Balance Bikes aim to be the only bike your child will need to develop their riding skills and successfully transfer onto their first pedal bike without training wheels. With a balance bike, a child learns balance and confidence with their feet on the ground. They develop skills of coordination and control, learning to steer and balance the bike without the hindrance of pedals.

The Zippizap Balance Bike is designed for riders Aged 18 months – 5 years. I was excited to try out the Zippizap on Miss 3. It arrived in a box, ready to be assembled by Hubby. This proved to be a super quick process – with only 5 parts to be joined: the lightweight frame; two wheels; a handle bar and a seat. Using one spanner, Hubby tightened the wheels into place, and then by hand he firmly secured the seat and handle bars. Voila! I can see many parents thrilled with this quick and easy assembly on Christmas Eve!

Zippizap Balance Bike Review    Zippizap Balance Bike Review

Miss 3’s Zippizap bike is a gorgeous dusty pink colour with white wheels – named “Beautiful Butterfly”. There are other striking colour combinations to choose from such as “Flashing Policeman” which has a black frame with blue wheels, or “Mad Scientist” which has a red frame with one black wheel and one red wheel!

Miss 3 got very excited when she saw the Zippizap for the first time and couldn’t get outside fast enough to try it. She got onto the seat with ease, and instinctively began pushing her feet along to make the bike move. At first she seemed fascinated that there weren’t any pedals but then happy not to have them banging into her shins as they usually do on her tricycle. To begin with she did struggle a bit to keep the frame balanced when she lifted her feet off the ground, but after a few tries she was already improving as she worked out how to use her feet to push off and how to balance and steer at the same time. After a day or two she had really nailed it and she was zipping up and down our driveway confidently.

Zippizap Balance Bike Review    Zippizap Balance Bike Review

Zippizap Balance Bike Review    Zippizap Balance Bike Review

The lightweight high tensile steel frame (2.8kgs only) makes it the lightest balance bike around and very durable – it can be left out in the rain with no degradation! Miss 3 can pick it up all by herself with no strain at all, and it can be easily packed into the car for visits to the park or taking on holiday.

One of the Zippizap’s features that I love is that the tyres are maintenance free and never need pumping up! They are made of EVA polymer, which is industrial strength foam that is super light and very durable, and allows for a smooth ride.

The seat can be adjusted in height, which means that the Zippizap will really grow with your child. This also comes in handy if siblings or friends want to use the bike, as the seat can be speedily adjusted on the spot with its quick release capability. The handlebars can be modified as well to suit the rider’s age.

Zippizap Balance Bike Review

Balance bikes are becoming more popular today because they are fast proving to be better than bicycles with training wheels. They achieve quicker results to start children riding confidently. Balance bikes can also be used for a long period of time, and can be passed on to siblings in the family so they really are a good investment.

This Zippizap Balance Bike sells for $119.95, and comes with a 3 year warranty on the frame.

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