Waroona Visitor Centre

Enroute to the Black Diamond Lake we recently called into the Waroona Visitors Centre in the heart of the quaint town of Waroona. They take “quaint” to the next level. It really is a delight to drive through. If it hadn’t been for my daughter who noticed all the crocheted items decorating the roadside and trees that skirt the edges of South Western Highway, we probably would have kept driving past. Waroona Visitor CentreIt is very unassuming from the outside, but a true delight on the inside. While there are some fragile items on display, the centre is relatively child friendly and there is heaps for all ages to look at and enjoy.Waroona Visitor CentreThe art and craft on display is amazing, so take the time to check out the beautiful works on the walls and the lovingly set up displays.Waroona Visitor CentreThere is plenty to discover and I defy anyone to enter and not leave without a little delightful ‘something’.Waroona Visitor CentreBe sure to have a chat to the lovely locals who are a wealth of knowledge on all things Waroona including a few insider tips. If we hadn’t stopped we never would have known the Drakesbrook Weir even existed! They can definitely point you in the right direction of local hot spots, events and places to see.Waroona Visitor CentreOur kids loved the quirky surprises that seemed to be around every corner and the lovely staff were delighted to point some hidden ones out. Waroona Visitor CentreMy daughter was overjoyed by the Waroona Visitors Centre sign (and the elephants bottom poking out the back of it!) Waroona Visitor Centreas well as a crocheted ironing board, Waroona Visitor Centrecrocheted His and Hers toilet signs Waroona Visitors Centre

Waroona Visitor Centrethe old tractor and lovely decorations that donned the beautiful pine trees in the carpark.
Waroona Visitor CentreAnd who can resist posing in front of a bridal cow under her very own rosey archway! Apparently they decorate the lovely lady every few months to encourage tourists to come inside and to brighten up their lovely town. I took a survey championing this crafty campaign so if you do visit, show your support and fill one out.Waroona Visitor Centre

Where:  37 South Western Highway, Waroona

Open: 9.30am to 3.30pm daily



Phone: (08) 9733 1506

Email: [email protected]



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