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    A day of Minecraft classes is full of fun and learning at Mindbuzz Camp. If you are 6-14 and love Minecraft then Minecraft Classes are for you. We will learn, play and connect with others on multiple servers, learn new skills, Mindbuzz only server when you go home so the learning and fun never stops.

    Minecraft Classes are a great school holiday activity and they can continue their learning and connections long after the workshop finishes. It’s being run by MindBuzz. We will be working on multiple servers learning things like crafting, teleporting and how to navigate between worlds using commands. Minecraft commands are great for learning the building blocks of coding. We will start off in a tutorial section before graduating through levels of difficulty into the other servers/worlds. The day is designed to maximise collaboration between players and we place a heavy emphasis on caring for other players, helping out and being a leader.

    All participants will receive one month’s FREE access to the MindBuzz Server and online courses after the camp! Participants will also have the chance to earn leadership ranks on the day such as COACH, and MODERATOR.
    For ages 6 – 14 years 

    September/October Camp Dates

    24th Sept – Wembley
    25th Sept – Floreat – SOLD OUT
    26th Sept – Baldivis
    27th Sept – Mandurah
    28th Sept – The Grove – SOLD OUT
    29th Sept – Joondalup
    1st Oct – Joondalup
    2nd Oct – All Saints
    3rd Oct – All Saints
    4th Oct – Wembley
    5th Oct – Cockburn
    6th Oct – Ellenbrook

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