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Playworld at Westfield Carousel – Kids fed up with shopping, you need a coffee? No worries, visit Playworld at Westfield Carousel and give yourself and the kids a break. Playworld is conveniently located near the Customer Service area between Dome and Cafissimo cafes. The play area is for children up to 6 years and you must supervise your children at all times.

Playworld at Westfield Carousel

The play area is fully enclosed, three sides are netted fence and the entry side is a gated fence. The gate is the pull-up Magna latch style, but on busy days you may find people leave the gate open.

Playworld at Westfield Carousel

Inside the play area there is one main play structure with activities around the netted fences. The activities on the netted fences include make pictures, matching animals game, and panels with spinning wheels or bright pictures. These tend to keep the younger ones, who are just moving and pulling themselves up occupied.

Playworld at Westfield CarouselPlayworld at Westfield Carousel

The main play structure has a rope climbing bridge between two platforms. One of the platforms has a clock with moving hands and coloured balls, the other platform has three rows of letters that you can make words out of. Both platforms lead to little climbing ramps which lead to a tunnel to walk or crawl through. Younger children may have trouble with the rope bridge but should be able to navigate the rest of the play area. The children tend to like to play under the tunnel as well. The flooring is the soft fall rubber.

Playworld at Westfield CarouselPlayworld at Westfield CarouselPlayworld at Westfield Carousel

There are a couple of comfortable seats on the entry side of the play area that parents can rest on. On the other side of the play area, tables against the netted barrier is Cafissimo Cafe. We quite often meet friends here on rainy days for a coffee and cake as we can sit and supervise the children while they play inside the play area.

Playworld at Westfield CarouselPlayworld at Westfield Carousel

The play area is kept clean and tidy and can get quite busy at certain times but my 3 year old usually finds another child/children to run around and play with and has a good time while I enjoy my coffee.

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