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    Hawaiian’s Mezz Playground, Mount Hawthorn


    Recently Hawaiian’s Mezz in Mount Hawthorn upgraded their children’s playground to a new nature play style setup. This new playground engages children from toddlers to tweens, and is a great place to stop off whilst getting your shopping done.

    The main part of the playground is a new wooden play structure. This is made up of ladders, a fireman’s pole and a slide. Kids of all ages were climbing all over it the couple of time we’ve visited, sliding down, hiding underneath and making up imaginative games. Part of the play structure is covered with a small roof, which Miss 4.5 pretended was a castle.

    In front of this structure, we found a group of balancing logs. Some of these are set up on end in various heights, and others are more like gymnastics balance beams. Miss 4.5 loves these, treating it like a obstacle course, going around and around them all. We even saw a Dad getting in on the balancing fun!

    For smaller kids, there are two spring rockers. One is a croc and the other is a seal. Miss 4.5 enjoyed these too, and they seem popular with visiting toddlers.

    Surrounding the playground there are a number of benches, so parents and carers can chill out. The nearby pizzeria makes an excellent coffee. So its a great space for families to relax during a shopping trip, either to wear out little ones before your shop or as a treat afterwards. It is also conveniently located right outside Hairlarious Kidz Hairdressers, just in case your child also needs a trim.

    Nearby to the playground, I spotted a water fountain. This is suitable for adults and dogs, and I think the dog’s water tap could also double for refilling water bottles.

    In the planters surrounding playground there are herbs growing; this includes herbs such as parsley, thyme and marjoram. These have signs stating “Please pick me & Respect me.” A nice suggestion of sharing these plants with your neighbours.

    What Miss 4.5’s Dad and I both like about the playground are the shade sails which keep the playground cool on sunny days. We also appreciated the spray-misters from the verandah, near the seating, which kept us extra cool while Miss played. We also enjoyed lunch seated at shaded tables covered by large umbrellas and well established trees.

    Hawaiian’s Mezz Playground, Mt Hawthorn

    Located at 148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn.

    Hawaiian’s Mezz Shopping Centre is open Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm, and Sunday 11am to 5pm. The playground is in an outdoor courtyard in the centre of this shopping precinct.

    Parking is available for free in the on-site carparks or along Scarborough Beach Road, Flinders Street or Fairfield Street.

    Why not grab a delicious ice cream from Affogato Gelateria while you’re here as a treat? This boutique ice creamery makes all their flavours on-site, and includes both non-dairy and vegan options so the whole family can enjoy!


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    Address: 148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn
    Western Australia