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    Location:                     Gnangara Pines, Pessoa Road, Lexia
    Opening Times:       24 hours
    Opening Days:         7 Days
    Kid Friendly:              Yes
    Pram Friendly:         Yes
    Dog-Friendly:            Yes (when there isn’t a sledging event on)
    Mode of activity:    Exploration and Adventure (walking)
    Time Taken:               From 30 mins to endless hours
    What to Pack:          Nappy bag, buckets for collecting pine cones and other treasures, drinks/picnic, sun scream, hats. If it’s a wet day with muddy puddles; gum boots, rain coat and leave a towel and change of clothes in the car.
    Safety:                           The only issue we have ever had is once the kids disturbed an Ants nest and the Ants started crawling on them. Took a few seconds to dust them off and move them to a new exploration site. No Ants were harmed.

    Ever been to an oxygen farm? Well the entry to Pessoa Road, Lexia is a limestone road off of Gnangara Road, across from Beechboro Road. It has low to the ground white gate that is locked and is completely fenced in. The limestone road leads North and goes into the Pine Plantation. Running left and right off of the limestone road are tracks that trail under the protection of the pine trees. If you take your pram you will need to lift it over the white gate (it’s not high). We tend to rush the kids past any puddles at the entry and let them lead the adventure after that. Climbing logs, collecting and smelling pine cones, we have even collected pine needles for the compost.

    About 250 meters down the limestone road you will come across a logged seating area on the right. It’s quite cute to stop and have a meander around there. The kids also like to get crafty and design mandala like patterns with sticks/pine needles/pine cones etc.

    To get them to leave we politely remind them of the muddy puddles at the entry, and they promptly get moving! (woohoo, using nature as bribery) When we get to the puddles we chill on the gate with a drink while the kids enjoy some time in the water. Then it’s a quick change in the back of the car and off to lunch/errands/appointments/bath!

    We love this place as it is a soft and gentle way to get the kids into nature.

    Tash & Linds X x x

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    Address: Pessoa Road
    Western Australia