for our current list of tutors.

    If you know anyone who would like to make a difference to the lives of young students by becoming a tutor then encourage them to contact us. New providers are needed both in the city and country areas.

    Visit our website www.readingforsure.com.au and visit our tutor directory page to find the provider closest to you. Email [email protected] or ring Lynne 0429 161 918 and she will answer all your questions.


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