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    Situated in the Shorehaven Estate is Shorehaven Boulevard Playground – a lovely, partially fenced playground that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground features some play equipment we hadn’t come across before, and Miss 3 had a great time exploring.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    In the sand area, we found lots of colourful wood and plastic based play equipment. The lowest parts are made up of interconnected stations and feature some sensory play. One part has different knobs, balls and a spinning bullseye you can move around, and a cute owl on top that twirls.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, AlkimosShorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    Another adjoining section was like a little house or shop front with large plastic shapes you can move around inside. The roof is a metal mesh, so you may have to watch out for sand being dropped through by little hands!

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    Another sandy section features a step with handles and knobs that can be pushed and pulled back and forth. On either side are open sandy sections, one of which we took for using as a sand table, while the other could be for little ones to play undercover in the sand and stop them crawling away.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    These sensory play sections had a small playhouse and slide attached, and a balancing bar and climbing rope. It’s not very high and there is good hand holds to hang on to. Great for little ones who are just getting into slides and climbing.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    Miss 3 liked the plastic play tunnel and the section with the owl and bullseye best out of this whole sand area.

    A few metres away is a section with a softball base for slightly older kids. It features a taller slide, a ramp bridge and a pulley system for moving buckets of sand, which can then be poured down a funnel on the other side of the ramp. Miss 3 thought the funnel was also fun to shout into! The section opposite the funnel also looks a little like a boat, and set up with a steering wheel, and a little step to the side to hop on and off.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    Adjacent to this climbing structure is a round-about and a plastic birds-nest style swing. These aren’t under any shade, so we found them a bit warm for little legs and bottoms on the day we visited.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    Close by the play equipment we found an awesome barbecue area with shaded tables, bench seating and a barbecue. With the play equipment, a huge open grassed space and the barbecue, this would be a good spot for a family get together or a casual birthday party.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    In addition to the play equipment, we found a selection of exercise equipment close by. So the kids could play while mum and dad take turns finding thirty. These too aren’t shaded, so pack the sunscreen and a hat.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    One of the things I found great as a Mum was that the concrete paths here didn’t seem to get hot. I’m sure in the middle of summer, they might, but on the 27 degree day we stopped her we still found them cool to the touch, and Miss 3 walked to the car barefoot.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground is located on the corner of Shorehaven Boulevard and Forestay Turn, Alkimos. Free parking is available on Forestay Turn.

    Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos

    Why not stop into The Remedy Coffeehouse for refreshments or a snack? They are located just a block up the street next to the medical centre and feature a great kids play area inside.

    The Remedy Coffeehouse, Alkimos

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    Holly Clark is currently a stay at home mum of one, a self-confessed coffee addict and a baker of sweet treats. She studied Professional Writing and Editing and occasionally writes on her recipe blog, Lucky Star's Kitchen

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    1. Katie Shorehaven Boulevard Playground, Alkimos
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      This is the best park I have found for Miss almost 2! Both slides are easily accessed by big steps and no open edges. Easy parking and a big oval to run and kick the football.

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