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    Whitfords Nodes Park is a beautiful park for family BBQs, picnics and mums’ groups during, Autumn, Spring and Winter months.  It’s also a great place to walk through with scooters/bikes if you’re heading out for a family walk.

    The Whitfords Nodes Park area consists of several playframes, slides, sandpits, BBQ’s and picnic shelters and lots of trees providing shade if you’re having a picnic.

    The beach is also very close although you can’t see it from the park there are many pathways directly to the beach from the main grassed park area.  So be WARNED that little ones who tend to wander off can easily get to the sea from this area if unsupervised.

    whitfords nodes

    The largest playframe area is nearest to Hillarys Beach Harbour and consists of fairly basic and old play equipment.  A rocking horse, slide, climbing net, monkey bars and a set of swings.

    This area is sand based so great to take along lots of buckets and spades for the kids to entertain themselves with.

    whitfords nodes
    This playframe is also ideally located right next to the main toilet block.

    whitfords nodes
    The picnic shelters are also very close to the playframe so you can set up for the day and enjoy a bit of shade.

    whitfords nodes

    Rather strangely there’s a large random slide in the middle of the park, which was quite annoying for our group as the little ones wanted to run across the park to play on it but it was a bit far away!

    whitfords nodes
    The other main play frame is also unshaded, two slides, climbing ladders and poles and a bridge to trip trap on.  Also, sand based so great for smaller kids to play with buckets and spades.  This park was also ideally placed next to the picnic shelters and more tree shade, although further away from the toilets.

    whitfords nodes
    Two random swings placed in another remote part of the park next to picnic shelters and another BBQ.

    whitfords nodes

    Sandpits galore in this play area!!

    whitfords nodes
    Whitfords Nodes Park is located right next to the beach and set amongst lovely mature trees and lots of grassed areas to run around makes this a great location for NON-summer days out.

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    Lorraine is co-owner of Buggybuddys and is a mother to Blake (9) and Lollie (6).

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    Lorraine is co-owner of Buggybuddys and is mother to Blake (10) and Lollie (8).  Lorraine is passionate about health and fitness and loves exploring Western Australia in her Caravan.

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