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    If there’s one thing Piara Waters is not short of, it’s a playground! Aspiri Park in Piara Waters is yet another brilliant small playground in the popular family-friendly suburb. There’s lots of elements packed into this playground including a little nature play, a big climbing net and a curvy slide that kids will love to ride again and again! Let’s explore…

    The main attraction is the climbing net, built on a wood chip base, which is sure to provide a lot of fun for kids of all ages.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    The slide has a fun twist, and is set into a soft-fall slope, making it easy for kids to scramble back up for another go.

    Because there is no ladder to get up to the slide, this may suit younger kids too.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    Aspiri Park in Piara Waters has a little nature play element, with stepping wooden sleepers and rocks to balance on.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    Little ones who love playing in the sand will be happy to hear that there’s a bit of sand play equipment here. A low bench and sink is the perfect height for toddlers.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    For kids that like to make noise, there’s musical instruments too. Colourful drums and talking pipes are good fun.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    You won’t find any traditional swings at Aspiri Park, though there is a nest swing to lounge about on.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    There’s a covered area with a picnic table overlooking the sandpit – handy if you want to stay a little longer.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    Aspiri Park in Piara Waters is recommended for children aged 2 years old and up. It’s a great little playground in the southern suburbs – perfect for a play in the park.

    While you’re in the area you may want to check out Holland Park, Madox Playground and Pumptrack, and the fantastic Newhaven Robot Playground too.

    Aspiri Park, Piara Waters

    Find Aspiri Park on Aspiri Boulevard, Piara Waters.

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    Address: Aspiri Promenade, Piara Waters
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