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    Seabreeze Park is located just off Safety Bay Road in the new Seabreeze Estate in Waikiki and for a local play area, it has a lot to offer. 

    Seabreeze park

    There are two main activity areas at Seabreeze Park, one focuses on sand and has innovative sand play equipment whilst the other focuses on climbing, making it very family friendly catering for all ages.

    Seabreeze park

    Both play areas are set in sand and are nestled between two large open green public spaces, perfect for a picnic, morning tea, kids parties, cricket or just a good runabout. 

    Seabreeze park

    The sand play area has a ride on sand digger, great for digging holes and building mountains in the sand. In this space, you can just about do anything with the sand, sift it, dig it, pour it, transport it or just play in it!

    Seabreeze Park Seabreeze Park

    There are various bits of machinery and mechanisms here that can be used to transport the sand around. There is a large sand lift and loading rail, a sand sieve and pulley system so much to explore in terms of sensory and sand play. 

    Seabreeze Park Seabreeze Park

    If you are here on a play date and your child likes climbing they won’t be disappointed. The climbing area has it all – cubby house, a climbing wall, slides, a lookout post and rope climber. The cubby houses are on different levels and have rope climbers and slides at different heights, making it accessible for children of different ages. All the sections of climbing equipment are joined which provides a great challenge…how to get around it all!

    Seabreeze Park Seabreeze Park

    There is a covered picnic area at the side of the park which is in full view of both the sand and climbing areas. There are no facilities or toilets here, however, there are great cycle paths linking the play park to the surrounding area. There is also plenty of parking on the outside of the park. Seabreeze Park is easy to find and is only 1km from Waikiki beach.

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    Address: Seabreeze Street
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