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Class Category: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), Educational Classes, Numeracy Classes, Toddler Classes, Educational, and Tutoring

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    SEMAS is for everyone

    SEMAS enables the children to ”see” Maths. Despite the use of an abacus, it is most definitely not senseless repetition.

    SEMAS is offering an educational program from the age of 3 – 13 years old. The advanced syllabus in abacus and mental arithmetic education was adopted in Japan and we also coach required brain development courses along with abacus education. SEMAS is an acronym for ‘Soroban Education & Mental Arithmetic System’.

    SEMAS is an approved and registered organization dedicated to propagating the concept of Japanese Abacus and Mental Mathematics calculation.

    SEMAS Australia was established in March 2013 in PERTH by the Master Franchisor Carlene Scheepers. Carlene has received extensive training on teaching this course. Her quest for a solution to maths literacy enabled her to present the SEMAS courses in Australia.

    SEMAS is proudly working with Western Australian Tourism and Perth Convention Bureau in our quest in making Abacus Education an international endeavour.

    Many of us can excel in other areas of life, yet still feel inadequate or embarrasses when it comes to maths. But does it have to be the same for our children?

    There is no doubt that a firm grasp of maths is an increasingly important requirement for your child’s success in today’s world. It widens career choices and builds self-esteem. Students lose confidence, lose heart and interest as they continue through their school years. Indeed, generations of students have struggled in vain to conquer maths.

    Raw stones are cut and polished very meticulously, only then those stones becomes precious diamonds and glitter.

    Likewise, our children are to be shaped and moulded by dedicated teachers teaching strong foundations and brought up by their parents to make them shine from a young age

    SEMAS has gained wide popularity among the children and parents worldwide, because of its unique advanced syllabus and play by method of teaching, coaching and training in a child-friendly technique and style.

    SEMAS is a program designed to develop the right side of the brain using the abacus as a tool leading to fast mental calculations and is also associated with creativity, memory and imagination. As the school curriculum only uses the left brain SEMAS students are able to draw upon the right-brain that increase speed, accuracy and students are able to see the abacus in their photographic memory for faster mental calculations



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    2 Reviews on “SEMAS Academy Australia”

    1. Ivana SEMAS Academy Australia
      Overall Rating:

      Before Attending SEMAS, my daughter had no patience to do her maths and she struggled a bit. SEMAS helped her so much and now she loves maths. Her year 3 Naplan was outstanding! Teachers and atmosphere @ SEMAS Joondalup is awesome

    2. Charlene SEMAS Academy Australia
      Overall Rating:

      It is amazing how positive the children are after SEMAS. They are very receptive and have become extremely proficient, not only in maths but also in other learning fields. I wish I started this program earlier!

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