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    A day of Minecraft classes is full of fun and learning at Mindbuzz Camp. If you are 6-14 and love Minecraft then Minecraft Classes are for you. We will learn, play and connect with others on multiple servers, learn new skills, Mindbuzz only server when you go home so the learning and fun never stops.

    Minecraft Classes are a great school holiday activity and they can continue their learning and connections long after the workshop finishes. It’s being run by MindBuzz. We will be working on multiple servers learning things like crafting, teleporting and how to navigate between worlds using commands. Minecraft commands are great for learning the building blocks of coding. We will start off in a tutorial section before graduating through levels of difficulty into the other servers/worlds. The day is designed to maximise collaboration between players and we place a heavy emphasis on caring for other players, helping out and being a leader.

    All participants will receive one month’s FREE access to the MindBuzz Server and online courses after the camp! Participants will also have the chance to earn leadership ranks on the day such as COACH, and MODERATOR.
    For ages 6 – 14 years 

    December Camp Dates
    Mon 17th – Cottesloe (Grove Library)
    Tue 18th – Leederville (Loftus Community Centre)
    Wed 19th  – Leederville (Loftus Community Centre)
    Thur 20th – Bunbury (Milligan House)
    Fri 21st – Margaret River (Witchcliffe Hall)


    January Camp Dates
    Thur 3rd – Albany (Great Southern Museum)
    Fri 4th – Albany (Great Southern Museum)


    Mon 7th – Leederville (Loftus Community Centre)
    Tue 8th – Leederville (Loftus Community Centre)
    Wed 9th – Midland (Midland Library)
    Thur 10th – Altone (Altone Library)
    Fri 11th – Ellenbrook (Ellenbrook Library)


    Mon 14th – Claremont (Christ Church School)
    Tue 15th – Claremont (Christ Church School) TBC
    Wed 16th – Bull Creek (All Saints School)
    Thur 17th – Bull Creek (All Saints School)
    Fri 18th – Joondalup (Joondalup Library)
    Sat 19th – Joondalup (Joondalup Library)


    Mon 21st – Cockburn (Bibra Community Centre)
    Tue 22nd – Baldivis (Mary Davies Library)
    Wed 23rd – Lakelands (Lakelands Library)

    Thur 24th – Bunbury (Milligan House)


    Tue 29th – Baldivis (Mary Davies Library)
    Wed 30th – Leederville (Loftus Community Centre)
    Thur 31st – Joondalup (Joondalup Library) 
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