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    Rutter Park is a green, shady park situated in the heart of Wembley, just near Wembley Primary School.Rutter Park, Wembley

    Rutter Park currently consists of a traditional style playground and a new nature play area. The current playground has a good mixture of equipment sure to appeal to a range of ages.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    The main fort structure consists of a slide, a wobbly wooden bridge, fireman pole, steering wheel and abacus, a playhouse/shop, and some climbing bars. This connects to the monkey bars, balancing chain bridge and balancing bar via a small flying fox.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    There is also a separate free-standing spring rocker with two seats in the sand pit, and two swings, both a toddler swing and a regular swing.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    The playground is covered by shade sails to protect kids from the sun. The surrounding tall trees also provide some extra shade.

    Adjacent to the current playground is a picnic area with three metal tables and a barbecue with two hot plates. Wooden tables stand nearby under some trees, and another barbecue stands in the open in the middle of the grassed area.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    Beyond be picnic area we found a zip line. This is similar in size to the one at Braithwaite Park, maybe a little shorter.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    It has two seats, one of which has a safety harness, making it perfect for smaller riders or those with mobility issues. Miss almost 3 loved it! I lost track of how many rides she had, but needless to say I was tired from pushing her back up to the platform!

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    As of 9th June 2017, a new nature play area has opened at Rutter Park.

    Under the shade of large trees adjacent to the flying fox, there is now a bridge with a tunnel beneath to crawl through. Bright earth-based murals by local group Cambridge Youth Network decorate the walls of the tunnel. Miss 3 was fascinated with the picture of a worker ant and a wiggly worm.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    Surrounding the bridge are a number of balancing logs and ropes. The thick ropes appear to have come from a ship, with a large metal loop attaching to a log. Miss 3 liked climbing up and swinging off the upper rope like a monkey.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    At one side of the playground, logs lead up to a platform overlooking the rest of the playground. It’s an excellent view and I could imagine pretending to play at being on pirate ship or something similar if I were a child.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    There is a bench seat made out of logs at one side to rest on, and rocks are strategically dotted around to climb over or to use as steps.

    The play equipment consists mainly of recycled materials. Where possible, these items have been sourced from within the local community. The ground is covered with a bed of thick, soft mulch, with sand beneath that for drainage.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    The nature play area at Rutter Park is a great new addition and sure to encourage lots of imaginative play. It was a huge hit with kids today aged from 2 years and over.

    Rutter ParkRutter Park

    In addition to the play equipment, there is a large open grassed area that would be perfect for ball games or running with the dog. We saw a group of ladies out there this morning practising tai chi and looking very relaxed.

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    There are also some works of art in the park in the form of a ring-shaped sculpture, which is currently fenced off while it awaits some repairs, and an armchair built of bricks and paving. Miss almost 3 thought the chair was pretty snazzy!

    Rutter Park, Wembley

    Overall, this is a Rutter Park for kids toddler age and upwards. We can’t wait to see the new nature play area completed and open for use.

    If you find yourselves in need of refreshment during your visit, Rutter Park is a block from the shops and cafes on nearby Cambridge Street. Toilets are on the Alexander Street side of the park in the Wembley Community Centre.

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    Holly Clark is currently a stay at home mum of one, a self-confessed coffee addict and a baker of sweet treats. She studied Professional Writing and Editing and occasionally writes on her recipe blog, Lucky Star's Kitchen

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