Strike Bowling, Carousel

Strike Bowling located in the new rooftop precinct of Westfield Carousel is a must for bowling enthusiasts of all ages!Strike Bowling, CarouselWe had booked in for an 18 hole round of golf at Holey Moley and thought we’d try our luck at the pins! Strike Bowling, CarouselBest to book either the golf session or the bowling session online and then once you get there, tell the staff at the reception you’re keen to do both for a combo discount. As their websites are separate and a little tricky, the staff recommend doing it this way to avoid confusion. Holey Moley CarouselWe thoroughly enjoyed our time overall, but the bowling was particularly fun considering the last time my husband or I had bowled was in the good old dingy days of potshot! Potshot this is not! Strike Bowling, CarouselEverything is clean, bright, new and shiny! Strike Bowling, CarouselWe had a few technical hiccups, however everyone else’s games seemed to go off without any issues. The staff were amazing at rectifying any problems and really friendly and efficient in general.Strike Bowling, CarouselEach team is allocated their own section equipped with lounges, tables Strike Bowling, Carouseland a touch screen menu for ordering food and drinks. This is not only a wonderful service, but also really cool too! Strike Bowling, CarouselThe huge bar is only a few steps away and there is ample seating if you are in limbo between games. Strike Bowling, CarouselThe rooftop bar is also a bonus with loads of seating options, a great menu and cocktails for days! The views are spectacular too! Holey Moley CarouselParents can enjoy a date night after 5pm – no kids allowed. Holey Moley CarouselThe bowling itself is great with the grids going up for the kids and down for adults or children who are trying to hone their skills. Strike Bowling, CarouselI was super excited for about 3.5 seconds when I thought the repulsive shoe rule wasn’t going to apply…alas, some things never change. The shoes aren’t as gross as they notoriously once were, however, I would definitely recommend taking socks. They do have socks to buy, if like me, you forget to byo. Or just take the risk and cross your fingers the people before you don’t have sweaty, fungus feet. Good luck. It’s all part of the fun, right?Strike Bowling, CarouselWe absolutely adore what Westfield have done upstairs to what was formerly a tired old carpark and Strike really compliments the botanical surrounds perfectly. Strike Bowling, Carousel

Strike Carousel

Where: Westfield Carousel, Albany Highway, Cannington



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