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    Herdsman Lake Regional Park is a great location for a family walk, play and picnic.

    There are 2 playgrounds around the lake, one at Glendalough Open Space and the other at Popeye Lake Parkland.

    Glendalough Open Space is a lovely little play area with parking directly next to it off the main road access.  This area has swings, seesaw, flying fox, slides and numerous climbing frames to entertain kids of all ages.

    Herdsman Lake

    The surrounding thick woodland and the main walking/cycling path around the lake make this is a great spot to start and end a nature walk.  During our visit in Spring there were a few flooded areas but during drier months this area is quite safely away from any water.

    Herdsman Lake

    The other playground atHerdsman Lake Regional Park is Popeye Lake Parkland set-back from the lake.  It includes a few different play structures such as these colourful walk-on-beams.  Great for challenging your balance!

    Something different is this spider web trampoline – although it wasn’t very bouncy in the middle the kids loved it all the same.

    Herdsman Lake

    The main playframe includes a slide and climbing frame and flying fox.

    Herdsman Lake
    Lastly in this area is a spider web frame for those little ones who just love to climb!

    Herdsman Lake

    This playground overlooks the main lake and is truly stunning.  You can start a walk in either direction to find lots of fun and interesting things to do and see.

    Herdsman Lake

    Collecting sticks seem to be the flavour of the day on our walk and digging in the mud with the sticks – sometimes it’s the simple things that work best.

    Herdsman Lake

    During our springtime visit, the parkland was lush and full of plenty of wildlife to see and hear.  The scenery was truly amazing!
    Herdsman Lake
    Herdsman Lake Regional Park is a great place to come with kids scooters/ride on toys and bikes for a family bike ride or just a simple nature walk like we did.

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    Lorraine is co-owner of Buggybuddys and is a mother to Blake (9) and Lollie (6).

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    Lorraine is co-owner of Buggybuddys and is mother to Blake (10) and Lollie (8).  Lorraine is passionate about health and fitness and loves exploring Western Australia in her Caravan.

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