Sweet Okra Swan Valley

The last time I visited Sweet Okra the kids area was a plastic cubby house tucked around the corner soaked in rain water and infested with spiders … yep … if it wasn’t for the well-priced coffee and breaky combo I probs wouldn’t have stopped here.

Nek Minit … this place it’s Uber kid friendly! Sayyy whattt!!!

They now have a kids area the size of a parking lot!!! Can I get an ‘Amen Sista’

Sweet Okra Swan Valley

The owners John and Maria have lived on the property for 44 years! Predeceasing that they resided next door, so have been locals to the area their entire life. Needless to say this place oozes tradition, from the handmade biscotti to the fragrant coffee!

Sweet Okra Swan Valley

Originally they farmed sweet strawberries and okra (hence the name) from the land which stretches back into Gnangara Pines, fast forward to the year 2016 and they have built their cafe by hand completely from recycled materials, doors open and the scent of cooking wafting onto Gnangara Rd.

Fast forward two more years to 2018 and John, 72, took three weeks to turn a portion of their parking lot into a kids play area. Did I mention he’s 72. 72!!! Grass, sand pits, cubby house, swing set, an exercise bike… oh and a boat, surrounded by dining tables underneath the shade and protection grapevines and mango trees, yeah they’ve nailed it!!

Now onto the important stuff:

Location 📍: Sweet Okra Cafe, 703 Gnangara Road, Lexia

Opening Hours ⏰: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7:00am to 2:00pm – also opening casually for buffet nights

Kid friendly: YES!

Dog friendly 🐶: Not that I could see and I didn’t ask

Pram friendly: Yes

Phone reception 📱: Yes

Toilets 🚽: Yes and with a change table

Costs 💰: large coffee was $4.50, menu below

Any other comments 💬: Maria explained that due to their work commitments they’re only able to open those three days a week, however, with the new kids playground they’re hoping this spring they’re hoping to see a whole new crowd of people.

The cafe inside is cosy and warm.

Also heads up, they’re not shy with the bacon!!

Go and check them out!!

(P.S my photos were taken on the rainiest week this year!!! Check out their FB page for what it looks like on a gloriously sunny day! facebook.com/SweetOkra )



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